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Most women shy away from wearing red, thinking it does not compliment their skin tone. Chances are high that they’ve tried a red that doesn’t match their complexion and decided they will not wear red again, under the belief that no shade of red is for them. Well, ladies, there is a shade of red that is right for you. It’s all about opting for the correct red! First, you need to determine what your undertone is. You do this is by turning your wrists over, so your palms are facing upwards. If you see blue veins, you have a pink undertone, so you have a light complexion. If you green veins, you have a yellow undertone, which means you have an olive/medium complexion. If you have both blue and green veins, then you have both, yellow and pink undertones, which means your complexion is light/medium. Read on for a hopeful little guide to determine the right hues for your skin tone. BY STACEY CAMACHO

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for ELLE

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for ELLE

Light Skin
If you have a pink undertone to your complexion, then your complexion is considered to be cool. Therefore, deep reds like wine, burgundy, rosewood, cranberry, carmine, and maroon would best suit your skin tone.
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Light/Medium Skin
Lucky you—you can wear all hues of red! If you feel like enhancing the cool undertone of your complexion, then opt for a deep red. Otherwise, smear on a true, bright red to show off that warm skin tone of yours.
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Medium Skin
I hope you like bright reds, as they are the perfect hue for you! Bright reds such as scarlet, electric crimson, Spanish red, ruby red, and Ferrari red are your match. There is also an option of true red, which would look fabulous on you. True red is a red that has the perfect balance of blue and orange undertones, so it isn’t too bright or too dark and is just right, such as ruby.
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Dark Skin
If you have dark skin, then deep reds will be your friend, as will true red lipstick; it totally compliments you. Pair the red lips with clean eye makeup, or with smoky eyes for that ultra-glam look.
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The Perfect Red Lip was originally published as “The Best Red” in Cliché Magazine’s Dec 2014/Jan 2015 Issue

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