Twitter Wants Allison Janney to Play the Voter Named Paulette Who Just Called Donald Trump “So Handsome”


Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Funny Response to Mike Pence’s Fly

If you thought you’d seen it all, think again. 

The 2020 presidential election has been filled with more viral moments than any of the past elections combined—and that’s no exaggeration. This month, a fly became famous after landing on Vice President Mike Pence’s head. And not famous in the sense that it was briefly mentioned in passing. No, said insect literally caught the attention of Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and now has it’s own Twitter account.

But the fly’s 15-minutes of fame are over, because Paulette Dale is stepping into the spotlight.

The undecided voter tried to shoot her shot with President Donald Trump while participating in NBC’s Town Hall on Thursday, Oct. 15. Dressed in a wonderfully patriotic outfit that was all colors of the American flag, Paulette stepped forward and told the Commander in Chief of the United States, “I have to say, you have a great smile.”

Flustered, she began to giggle before adding, “You’re so handsome when you smile.” 

The president was flattered and thanked Paulette, before he and Savannah Guthrie moved on to the real matter at hand, the Nov. 3 election.

Voter to President Trump at #TrumpTownHall: “You’re so handsome when you smile.”

— NBC News (@NBCNews) October 16, 2020

Paulette’s brazen flirtation with the president is all the Internet can talk about though.

Rachel Luna/FilmMagic/NBC News

One Twitter user is already advocating for a certain actress to portray Paulette in the forthcoming (and fake) reenactment of the town hall. They tweeted,

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