5 Tips For A Youthful Appearance


Today we want to share 5 tips for a youthful appearance. Achieving a youthful appearance is ideal for anyone. Looking younger is easily achievable with a few beauty, lifestyle, and diet hacks. If you lack the knowledge or skills to achieve a more youthful appearance, here are five tips. 

Improve your smile 

tips for a youthful appearance

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Your smile can say a lot about you as a person. With bright and healthy teeth, you are bound to appear more youthful

You do not necessarily need cosmetic procedures to improve your teeth. Instead, you can brush regularly, eat a good diet, and attend regular dental checkups. If you do have a concern and want to correct your teeth, then that can help too. You can get in touch with your dental office to arrange an appointment for the first step to regaining your confidence, which will encourage you to smile more and appear more youthful. 

Use the right skincare

Skincare is a crucial part of an everyday routine and can help you achieve a younger look instantly. Using the right products can help brighten and tighten the skin. 

Cleansing properly will slow down the signs of aging. Using a gentle foam or exfoliator will ensure that you effectively remove all dirt and grime. Then, use nourishing moisturizers and eye creams that contain brightening ingredients, such as vitamin C or caffeine. 

Anti-aging serums are ideal too. These can be used for a young age. To avoid saggy skin, always pat your products in and/or push them up when applying them. 

Drink more water

Hydrated skin is only achievable if you drink more water. Water eliminates toxins from the body and hydrates the skin. In time, your skin will appear smoother and more youthful. 

Water is an essential part of anyone’s diet, so always ensure to drink plenty. It can effectively decrease the signs of aging and maintain youthful skin. 

Avoid the sun

Sun damage can quickly age a person’s skin. Avoiding the sun will help you slow down the signs of aging. 

If you do spend time in the sun, then always make sure to use SPF. A strong SPF of 30 plus will block the harsh sun rays and protect your skin. You should try to apply SPF on your face every day, even if you are not in the sun. Your skin can age as a cause of pollution. Thus, protecting your skin at any cost will ensure you keep you looking young. 


You may be confused hearing that exercise can help make skin appear more youthful. But, it can have a significant impact on the appearance of your skin. Exercise increases blood flow, which eliminates waste and keeps skin cells vibrant and energetic. 

Participating in any type of exercise can help increase your blood flow. You do not necessarily need to work out vigorously to boost your blood flow. A gentle yoga session can help boost blood flow and work to improve the skin.

There are many ways to improve the appearance of your skin to achieve youthfulness. Simply improving your lifestyle routine, increasing your water intake, and making better skincare choices can make your skin feel and look younger.

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7 Ways to Have a Younger Look in Your Sixties


Today we want to share 7 ways to have a younger look in your sixties. Thousands of people, both men, and women suffer from hair loss. While hereditary hair loss is the most prevalent cause, other variables such as hormones, dietary shortages, and stress can also cause hair loss. As a result, not just the hair on top of your head but also your eyebrows, beard, and mustache might be affected.

Men’s Hair Transplant has evolved tremendously over the last few decades, from a surgery that left you with an artificial appearance that everyone could tell you had done to a highly polished, minimally invasive, and nearly painless treatment. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a technique that involves extracting individual hairs from the donor site with a small punch instrument, resulting in exquisite detail and perfect outcomes that can transform your life.

Improve Your Appearance

men's hair lossWhen you lose your hair, it affects your appearance. It has an impact not just on how you see yourself but also on how others see you. For example, hair loss might make you appear to be older than you are. Whether on your head or your face, Patchy hair can make you look untidy and make you feel self-conscious.

Men’s Hair Transplant can significantly enhance your looks even at the age of 60. Every morning, you’ll enjoy looking in the mirror and seeing yourself reflected at you. A transplant can also improve your appearance and make you feel more beautiful.

Feel More at Ease

When you don’t think you’re attractive, your self-esteem suffers. You start to avoid going out with your friends and meeting new people. You might even start ignoring the things you used to enjoy doing, even if your hair has nothing to do with them. In addition, your job performance may deteriorate due to your waning confidence, which prevents you from expressing your thoughts.

As you know, when you look good, you feel good. A Men’s Hair Transplant might also help to regain your confidence by improving your looks. It may even raise it to levels you never imagined.

Have a Natural-Looking Face

Since the 1970s and 1980s, when the operation was known as “plugs,” hair transplant treatments have vastly improved. Patients with out-of-date hair transplants have unnatural-looking heads of hair. Individual hairs are harvested individually and with exceptional precision, resulting in a smooth head of hair as well as a realistic, feathery hairline. No one will ever know you’ve had a hair transplant; instead, they’ll notice your lovely features.

