‘The Oval’ is The Messiest Political Drama Ever


Published 11 hours ago

There have been many political dramas to grace the small screen over the history of television. Many we have forgotten about yet some we can never forget. Some have included plots covering public policy, international relations, and the never-ending news cycle. When it comes to pushing the boundaries of what a political show can be, Tyler Perry’s The Oval is a game-changer. It’s a modern-day, prime-time soap opera exploring the inner workings of The White House and the messy lives of the First Family intertwined with the staff who works for them. It’s a wild ride and nothing like any political drama before it.

Tyler Perry is the creative genius behind The Oval. He’s made sure to give us all the non-stop, high level drama and insanity we love in prime time television. The Franklin Clan also known as The First Family appear to be a happy, loving and wholesome interracial brood to the naked eye. They are quite photogenic and seem camera ready at all times. While they might dress up nicely, they are all a mess on the inside. Behind closed doors (and sometimes in front of everybody), the members of this household reveal their true feelings: The First Family cannot stand each other. They are a shady family in every way imaginable. In fact, they are so evil to each other that it’s hard to figure out who the real villains are. And that’s what keeps drawing us in week after week. We just can’t get enough of this juicy drama.

Hunter Franklin (Ed Quinn) is a philandering President that will do anything for his mistress, including having his staff cover his steps. Victoria Franklin (Kron Moore) is a First Lady driven by power and will get it and protect it at all costs.

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