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The Drama Between the Moms Is Heating Up on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution


Dance Moms CRACK With Their Daughters at the Bottom

Mama drama.

The tween contestants competing for a spot in Jessalynn and JoJo Siwa‘s new kid pop group are certainly stressed about the possibility of being eliminated from Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, but they’re not panicking quite yet. 

However, the same cannot be said for their moms. 

As shown in this snippet of last night’s all-new episode, there were several girls at risk of going home after the group’s latest performance, including Kinley and Tinie T.

“I don’t feel like you put a lot of effort into this,” Jessalynn told the latter. “You didn’t give me anything that was super memorable or super special and you’re too special of a kid to do that.”

Tinie T seemed to take the critique in stride, but her mom Diana quickly came to her defense, explaining that Tinie “really, really” practiced this week and even attempted to bring a new, calmer approach.

“I understand that the ‘calm’ is special for you, out of the box for you,” Jessalynn replied, “but for me, it was too simple.”

JoJo’s mom further vented her frustration in a confessional. “In the real world, every girl is not going to have a solo or a featured moment in every song, and sometimes how you handle yourself when you’re not featured speaks volumes,” she said. “Tinie still needs to be a team player, she needs to sing the group parts and she needs to do good in those.”

Diana didn’t object any further, and when the moms left the girls to practice, it wasn’t her that was upset, but Kinley’s mom Tracy.

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