Long-Term Results

Smiling older man outdoorHair transplants produce long-term results. The hair follicles are taken from the “donor site” are claimed to be genetically resistant, which means that the hair in that location will not fall out even if the donor site suffers from male pattern baldness or other genetic problems. When follicles are relocated to a new site, their resistance to loss is maintained. This indicates you’ll be born with a full head of hair (or a beard, mustache, or brows) for the rest of your life.

Make a Hairstyle

Your styling options are severely limited if you have thin or no hair at all. Having a full head of hair gives you more styling options, which is good for women and men. What you can accomplish is limitless. You have the option of growing your hair long, cutting it short, tying it up, or leaving it loose. You’ll be able to style your hair correctly and truly create an impact whether you’re going for a jog, heading to work, or going out for a formal night on the town.

Make Your Social Media Presence Better

Everything these days is done online: social media platforms for connecting with friends and family, dating, and even your resume or company website. You almost certainly have a photograph of yourself on any of these platforms. Having thin or no hair can make a big difference in how someone looks at your profile, whether it’s a possible date, employment, or client. Your photograph may even harm your pals. But, on the other hand, your appearance will be much improved after a hair transplant, and you will have a far more positive impact on your social media presence.

Gain a Competitive Advantage at Work

Looking old can make it difficult to advance in your career or get hired for a new position. If you appear to be old, it may convey that you aren’t worth the money because you won’t be around for long. Employers and co-workers may regard you as obsolete, with outmoded notions. A hair transplant, as previously indicated, can make you look younger and more confident. These characteristics can help you stand out at work or in an interview, allowing you to land the job.

A Men’s Hair Transplant can drastically improve your look even at the age of 60. Consult your doctor about having fresh, healthy follicles grafted into your scalp through a hair transplant. If you want to freshen your hair development, this method should only be used as a last resort. If done incorrectly, Men’s Hair Transplant may not assist everyone and may result in scars or abnormal hair patterns.

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The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Beautiful You


Today we want to talk about the fundamental building blocks of a beautiful you. People often talk about beauty as if it is something that can only be achieved with makeup, clothing, and other layers that you put on top of yourself. While many people feel more comfortable when they use tools like this, though, there are a lot of methods out there that can enable you to unleash your natural beauty without relying on fakery. There is no wrong or right approach to take with something like this, but this article will be exploring some of the fundamental elements of your life that will contribute to a beautiful you. Let’s dive right in.

Building Blocks of a Beautiful You

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It can be all too easy to assume that exercise is only good for making your body look like it’s in good shape. Of course, while this is true, it can do much more for your beauty than many people realise. Regular exercise will make your skin taut and clear, while also giving you the energy you need to be your best self. Taking walks can be enough for this, but many people find that they are able to take their exercise far more seriously if they take the time to find something they enjoy. For example, rock climbing is a great option for those who want to do something that gets them very fit without feeling like strict exercise.

Building Blocks of a Beautiful You

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels

Food & Drink

Much like exercise, many people view dieting as a way to lose weight and little else. Food is just about the most important factor that you can control when it comes to your health, though. Being healthy will always make you more beautiful, and this is true no matter how big or small you are. Eating plenty of vegetables will help to balance out your nutrition, making your hair and eyes brighter. Drinking enough water can also have an impact, though, with many people finding that this simple drink clears their skin and has a similar effect on their energy as exercise.

General Health

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about your general health. Exercise will make you fit and a good diet will give your body the nutrients it needs, but a doctor will be needed if you want to work on health issues that impact your appearance. This can be expensive, making it worth looking at options like ALTCS eligibility to make sure that you are able to save as much as possible when you visit the doctor. Many people ignore their general health when they are working on their beauty, though this can be well worth the effort it takes.

As you can see, your beauty comes down to far more than the products you use. There is a lot of pressure to have a thin waist and large muscles in the modern world, but you can find a healthy approach that appeals to you without having to use the methods that other people prefer.

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3 Iconic Becca Cosmetics Products to Stock Up On Before They Close


Becca Cosmetics, a cruelty free makeup brand owned by Estee Lauder and sold at Sephora and Ulta, has a cult-like following and is known for its innovative highlighters. Unfortunately, Becca Cosmetics is shutting down permanently in September, largely due to the pandemic. According to an official statement posted on their website in February: “At BECCA, an accumulation of challenges, together with the global impact of COVID-19, has sadly been more than our business can withstand, and we have had to make the heartbreaking decision to close down the BECCA brand at the end of September 2021.” However, it’s not too late to still rock a glowy face full of the brand. Here are 3 iconic Becca Cosmetics products to stock up on before they close, and dupes for when they do.

1. Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter ($38)

Image Credit:

Perhaps the product that launched Becca into the public eye, the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter is unlike any other, because it melts down into a creamy finish once applied, despite its powdery texture. Their signature color, Champagne Pop, works great with warm or olive skin tones. Apply with a brush for the best results.

Dupe: ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter ($8)

Image Credit:

This buttery formula is a perfect contender for The Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, because it shares the unique powder to cream texture. There are currently 17 shades on the ColourPop website, ranging from a medium brown for a contour effect to a luminous purple if you’re going for the space girl look. However, this one should be applied with the fingers for the most effective pigmentation. 

2. Ultimate Lipstick Love ($24)

Image Credit:

Coming in a whopping 40 shades, the best aspect of this product is the fact that it is one of the only lipstick shade ranges on the market that comes with an indication of its undertone (warm, cool, neutral) so you can find the perfect match for your skin. Its creamy, hydrating formula is perfect for those who suffer from dry lips. It even has a magnetic casing so you never have to worry about losing the top half of the tube!

Dupe: Clinique Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation ($20)

Image Credit:

Coming in an impressive 30 colors, this lipstick also helps you find your perfect shade and undertone match to your skin by using Clinique Shade Match Science. It comes in three “dress codes”:  Naked, a soft, neutral sheer tint for the natural look, Casual, a step up between tame and dramatic for an everyday look, and Glam, an intense, in your face pop of colour that you can see across the room.

3. Zero No Makeup Virtual Foundation ($36)

Image Credit:

This innovative product is so subtle that it is difficult  to argue whether or not it qualifies as makeup or skin care, with Becca claiming that it’s the perfect hybrid of the two. Its effects are so subtle that even straight cis men report wearing it without embarrassment. The blurring matte finish is perfect for those with oily skin, and only takes a pea size dollop to get the full effects!

Dupe (Kind of): Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime ($10)

Image Credit:

Becca’s Zero No Makeup Virtual Foundation is so unique that there is simply no other product like it on the market. While there are other mattifying skin products that can give you a blurring effect and help soothe your imperfections, they’re not labeled as foundations. However, there are some lightly pigmented primers that work similarly and can be worn without foundation for a subtle effect. The Maybelline Face Studio Master helps with pore minimizing and works best for those with oily skin. 

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It Pays to Look Beautiful: 5 Smart Ways to Invest in Your Looks


Today we want to share 5 smart ways to invest in your looks. Being attractive is beneficial beyond what many people think. Beauty is the first thing that people notice, and it can be an added advantage during events such as job interviews, marketing, or networking. Society has created its beauty standards and perfection, and when you fall under this category, you receive favor. Therefore, it pays to look beautiful because it gives you confidence and makes people want to associate with you. The following are smart ways you can invest in your looks to boost your beauty.

Flaunt your features

smart ways to invest in your looks

Photo by Radomir Jordanovic on Pexels

Flaunting your features means showing off your figure. If you have curves in all the right places, don’t be shy about showing them off. Wear pants that make them pop and sway your way when you walk. If you’re going out with groups of friends, wear clothing that shows you off. Maintain a good dress or skirt long enough to show off your beautiful legs, especially when wearing heels, and make sure your chest pops by wearing the right size push-up bra. Use a bra size calculator to ensure you make the right purchase.

Whiten your teeth

White, clean teeth indicate good health and can make you more attractive. White teeth also boost your confidence when communicating with people and allow you to smile frequently, which makes you approachable. If you’re struggling with stained teeth, visit a dentist or grab an approved teeth whitening kit to give you a brighter smile and boost your looks and confidence.

Put on makeup

Makeup, when done well, can give you a whole new look and help you walk with confidence. Makeup also enables you to take some of the best photos to earn you more likes and followers on your social media pages. So invest in quality makeup that gives you the glow that you need, and watch makeup tutorials on sites like YouTube to perfect your skills. Alternatively, if your budget allows it, hire a makeup artist to give you a perfect look to present to the world.


smart ways to invest in your looks

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

Clothing alone can give you a simple look. Although you may be naturally attractive, accessories such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bags make you stand out more. Pair your clothing with the right kind of jewelry and bags to make you look more beautiful amongst crowds.

Take care of your hair

Bad hair days are common, but they shouldn’t last long if you want to look attractive. The first step is to practice hygiene by getting a wash regularly, combing, and trimming your hair. Then, if you have curly or wavy hair, you can straighten it or get a different hairstyle at the salon. Also, you can decide to get different hair color, one that suits you. For older people, this is an ideal way to hide grey hair and maintain a youthful look.

