Ja Rule Reveals The Reason For Papa Cristos Commercial


Published 7 hours ago

Ja Rule’s history of using his likeness for advertisements isn’t great (see: Fyre Festival). That said, he’s taking a step in the right direction with his newest ad.

The New York native’s commercial for Papa Cristo’s Greek Deli, a Los Angeles-based greek restaurant, went viral over the weekend for its brash and hilarious delivery. In the ad, Rule claims the eatery has the “best m****rf*****g gyros you ever f*****g ate in your life.”

It features the rapper in a backward cap and an “I heart Greece” t-shirt, skinny joggers and socks with no shoes.

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“You got to have pitas! Pitas! Papa Cristo Pitas! They got everything. I’m [going to] just give you a rundown of some of my favorites,” he shouts.

While social media had their fun at Ja’s expense, his latest ad was for a good cause. He produced it himself for TBS’ new reality TV show, Celebrity Show-Off. Set to premiere on Tuesday (June 23), the program will feature a variety of stars across sports, music, comedy and film, as they face off to see who can create the most exciting content from home to attract YouTube viewers.

In a clip of Ja Rule’s upcoming episode on the show, he explains that he wanted to make the short ad to help one of his favorite small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We all know we’re going through a tough time right now, especially mom and pop shops. My heart goes out to all of these businesses,” he said. “So today, I’m helping out Papa Cristo’s. This spot’s been around for 70 years.

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