The Strobing Products You Need to Try


Urban Decay’s Naked Highlighting Fluid, $28,
The iridescent shade in the Naked Highlighting Fluid ($28) is in the color Skywalk, which is a pale blue. It received a 3.5/4 out of 45 Sephora reviews. The product is supposed to be used on under-eyes and in the inner corners to brighten and reduce dark pigment. It claims to be good for all types of skin, even mature skin, and is even for people who don’t gravitate toward these types of highlighters. The main issues with this highlighter is that it is pretty subtle for people looking for an extra luminizing effect, and it breaks apart foundation for some users. The fluid is enriched with vitamin C and E and helps protect the skin. For the body, it suggests mixing in your favorite moisturizer and applying the product to your collarbones and shoulders for a glowing highlighter effect.