Sonic The Hedgehog: Jim Carrey In Talks To Play Villain, Dr. Ivo Robotnik


Almost immediately after acquiring the rights to Sonic The Hedgehog, Paramount set about casting leads in their live-action/CGI-animated adaption of the popular video game franchise. James Marsden and Tika Sumpter were the first to be cast and will apparently be joined by Jim Carrey.


According to Deadline, Carrey is in talks to play the villainous Ivo Robotnik, otherwise known as Doctor Eggman. Sources at the site claim negotiations are underway for Carrey to play part in the film, though nothing has been confirmed yet. Keep in mind that Deadline is quite reliable when it comes to tips like these so Carrey’s role is likely assured.

In any case, Carrey’s casting has left us with a number of questions unanswered. For one, we don’t know if Carrey is playing a live-action version of Robotnik or a character made entirely of CGI. With the film being a hybrid of the two film forms, Carrey’s character could go either way.

Reasonably speaking, it makes sense for Carrey to play a live character but the plot of Sonic The Hedgehog could see his body warped to where he gains Robotnik’s odd shape/appearance from the video game. In that scenario, a CGI makeover could be necessary for Carrey to undergo before the film’s end.

The other concern with Carrey’s casting is whether or not a movie franchise is being built around him and the rest of the cast. Paramount’s plans for Sonic haven’t been divulged so there’s no way to tell how many films they expect to release in the future, but if a trilogy of films is being prepped then Jim Carrey could be in for the long haul.

With Robotnik being the titular antithesis to Sonic in the video game, Carrey would undoubtedly play some part in Sonic’s continued adventures—even if his character is imprisoned in next year’s movie. There may be a window of time for minor villains like Shadow to enter the fold but Robotnik (Carrey) will have to stick around for the video game adaptation to be loyal to the original title from Sega. Because without Robotnik, fans will surely petition Paramount’s take on the beloved video game title. And the studio can’t have that kind of reception if they expect a trilogy to make bank in the box office.

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