Bottom line

Although beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, you have to make efforts to look the part. Being beautiful has its advantages, such as a high level of confidence, approachability, and happiness. Invest in your looks by purchasing clothes that flaunt your features, accessorize, and make your face more attractive with well-done and quality makeup. Also, achieve a bright smile by whitening your teeth and care for your hair.

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The Benefits of Having Clear Braces


Today we to share the many benefits of having clear braces. As you get older, you may start to notice that you are experiencing issues with your teeth. While your dentist might recommend certain options that could help to rectify these such as brushing more regularly or investing in veneers – it doesn’t hurt to read up on all of your options.

Clear braces are increasing in popularity and for some very good reasons. Not only can they help to align your teeth but they can also be very discreet and allow you to do this in private. Below, we thought we’d look at some of the dental problems that clear braces can help to resolve. Read on to find out more.

What Are Clear Braces?

Before we look at the kinds of people who could benefit from having clear braces on their teeth, we thought we’d first discuss everything you need to know about clear braces. These kinds of braces are simply aligners that have been created to match the correct alignment of your teeth. Over time, they will help you to reshape your teeth and create the smile that you have always dreamed of.

The clear brace cost UK is quite affordable and there are tons of companies now offering this solution. Invisible braces are clearly one of the most popular options in the UK.

Over or Underbite

benefits of having clear bracesIn the UK, there are many people who suffer from having either an overbite or an underbite in their mouth. This can result in an uncomfortable resting position and issues when it comes to their oral health. The good news is that if you have either of these issues, clear or invisible braces could help to rectify the problem. Make sure to take a look into your options to see if you could be a candidate for this.

Crowded Teeth

The last thing you want is to have too many teeth in your mouth at once but unfortunately for some people, this is quite common. With crowded teeth, it can be hard to eat comfortably and often, dentists will recommend that you resolve the issue sooner rather than later. Crowded teeth are one of the dental problems that can be resolved with invisible braces so if this is something you are experiencing, you should look into it further.

Spaced Teeth

Other candidates for clear braces include those who have large spaces in their teeth. This can be something that develops over time or as your adult teeth start to come in. It can be difficult to deal with spacing and braces are usually the common solution. So, if you are someone who has spaced teeth, you might want to consider investing in some clear braces in order to deal with the problem in a discreet manner.

Misaligned Teeth

The whole point of clear braces is that they work as aligners and so they can help to get your teeth back into the position that you had imagined. This makes this solution a great option for those who have misaligned teeth and are hoping to rectify the problem sooner rather than later. Misaligned teeth can cause further problems down the line so it is always better to get them checked out and find a solution.

The Benefits of Clear Braces

There are tons of benefits that come along with the purchase of clear braces including the fact that they are a great discreet option. If you are worried about others seeing your braces when you go to work or are on the street, you will benefit from this option. Of course, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to fixing any oral issues.

Other benefits of investing in clear braces is that they are quite affordable and convenient. Instead of having to book an appointment with your local orthodontist, you can simply request a set of clear braces online. As long as the company has a good mould of your teeth, they can send out some aligners that you can make use of.

Furthermore, you’ll find that clear braces are much more comfortable than the average metal braces. This allows you to relax and enjoy your life without worrying about your teeth.

Try Clear Braces

As you can see, there are lots of adults and children who could potentially benefit from investing in clear braces. It doesn’t matter if you have an overbite or gapped teeth, clear braces can help to fix your smile and leave you feeling confident again.

Consider everything that we have discussed in this article and use this information to make the right choice for your lifestyle. While there are other options for teeth straightening and alignment, clear braces are typically the best for those in their adult life looking for something convenient.

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Acing Your Look During Your Next Zoom Video Call


Daily downloads of Zoom have increased 30 times year-over-year, with Zoom daily users amounting to 200 million in March, 2020. With features like HD video, beauty filters, and background changes, Zoom is here to stay. After all, remote work is set to be part of the new normal, with companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter agreeing to permanently allow staff to work from home for at least a couple of days a week. If the one thing you miss about person-to-person meetings is the chance to show off your sense of style, know that you don’t have to make this sacrifice. The key to a successful Zoom look is to sport industry-appropriate clothing with a few slight modifications.

Dressing Down A Suit

Zoom Video Call

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

If you work in sectors that require formal wear (think the legal, business or sales sectors) then it may be the norm to continue sporting your suit and tie during Zoom meetings. If you check out a few recorded video conferences online, however, you may notice that many workers are sporting slightly less formal versions of their usual look. Thus, if you are having a small meeting with colleagues, simply wearing a good shirt or a shirt and tie may be enough. Of course, if you are selling an important project to clients you haven’t met before, then going the full formal route may be your safest bet.

