Bernie Sanders Transforms His Inauguration Meme Into Merch


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If you watched President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ historical Inauguration on Wednesday, then you’ve probably noticed that Bernie Sanders has been trending ever since. The progressive Vermont Senator opted for a more casual outfit during Inauguration day, and social media had a field day creating all kinds of memes with his photo. 

Senator Sanders wore an olive green Burton Parka coat, black pants, brown shoes, and cozy mittens knitted by a Vermont school teacher. The photographer captured him sitting with his arms and legs crossed, waiting for the festivities to start. Some of the memes created had Sanders sitting on the New York City subway, sitting under a hairdryer at a salon, and even performing at the 2005 BET Awards with Destiny’s Child. 

In an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Thursday night, Sanders acknowledged seeing the memes and said, “I was just sitting there trying to keep warm. Trying to…pay attention to what was going on.”

Well, It seems that Bernie Sanders has a sense of humor and is quite strategic because he took advantage of the hype by creating merch with his now infamous photo. The $45 sweatshirt sold out online within minutes, with all proceeds going to Meals on Wheels, Vermont.

The Sanders team updated their website advising customers that the crewneck sweatshirt sold out, and it will take a few weeks to ship.

 “*** Due to overwhelming demand for this item, it will be 4-8 weeks until you receive your sweatshirt. ***”

There were so many memorable moments from the Inauguration, but this had to be the funniest. Too bad we couldn’t get our hands on one of those sweatshirts before they sold out!

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