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Tisha Campbell On Company Selling Martin And Gina Shirts

Tisha Campbell is not cool with a clothing company using her image without her permission and wants them to pay. 

Campbell got on social media and stated that a friend of hers went into a store and saw her face on shirts for sale. The items for sale that had her face and other castmates from the 90s sitcom Martin, and the film House Party included bomber jackets, basketball shorts, and shirts. 

​​” So my friend, he’s in the mall, he goes into a store that has all these shirts, all this gear, shorts, everything–with my face plastered all over these shirts!” she said in the video. 

Adding, “My brother, I’m all for the come-up, I truly, truly am. But you can’t just put somebody’s face on a shirt without their permission and then pocket everything—and then go into a store saying, ‘Don’t you think this is honoring Tisha Campbell?’ You’re telling the store that you wanted to see it to honor me. Honor me with a check.” 

It’s unclear the name of the manufacturer who is selling the merchandise but according to Shadow And Act, a store called Headgear Classics sells pop-culture jerseys and hats online. 

“It not just about my image…Head Gear classics will also have to contend with photographers who took the photos and owns them as well as the companies that owns the Martin show and House Party proper…you poor thing,” she captioned in her video.

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