 Being Ready For All Scenarios

The stock image of the remote worker donning a shirt and tie and wearing pajama bottoms is a cliché that should be avoided. You never know when you may be asked to bring something to the table or stand and partake in an exercise. Be fully clothed, ensuring you are wearing shoes as well. Being completely dressed will save you from ‘accidents’ like a slipped camera frame or last-minute request that may result in your whole look being seen.

 Adding Jewelry Into The Equation

Your look does not have to be sparse and Spartan. Quite the contrary; wearing a few sparkly pieces during a Zoom conference can add a professional touch to your look and serve as a form of self-expression. To ace your video call look, opt for a few simple, subtle pieces such as small ear-hugging diamond hoop earrings, small stud earrings, one or more stacked fine chains, and a bangle-style bracelet and/or watch. If you love vintage pieces like lockets, you can definitely wear them. Just make sure to keep the rest of your look simple so your jewelry doesn’t overtake your entire look.

 Avoid Geometric Patterns

Zoom Video Call

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels

Avoid patterns that can ‘strobe’ onscreen, choosing solid colors instead. Your look doesn’t have to be monochrome: for instance, you can pair a yellow top with a lavender jacket or cute sweater. Just avoid stripes, geometric shapes, and repetitive prints that can distract your audience. Smaller prints are okay, provided that they don’t create a strobing effect when there is a loss of continuity in the line. In general, prints should be small and kept to informal meetings such as daily updates with colleagues or friendly chats.

 Zoom is here to stay, as is the remote working phenomenon. To ace your look, aim to always dress to industry standards, allowing yourself a little less formality in casual meetings. Feel free to wear jewelry and accessories (such as fashionable eyeglasses), but make sure that whatever you’re wearing doesn’t distract your audience from your main message.

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Tips on How to Get Glowing & Radiant-Looking Skin


Today we want to share some amazing tips for maintaining radiant skin. Every woman dreams of fresh, glowing & radiant-looking skin. A major part of healthy skin is a natural glow, but lack of sleep, stress, age, and even what you eat can affect your complexion of its radiance.

The good news is there are many natural beauty tips for glowing skin that help in cleansing and rejuvenating the skin.  Are you still trying to figure out how to get glowing & radiant-looking skin? So here, we’ve listed the top tips for maintaining radiant skin and getting the perfect natural glow.

Tips to getting Glowing Skin

tips for maintaining radiant skin

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels

An effective skincare routine is a must to get that glowing skin and the disruptions of this can lead to a host of problems. You can do this by following a simple routine that includes a gentle cleanser, skin-replenishing toner, exfoliant, sunscreen which includes antioxidants, and a nighttime moisturizer loaded with antioxidants.

The glowing skin results that the newer, healthier skin that was covered up by the dead surface skin appears plumper, feels like silk and has a bright luminosity. And when you apply the skin brightening products, they deeply nourish skin with antioxidants, skin-replenishing ingredients, and restoring ingredients for enhanced results.

Tips for Maintaining Radiant Skin

Radiant-skin has the ability to defend skin from environmental damage that causes dullness and makes skin look ashen or sallow. So Vitamin C’s role and have a potent impact on the skin’s appearance.

Radiant Skin Routine (Morning)

Healthy nature fashion love

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

  • Cleanse skin with a gentle cleanser
  • Apply a toner
  • Apply C15 Super Booster
  • Apply eye cream
  • Apply your daytime moisturizer with SPF.

Radiant Skin Routine (Night)

  • Cleanse skin with a gentle cleanser.
  • Apply a toner
  • Apply an AHA or BHA exfoliant.
  • Apply C15 Super Booster
  • Apply an antioxidant serum
  • Apply an Anti-Aging Eye Cream

The Ingredients You Should Look For?

Vitamin C is the major ingredient you should include in your magic potion. All the products with Vitamin C will naturally make your skin glow and the products that contain antioxidants will brighten your skin in no time. According to an article in Soul Factors, Bakuchiol and squalane are the other two ingredients that bring out the natural radiance of the skin and they will boost collagen and make your skin clear and younger-looking.

Guide To Choose Products For The Perfect Glowing Skin

  • Cleansers

Choose a cleanser with deep cleansing benefits and a cleanser that contains vitamin C. This will stimulate collagen production and it is great for anti-aging treatments, Also it helps in smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, evening skin tone, and making your skin glow from within.

  • Serum

The serum is another important product to make your skin glow, but it should contain the goodness of ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. You can also choose a Bakuchiol oriented serum that is natural and gentle, and it helps to boost collagen and elastin production to make you look younger.

