Pop Smoke’s Gravesite Badly Vandalized


PUBLISHED ON : SEPTEMBER 11, 2021 / 08:45 PM

Pop Smoke’s gravesite was reportedly destroyed this weekend after vandals smashed the face of his mausoleum and attempted to drag out part of the inside.

TMZ reports that an eyewitness provided them with photos of what looks like the Canarsie rapper’s crypt defaced at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. He was buried there in early 2020 after being murdered during a robbery attempt in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Pop’s spot on the outer wall of the mausoleum within the grounds was singled out. His marble plaque with legal name Bashar Barakah Jackson is cracked and broken almost completely through, the photos show.

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Other debris was reportedly scattered about on the ground including what the news outlet describes as burned and discarded joints and flowers.

Additionally, TMZ reports that drag marks were left on the ground, suggesting the alleged perpetrators might’ve accessed the rapper’s tomb and attempted to drag something out.

The eyewitness who took the photos says they notified security who were supposedly unaware of any such vandalism until being told. It’s not clear if Pop Smoke’s plaque will be replaced or who would pay for it.

Photo: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

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