Drake Celebrates Son Adonis’ 3rd Birthday


Published Yesterday

Drake posted an adorable daddy-son picture Sunday (Oct. 11) on social media of him celebrating his son Adonis’ 3rd birthday.

In the photo, captioned “Young stunna,” the 33-year-old rapper and his son are surrounded by black and silver balloons.

Adonis’ mom, Sophie Brussaux, also took to Instagram to celebrate their toddler. She posted a series of pics that include images showing her and Adonis in the hospital after he was born.

“Joyeux anniversaire mon amoureux! 3 years ago, I was finally meeting you for the first time, after a long 24-hr labour. I’m so proud of the little man you’re becoming, I love you more than life. The world is YOURS! We did that @champagnepapi,” Brussaux wrote.

This is a relatively rare glimpse of the celebrity’s son. Drake has carefully guarded the privacy of Adonis, whom he co-parents with Brussaux.

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In September, the rap icon celebrated Adonis’ first day of school, saying, “…The World Is Yours kid.”

(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

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