  • Toner

A suitable toner gives you a healthy, youthful glow and at the same time balance, heal and soothe your

tips for maintaining radiant skin

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels

skin. And it has the power to promotes new skin cell production and collagen formation. Make sure to opt for a toner that should be gentle and hydrating and ingredients like green tea are god sent for glowing skin.

  • Mask

A face mask will help you get rid of dry, dull, acne-prone, aging, and even congested skin but it’s important to opt for a creamy formula that hydrates and plumps your skin.

  • Face Oil

A face oil formulated with superfoods helps to hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and helps to leave your skin radiantly glowing. pt for a face oil that contains the ingredients like Moringa, Pomegranate, Baobab, and Argan rich oils. They are 100% natural and 100% nutrient-rich and have the potential to make you glow without any side effects.

Simple Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Create some of these easy and simple home remedies that promise to give you glowing skin.

Orange Juice

tips for maintaining radiant skin

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels


Orange juice helps to clean the complexion and rejuvenate the skin in no time. And Vitamin C and citric acid content help to control acne and gives firmness to the skin.

  • Take a few pieces of orange peel
  • Add a few drops of rose water and grind them to form a smooth paste.
  • Apply this paste all over your face.
  • Rinse it off after 15 minutes.


Turmeric has a powerful antioxidant, that helps to achieve a wonderful glow. Also, it has curcumin

which is an anti-inflammatory agent and helps to get rid of puffiness.

  • Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with a cup of gram flour (chickpea flour).
  • Add enough milk/water into it and mix well to form a smooth paste.
  • Add few drops of rose water and mix again.
  • Apply this pack on your face and neck and leave it on till it dries.
  • Then, rinse with cool water.


tips for maintaining radiant skin

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels

It is a great moisturizer that helps to keep the skin well-hydrated. And it’s anti-bacterial properties help

to ward off infections and also reduce blemishes and acne at home.

  • Apply some honey on your face and neck area but ensure that your skin is clean and damp.
  • Massage it for a few minutes, and allow it to get absorbed by the skin.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water.

Orange Juice

Orange juice helps to clean the complexion and rejuvenate the skin in no time. And Vitamin C and citric acid content help to control acne and gives firmness to the skin.

  • Take a few pieces of orange peel
  • Add a few drops of rose water and grind them to form a smooth paste.
  • Apply this paste all over your face.
  • Rinse it off after 15 minutes.

Glowing skin was only a woman’s top priority, and everyone yearns for a soft, smoother, and of course, blemish-free glowing skin. So the right products skincare is a matter of minutes.

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Bath Time Beauty Products That You Need To Buy!


Today we want to talk to you about bath time beauty products that you need to buy. Taking a relaxing bath after a very busy day can be incredibly beneficial for both your mental health and your looks. Because of that, many people choose to take a very long bath at least once a week. In fact, they might perceive it as a vital part of their self-care routine.

If you can relate to that and want to make the most out of your bath time, just jumping into the bathtub will probably not be enough for you. On top of that, you should throw a few bath time beauty products into the mix.

In this article, you will find a list of bath time beauty products that you simply need to buy, ranging from bath bombs and bath salts to bath powders, bath gels, and peelings. Check it out, and soon enough, you should be able to take your bath time routine to the next level!

bath time beauty productsCocoa Butter Body Scrub

Purchasing a cocoa butter body scrub is a must if you want to make the most out of your bath time. This product is pretty much the ultimate exfoliator that can help you battle dry skin and dead skin cells. It will also improve your skin’s elasticity and hydration levels while eliminating any dead skin cells that you have accumulated.

Charcoal Soap

If you want to pamper yourself during your bath time, then you should definitely purchase a bar of charcoal soap. Not only does it smell amazing, but it can also help you eliminate up to 80% of the toxins in your body. It is made from activated charcoal, which possesses absorbent properties that allow it to bind with toxins and eliminate them.

Bath Gel

Bath gels are very similar to bath salts, but their main advantage is that they feel more soothing on the skin. They also tend to offer a different set of ingredients, such as aloe vera or chamomile extracts.

Bath Salts  Bath salts are another good bath time beauty product that will help you relax and eliminate dead skin cells. They are really easy to use, as all you need to do is throw them in your bathtub and soak in there for around 20 minutes. They work by breaking down the salt crystals, thus releasing all the beneficial ingredients in the water.  If you are looking for a bath time beauty product that will help you achieve a better level of relaxation, then you should definitely go with bath salts. These products will help you eliminate dead skin cells and make your skin feel softer. Moreover, they will also help you fight acne and improve your overall appearance!

