A Ranking Of Will Smith’s Best and Worst Movies


Will Smith is the definition of Hollywood’s most loved movie star. Though he started his career on our home TV screens, he soon became the global sensation that would drive mass audiences to flock to their nearest movie theaters. With an extensive body of work and a recognizable face, Will Smith become the only actor to have eight consecutive films gross over $100 million in the domestic box office. He is not only a loveable movie star but over the course of his career, he has proven to be one of the film industry’s most bankable actors. 

Throughout his film career, he has dabbled in every genre imaginable by taking on lovable fiction characters, real-life historical figures and fighting crime in summer blockbusters. Many, if not all of his films have done great at the box-office, but when it came to critics…Will has had some misses. 

The Rotten Tomatoes ranked all of Will Smith’s movies from worst to best and the list might surprise you!  Lets us know your thoughts on the list below. Did your favorites make the list?

Here are the Top 5 Worst Will Smith Movies: 

  1. Seven Pounds

    Rating: 26%

Though the film made $168 Million at the box-office, critics did not take too kindly to this 2008 film starring Will Smith. Critics tore apart the confusing plot and were displeased with Will’s career choices at this point.

  1. Bright 

     Rating: 27%


Will’s Netflix debut film ‘Bright’ may have taken audiences by storm and caused a social media firestorm, but critics found the deeper themes of this film a bit too one the nose and clunky.  


  1. Bad Boys II

     Rating: 22% 

Sequels always do well at the Box-Office, so a Bad Boys II made a lot of sense in theory. Though the third installment of Bad Boys is set the be released this January, Bad Boys II didn’t fare so well with critics. Many called it ‘pointless’ and critiqued the films more violent scenes. On the bright side, the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 78%. The critic’s rating of this film still remains one of Will Smith’s lowest. Let’s hope Bad Boys III doesn’t end up on this list!


  1. Wild Wild West 

       Rating: 17%

Yikes. The reviews for this film are even worse than this low rating. Unfortunately for Will, this is a film that critics and his audience were not too happy with. (Audience rating was 28%.) Though the budget for this film was $100 Million, the special effects didn’t stop critics from declaring the script “horrifically unfunny”.  


  1. Collateral Beauty 

    Rating: 14%

Immediately after this film’s release in 2016, it went viral on Twitter…and not for the reason Will Smith had hoped for. With an A-List cast featuring Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, and Will Smith himself, it was definitely a surprise that this film did not go over well. While critics understood the premise of this film was to inspire and uplift audiences, they still found the film to be a waste. It apparently was released during the holiday season and no one was in the spirit to watch it. 


The Top 5 Best Will Smith Movies. 

  1. I am Legend

 Rating: 68%

This rating might be a surprise to some considering it is a fan favorite, but you can’t mention Will Smith movies without mentioning I am Legend. Even with the special effects, Will’s performance captivated audiences and gave critics something to cheer about!


  1. Enemy of State

   Rating: 71%

Debuting in 1998, Enemy of State is one of Will’s earlier movies. The rave reviews of this film definitely helped Will become the go-to guy for other high-tech thrillers in his later career. 


  1. Where the Day Takes You

     Rating: 80%

If you’ve never heard of this one don’t be too hard on yourself because this film debuted in 1992. It’s described as a “gritty look at the lives of runaways who survive on the streets of Los Angeles.” Because this is a pre-A-list movie star Will Smith, he definitely is not the star of the film, but still gave a solid performance in this ensemble cast. 


  1. Six Degrees of Separation

    Rating: 88%

Can you believe this film got a higher rating than Bad Boys II? If you’re like me you’ve probably never even heard of this film, but apparently it’s one of the top 2 films in Will Smith’s entire career. Though it was based on a play, critics praised the unique take the film took and Will’s performance.


  1. Men in Black

   Rating: 92%

Of course, this iconic film takes the top place on the list! Even though a reboot was just released, the original film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will always be our favorite! It was impossible for audiences and critics to watch this film and not be completely entertained by this Sci-Fi blockbuster. It was unique, clever and I’m positive we all wanted the gadgets from the film! 



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A Ranking Of Will Smith’s Best and Worst Movies: Featured Image: @WillSmith on Instagram

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