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The electric slide, shuffle, gangnam style, and harlem shake are all iconic dance crazes that have swept the world at some point in time. Every few years, a new style or type of dance becomes extremely popular and is seen everywhere from classrooms to clubs. One move has been around for over a decade but has gone unnoticed: the twerk!

Twerking has been around for years with its first major appearance in Lil Jon’s “Get Low” back in 2003. Twerking never died out, but the term took a hiatus from pop-culture for about ten years. It recently came back to the dance scene with the release of the Twerk Team—a set of girls that release videos of themselves vigorously shaking their behinds to various songs on their YouTube channel. Songs, such as 2Chainz’s “Birthday Song” and Juicy J’s “Bands,” are perfect for twerking, and at times, they often encourage it. In French Montana’s “Pop That,” his verse opens up with, “Work, work, work, work work, what you twerkin’ with?”

Whether the rap and hip-hop genre will continue to keep twerking alive is unknown, but for now, twerking is back and it’s better than ever.



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