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LUSH Floor Manager Dennis Vazquez

Entering the LUSH Cosmetics store in Garden State Plaza automatically lifts my spirit and senses. From the sweet, magnificent smells to their luxurious products, I feel energized just by walking in the store. This time, I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing one of the floor managers named Dennis Vazquez, who instantly greeted me with a radiant smile and a welcoming hug. It wasn’t long before we discovered our love for beauty and art, something that LUSH blends skillfully and effortlessly. Vazquez’s passion for his job was evident in his eyes, and his heart shone through with his enthusiasm. So here, my friends, are more reasons to fall in love with LUSH.

If you’re wondering where the dream began, it started with hair. “The haircare section is a big portion of our business,” said Vazquez. One of the co-founders of LUSH, Mark Constantine, studied the hair and scalp otherwise known as trichology. Vazquez explained that through Constantine’s apprenticeship, “he was using products on his client’s hair that wasn’t giving them good results.” Therefore, Constantine decided to make his own fresh, handmade products, but this wasn’t the beginning of LUSH just yet. “A catalog order company was formed called Cosmetics to Go,” said Vazquez, “but it failed at first because it was sending out products to people’s homes. Since they were personalizing the packaging for each of their customers, the company was losing a euro for everything that they were sending out.” After the failure of Cosmetics to Go, Constantine decided to give LUSH a try and it has been a worldwide success ever since.


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