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Bath Salts

Bath salts are another good bath time beauty product that will help you relax and eliminate dead skin cells. They are really easy to use, as all you need to do is throw them in your bathtub and soak in there for around 20 minutes. They work by breaking down the salt crystals, thus releasing all the beneficial ingredients in the water.

If you are looking for a bath time beauty product that will help you achieve a better level of relaxation, then you should definitely go with bath salts. These products will help you eliminate dead skin cells and make your skin feel softer. Moreover, they will also help you fight acne and improve your overall appearance!

Bath Scrub

If you do not want to mess up your sink with a shower brush, you should go with bath scrubs. These products are specially designed to create a rich lather that will help you exfoliate your body before getting into the tub. Some of them will also contain beneficial ingredients that will make your skin look better and feel smoother!

Bath Sponge

If you have tried all the bath time beauty products on this list and still feel like they do not make your skin smooth enough, then you should try a bath sponge. This product will help you exfoliate your body in a much more efficient way that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Moreover, bath sponges can also help you eliminate the dead skin cells from your face, improving your overall appearance!

Bath Bomb

Another good bath time beauty product that you should not miss is a bath bomb. These products are great for improving your mood and making you relax even more. They contain essential oils as well as different types of herbs and flower petals, so they will smell great! In addition, bath bombs will help you eliminate the dead skin cells on your body and moisturize your skin. If you really want to try something new, how about CBD bath bombs for the ultimate way to melt away the day’s stresses.

Body Wash

Body washes are very similar to body scrubs, except that they tend to be much more gentle on the skin. They will help you cleanse your body without drying it out or causing any irritation. Still, do not expect them to provide a deep exfoliation!

Body Lotion

Last but not least, you should consider purchasing a body lotion if you want to make the most out of your bath time. These products will help you feel incredibly smooth and hydrated. Also, they can help you get rid of dry skin or any other skin issues that you might have.

In Conclusion

There’s no end of fantastic products that will make bath time your favorite time of the day! We have listed a few of our favorites above, but there are always new and exciting products coming out. Pamper yourself with a bit of retail therapy and make next time you soak in the tub special.

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Appropriate Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion


Today we want to share appropriate jewelry pieces for every work occasion. Every fashion lover knows that the one element that can either make or break an outfit are accessories. They come in many forms and are the perfect way to add more style and vibrancy to every look, especially at the office. The most popular one that no trendy, sophisticated woman can live without is jewelry.

Completing an office look with fine jewels simply proves that you are an elegant woman who invests time and effort into her style to always look her best. Jewelry is intended to make a statement so it must be chosen wisely in order to match your personal taste and fit flawlessly in the work environment.

From the classic pearl bracelet to the diamond stud earrings, there are endless styles the ladies can choose from to take their office fashion up a notch. To help you along the way, here are the different jewelry styles you can wear to the most common work gatherings and occasions.

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

Everyday office style

In most conservative workplaces, there is a specific dress code that must be followed. This includes wearing a neutral color pantsuit or a below-the-knee pencil skirt matched with a cute blouse to keep up with any work guidelines. However, such everyday office looks can often become dull for stylish women, so they turn to jewelry to add more playfulness.

For example, although the pearl necklace is considered a minimalistic jewelry piece, it has the power to instantly enhance any monotone work ensemble. It is available in many shapes, sizes and colors allowing you to choose the one that will best match your office look. The most sought-after is the princess-length pearl strand that makes the perfect focal piece for your work outfit.

Also, keep in mind to opt for lightweight jewels to wear around the neck or your wrists as the heavier ones may get uncomfortable for your 9 to 5 schedule.

Business meetings

Business meetings are more formal than the everyday work setting which usually requires incorporating an even more sophisticated style. And because of this, it is recommended that women go for a minimal amount of jewelry to complete their looks.

For example, a pair of diamond earrings is one of the best choices to wear on such an occasion. They are considered effortlessly stylish and are a safe way to elevate your business meeting look. Whether you opt for a workaday suit or a high-neck A-line dress of appropriate length, your diamond studs will be an excellent option.

If you want to add some subtle playfulness to your outfit, you can opt for a pair of emerald ear studs which you can match with a ring of the same style. They are perfect for when you don’t want to go overboard and draw all eyes to your jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

Formal office dinner

In general, formal dinner parties and functions are the perfect work occasions where you should aim to impress not only with your garments but also with your jewelry. The dress code is quite similar to the office setting, so you should go for graceful jewels to help you look both professional and stylish at the same time.

One of the best options for this occasion is to wear a matching jewelry set. For example, a pair of gemstone drop earrings matched with a bold cocktail ring, necklace or bracelet is an excellent choice. The earrings will compliment your jaw and neckline while making you look more elegant. You can even pull your hair back or in an updo to enhance the sophistication of your look.

