Bring The Spa To Your Home With This High-Powered Rain Shower Head For Just $30



November 21, 2020 1:00PM EST

Showers are one of the best ways to destress – so why settle for a mediocre one? This $30 high-powered rain shower head will make you feel like you’re unwinding under a soul-cleansing waterfall.

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Quarantine rules are tightening up and working from home can take a toll. Now, imagine if you could end your day with a shower so good, it washes away all the stresses of the world (even if it’s just for five minutes). Here’s a life hack that could drastically improve your bedtime (or morning) routine: a high-powered rain shower head from SparkPod, which is only $30 on Amazon!

Get the high-powered rain shower head here for $30!

So, what separates this shower head from your standard one at the Home Depot? First of all, pressure: this won’t produce a wimpy downpour of water onto your body, which provides little respite. This SparkPod shower head is equipped with 90 silicone jets to engulf you in a waterfall of steamy water. You can easily position wherever you want the shower head to shoot out water, too, since it’s built with a brass swivel ball joint. You won’t have to worry about the buildup of gunk transferring from the shower head to your body, either, since the jets are covered with rubber nozzles that you can easily wipe. Bye-bye yucky limescale!

high powered rain shower head

Not only does this shower head feel good, but it also looks good! It’s chrome plated and thus will enhance that “industrial washroom” look that all the most popular Pinterest boards for interior design seem to have.

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