5 Artists You Must Check Out at Firefly


Day 3

Chance the Rapper

His shows provide emotion, fun, and positive energy each performance. Seeing a live rendition cover of the theme song for “Arthur” (which is already a classic in of itself by Ziggy Marley), makes this artist a must-see should you have the opportunity, simply because of his interpretation in his music. With each passing crowd getting larger, why not squeeze in some time to see what the “Juice” is really all about?

Starter: “Same Drugs
Song to Sway To: “Angels


He actually carries all the notes, and don’t pretend like he hasn’t provided nothing but hits even before and after all of a sudden folks started calling #deathto autotune. He provides elements of hip-hop, R&B, and at times, a good piano hook to get everything solidified. T-Pain’s discography is an opportunity to have a good time, even if you don’t know the words to properly sing along.

Starter: “I’m Sprung
Song to Sway To: “Dan Blizerian