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Prince Michael Jackson Quotes His Dad As He Joins Fight Against Racism: ‘You Can Never Break Me’


To celebrate ‘black culture’ and George Floyd’s life, Prince Jackson borrowed his dad Michael Jackson’s iconic words from ‘They Don’t Care About Us.’

“Prince” Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., 23, didn’t have to look far to find inspirational words to bolster the Black Lives Matter movement. “’Beat me…Hate me…You can never break me.’ — Michael Jackson,” the late pop icon’s son posted on Instagram, quoting his dad’s 1995 anti-racism ode “They Don’t Care About Us. The borrowed lines ended there, though, because Prince wanted to “speak from the heart” to his nearly 700,000 followers following the death of George Floyd, whom Prince shared a painting of [SEEN HERE]. The unarmed black man and father’s death has resulted in charges for four fired Minneapolis police officers, one of which — Derek Chauvin, the white officer who pinned George by the neck with his knee — is now facing a second-degree murder charge.

Prince JacksonPrince Jackson quoted his dad, Michael Jackson, underneath a painting of George Floyd. (Instagram/@princejackson)

“We wouldn’t be here without black culture. Black culture is about strength. Black culture is about perseverance. Black culture is about resilience. Black culture is about a call for change,” Prince wrote under the painting’s caption. For Prince, “change” isn’t about having difficult talks — it’s about actually dismantling systematic racism. “No more politicians’ promises. No more conversations. No more cycles of racism, abuse, and pain,” he continued. “The system needs to listen to the community’s cries—now. The system needs to change forever—now.”

Prince then gave some of his own advice. “There’s a lot the system can do to you, but when you give up, they win. Don’t let the system hold you down. As [poet] Dylan Thomas once wrote,

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