Iggy Azalea Engaged!


Iggy Azalea definitely has “one less, one less,” problem! The rap star from Down Under, recently announced her engagement on Instagram, posting a series of pictures of her flashing her new rock with her main squeeze, Nick Young, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. The couple met the new fashioned way–over a tweet!

Their first date? Target.

That’s right, Target! Iggy Iggs claims you can learn a lot about someone from how they shop at Target. Clearly she learned enough from him to devote the past two years of her life, and quite possibly now, a lifetime.

Courtesy of Splash News

How did the engagement go down? According to reports, the basketball player made his proposal at his 30th birthday party by bending down on one knee and offering up a large yellow diamond with a diamond encrusted band. Iggy immediately replied with a heartfelt, “Yes!”

Courtesy of Instagram

The ring reportedly costs $500,000 and weights in at–get ready–10.43 carats! That will be one heavy hand! Nick Young was very involved in the ring making process and it shows. The ring is 100% one of a kind and representative of Iggy. The couple began dating in 2013 and their admiration of each other has only grown.

A progression of photos on Instagram led up to the final reveal. Starting with Iggy goofing around at Nick Young’s carnival themed birthday bash, and all the way to cuddly photos of the pair. The couple has been named several times as “NBA’s coolest young couple”, so what does married life have in store for the two?

Definitely a whole lot of Fancy.

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Iggy Azalea Engaged: feature image courtesy of Instagram

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