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Beauty and talent come together for the Russian actress Stasya Knight with a mesmerizing performance as Symphony Furst in the short film, Cowboys & Engines, a steampunk western. As a comic-book inspired villain, Knight, together with Dr. Clay (played by Malcolm McDowell), steals the professor’s temporal engine and plots the total destruction of San Francisco. The steampunk adventure follows the journey of Cade Ballard (Richard Hatch) and Guinivere Wheelwe (Libby Letlow) as they set off to save the bayside city. The film premieres on January 14th in Los Angeles, followed by an on-line distribution of the adventure movie.

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Born in Siberia then moving to the U.S. seven years later, Knight grew up with the dream of becoming an actress. While she studied psychology, advertising, and public relations, she never lost her love of acting, and decided to pursue acting full-time. Playing local theater roles in Wonder Women and The King and I while taking Peter Frisch’s classes for improv and scene study, the 27-year-old actress enrolled in the Ivana Chubbuck Studio. With world-renown teachers like Ivana Chubbuck and Chris Holder, Knight’s acting skills took root with staring roles in General Hospital as Hadley, Tangential Lives as Essex, and of course, Cowboys & Engines.

What’s next for Knight? On her journey — or as she would say “life’s adventure” — of self realization as a person, she continues to work endless hours honing her acting skills while committing herself to the entertainment community. Stay in touch with Stasya Knight at

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Stasya Knight Interview: Photographed by Terry Check