Elizabeth Ragsdale: 5 Things To Know About The Mother Of Simon Monjack’s Secret Son


One of the many shocking revelations in ‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’ is that her husband, Simon Monjack, secretly fathered a child with Elizabeth Ragsdale. Here’s what you need to know.

Ever since Brittany Murphy died from pneumonia and anemia in 2009, there have been many questions around her tragic death and her relationship with Simon Monjack, a low-level Hollywood screenwriter who would die of similar causes six months later. What Happened, Brittany Murphy?, a two-part HBO Max documentary, aimed to answer some of the mysteries surrounding her tragic death. In doing so, it uncovered a shocking truth: Simon fathered not one but two children with other women.

One of those women was Elizabeth Ragsdale. What Happened, Brittany Murphy? marks her first public statement on her secret relationship with Simon and their now 18-year-old lovechild. As the world takes in all the new information about Simon, Brittany, and their controversial relationship, here’s the scoop on Elizabeth.

1. Elizabeth & Simon Had A Relationship In The 1990s

Brittany and Simon allegedly met when she was 17 when he became friends with her and her mother, Sharon Murphy. Around that time, Simon became involved with Elizabeth, a woman from Paris. Their relationship was more than a one-off because…

Simon Monjack (NEILL J SCHUTZER/©2010 RAMEY PHOTO/MEGA) 2. Elizabeth Was Once Engaged To Simon

In June 1998, Simon popped the question to Elizabeth in a Harrod’s department store in Paris. However, at this time, cracks began to appear in Simon’s façade. After Elizabeth turned him down for sex, he tearfully told her that he had “spinal cancer” and was undergoing treatments in Monaco. Elizabeth acquiesced to his pleading, and they made love.

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