Deposition Drama!



TMZ recently obtained Justin Bieber’s deposition video regarding the allegations of him and one of his “posse” assaulting a paparazzo. (Eonline) The whole deposition video was almost painful to watch because of Bieber’s childish and downright obnoxious behavior.

One would think that in a serious matter such as this, 20-year-old Bieber would behave in a more mature way, but it was seen within the video that he clearly has a lot of growing up to do.

There were multiple questions about Selena Gomez that sparked a debate between both lawyers of the relevance pertaining to the trial at hand. One thing is for certain when it comes to all of the drama surrounding the Bieb’s, he needs to get his attitude under control or he might as well kiss his career goodbye.

– by Amanda Sikoral

(images courtesy of Eonline)

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