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Beyoncé Announces That She’s Pregnant With Twins

Hello, February! New day, new month, new baby news?! Not just one baby, but two!

In case you haven’t heard, Queen Bey is carrying twins and Blue Ivy is going to be a big sister two times over as the Carters expand their family.
This isn’t the first time Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z have made the world stop with their baby news. The announcement of Blue Ivy at the 2011 VMAs was one for the books. Beyoncé literally dropped the mic and a baby bomb at the same damn time after her crowd rocking performance of Love on Top.
How do you top that announcement? Simple: be expecting with twins and upload a picture to Instagram.

Now, the question is will they be boys or girls? And what will the names be?
From Cliché to the Carters, congratulations!
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Beyoncé Announces That She’s Pregnant With Twins: Images courtesy of Instagram

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