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Simon Biles’ Parents: Everything To Know about Her Proud Mom & Dad


As she’s become arguably the world’s greatest gymnast of all time, Simone Biles has had the unwavering support and affection of her proud parents. Here’s everything to know about the Olympian’s mom and dad.

Simone Biles, 24, is known to the world as an exceptional, Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast, and she has her parents, Ronald and Nellie Biles to thank for their ongoing love and support in the process. Ronald and Nellie are actually Simone’s adoptive parents, but that doesn’t make them any less loving toward their all-star gymnast daughter.

“[A]ppreciation post for my sweet parents,” Simone captioned an Instagram post on June 29. “[T]hanks for making sacrifices since day 1 so I can live out my dream. [B]ut most importantly thanks for always being there for me through all the highs and lows. You guys are the absolute best. I love y’all.” 

Find out more about Ronald and Nellie below!

Nellie Cayetano Biles & Ronald Biles Are Simone’s Adoptive Parents  Nellie & Ronald Biles Nellie & Ronald Biles root for their daughter, Simone, during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (Roland Hoskins/ANL/Shutterstock)

Ronald and Nellie are actually Simone’s adoptive parents, as her mother, Shannon Biles, was unable to care for she and her four other siblings, Adria, Ashley, and Tevin due to her struggles with alcohol and drugs. “I never had mom to run to. I do remember always being hungry and afraid,” Simone said during a TV appearance while on Dancing With the Stars in 2017. Nellie and and Ronald then stepped in, telling Simone and her sister Adria to call them “mom” and “dad,” which Simone said they gladly did. (Ashley and Tevin were taken in by Ronald’s sister.)

“I remember praying for that bonding,” Nellie once told Women’s Health of her experience as an adoptive parent.

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