Since this is a formal dinner occasion, you should go for expensive-looking gemstones. Some of the most common ones include jewels with diamonds, emeralds, ruby stones or sapphires.

Casual Fridays

Although almost every work setting has a strict dress code, there is the occasional casual Friday which doesn’t require you to wear a workaday pantsuit. Instead, work fashion is less formal which gives you the perfect opportunity to express your personal taste with playful, yet elegant jewelry.

For example, tasteful hoop earrings are a very popular choice among fashion lovers. They come in every size, color and style, making them an excellent option to give that final sleek touch on a casual office look. Most trendy women choose to wear them with their hair up in a bun which leaves room for the pair of hoops to really shine.

Another jewelry piece that is perfect for a casual Friday look is a pendant necklace. You can look for a multicolored style to match the color palette of your clothes and make a bold statement in a sleek and minimalistic way. 

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

For an interview

Interviews are often regarded as formal occasions that call for well-put-together looks so you can make a great first impression on your potential employers. That’s why your appearance including your jewelry should be as subtle as possible in order to look your best.

For example, bangle bracelets are a very common choice that can be a great accessory to your interview look. They come in different styles and metals, so if you want you can wear more than one to make them the focal point of your outfit. Just remember to keep them on the same wrist and don’t add anything else on your other one. Check out various types of bracelets from ARY D’PO.

If you are looking for an even more minimalistic jewelry style, then the classic watch can be the ultimate finishing touch to make your outfit. A very common choice is the gold and stainless steel watch that will undoubtedly make you look both formal and stylish for your interview.

Final thoughts

No matter what the work occasion is, every trendy and sophisticated woman should always strive to look her best. This doesn’t only include putting together the perfect elegant office look but also choosing a jewelry piece to complete it.

Fortunately, there are endless gem styles available that can fit every work situation, so the only thing you have to do is choose the one that will best suit you. In case you are looking for inspiration, you can borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and always look sleek and stylish at the office.

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Clay Rings Are the Next Summer Accessory You Need


With summer just around the corner, lots of accessories are trending. For instance, this summers trend is clay rings. These rings can be DIY-ed or bought from small businesses. Additionally, they come in different designs and colors to match any taste. They are the perfect accessory to add to your jewelry collection

Image credit- @99groovy


beaded clay rings

Image credit- @funkychunkiess


These chunky and colorful rings are typically what are worn. In addition, they also add a pop of color to any outfit. If you like wearing jewelry that is made by real people then these are perfect for you!


heart clay rings

Image credit- @aalicemakes

crazy clay rings


The more detailed clay rings are also becoming more popular. They are a good way to use an accessory to add some personality to your outfit. Not only can you get a clay ring that is perfect for you, you also support a small business as well. 

Image credit- @sterlingmyers

Following the rise in popularity of clay rings, they were seen everywhere. One fun option to get the rings is to make them yourself! There are several easy to follow tutorials on YouTube like @Sterlingmyers. After following these tutorials you’ll have your own ring!

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Freshen Up your Skin with These Skincare Brands


What could be better than having a fresh face in the spring? For any skincare concern, these brands are here to the rescue! In addition with freshening up your skin, you can support their minority owners. 

Image Credit- @mytopicals

Topicals: This brand was started by two minority women to destigmatize skin conditions. In addition, their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Their most famous product is “Faded”  which fades dark marks and brightens the skin.

Image Credit- @nolaskinsentials

Nola: This vegan and cruelty- free brand is a black owned skincare brand. The brands aim is to create a skincare line free of chemicals. 

Image Credit- @fentyskin

Fenty Skin: Made by Rihanna of Fenty Beauty, this new skincare line that gives you the four essentials. In addition the brand is vegan, cruelty- free and refillable!

Image Credit- @eparaskincare

Epara Skincare: A luxury skincare line made from African botanicals. Above all, the brand focuses on hyperpigmentation and hydration. Epara also offers free 1-on-1 consultations for any skincare concerns you might have. 

Image Credit- @rosenskincare

Rosen Skincare: If you are looking for a skincare brand that helps inspire the next generation of black and brown generations this is the brand for you. They target breakouts and scars.  

Image Credit- @elaluz

Elaluz: They use recyclable and re usable materials whenever they can. This luxurious brand has the scents of exotic fruits and are cruelty and gluten free. 

Image Credit- Launched in 2018, creates products that make you want to incorporate them into your everyday routine. Their most popular product is their Forever Flawless Beauty Oil. 

Image Credit- @beautyofhorn

Beauty of Horn: The materials for this skincare brand are 100% organic and locally grown. Their staple product is their Qasil powder.

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