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Denim Blù Releases New Single, “I’ll Die (With Lizzy Clarke)”


Denim Blù, the Toronto-based pop artist with Chinese roots, released his new single, “I’ll Die (Ft. Lizzy Clarke)” an emotional song that explores the depths of rock bottom. This track will be his second of 2021, following his recent single “Extraordinary Feel (Ft. Lizzy Clarke)” and adjoining remixes.

“I’ll Die” is inspired by the fallout after heartbreak and the emotions of needing to fall before you rise. The song begins with “I’m drowning in thick liquid without a desire to resist” – a sentiment of falling so deep into a state of despair that death seems closer than life, that death seems more tolerable than life, that life and death are indistinguishable. The theme repeats throughout the song – the harrowing feeling portrays the real emotion experienced after gut-wrenching heartbreak:

“The song is heavy and dark, but these are real emotions.” – Denim Blù on his new single “I’ll Die (with Lizzy Clarke)”

Although suffering is usually an emotion you experience in solitude; this duet between Denim and Lizzy expresses the universality of the message – it shows that even at your lowest point, you are not alone. Denim croons in his smooth tone and Lizzy dazzles with her agile vocals. Together, they deliver different but complementary vocals over this power ballad.

Denim Blù is an emerging Toronto-based singer-songwriter whose identity and music reflect the cultural mosaic that makes Toronto’s music so universally appealing. He’s a Chinese-born queer artist whose inspiration is born out of rebellion. Denim Blù is not supposed to be Chinese and making pop music; he is not supposed to be gay; he is not supposed to emote sex. Well, he does. His music training and influence spans three continents having studied and composed in China, the UK, and Toronto. The product of his music is pure pop fantasy with emotional intrigue, drawing from blues, dance, electronica, and R&B elements, all while being unapologetically queer. His music delivers new-age pop with a story to tell.

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Indie Pop Duo Wild Story Release Debut EP “Into The Wild”


Indie pop duo Wild Story have released their debut EP, Into The Wild on all streaming services today. With cinematic vocals and grand production, songs like “It’s Happening” and “Moment” transport fans to a feeling of serenity in a coming-of-age story. In the EP’s songwriting, tracks like “Time To Let Go” and “Little Dreamerresonate with Wild Story’s inner-transformations and new-found confidence. The four-track EP, in all, is a meticulously crafted body of work that breaks genre-molds in the indie-dream-pop space, and bookmarks itself as the foundation of all things Wild Story: freedom of expression. 

“‘Into The Wildrepresents so many things for us, but most importantly it represents us taking a chance on ourselves and our music; setting free our doubts and fears and just unleashing our music out Into The Wild. We’ve been so deliberate about how we release songs and how we tell our stories, because we both put so much of ourselves into our music.” — Wild Story

Into The Wild is set up for listeners to follow Wild Story along their journey and give people a chance to hear their story in how they’ve evolved over time. 

“The EP itself is laid out in the order these songs were written because we wanted to bring our listeners not only into the backstory of us as a band, but also to show how we evolved even over the course of four songs. From the honest and real versions of ourselves that we share on our social media, we always want to show the most honest and real versions of ourselves with our music as well. We really hope that with this EP comes a greater understanding of who we are as creatives, but also who we are as Wild Story.” — Wild Story

Wild Story is a duo originating from Los Angeles, California. This anthemic band combines Viv Parker’s cinematic, immersive production with the adventurous, dynamic and vulnerable melodies of Katie Hargrove. From their first writing session together, Katie and Viv knew they had something special. Building on their solo careers, the pair decided to plunge headfirst into the LA music scene together with Lyric House’s support along the way. Staying true to themselves and each other, they have found success creating music that reverberates with fans and listeners alike. In their own words, Wild Story is about embracing who you are, creating your own narrative and owning it wholeheartedly.

Wild Story’s debut EP, Into The Wild is available on all DSPs today


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Wrapping Up With The Kardashians


After 20 seasons, Keeping Up with the Kardashians has finally come to a bittersweet end. The reality television series created by Ryan Seacrest centered around the glamourous lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family, predominantly Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kylie, Kendal, and their mother/manager, Kris. The show dove deep into their personal lives featuring all of their day-to-day activities, lovers, career opportunities, plenty of gossip, and everything in between. Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a groundbreaking show for pop culture as it caused reality television to grow in popularity and created a whole new world for social media influencers.

Photograph found on the official @kuwtk Instagram page of sisters having fun.

Since the show began in 2007, the show created a ginormous fan base and the Kardashian and Jenner girls gained millions of social media followers. Along with the show, each member of the family accomplished a lot including marriages, children, business launches, modeling gigs, and more. After the season 20 finale, the cast of Keeping Up with the Kardashians sat down for a televised interview with Andy Cohen to look back at everything they have went through and to answer hard hitting questions from fans. Read on for the highlights.

Karadashian-Jenner girls with Andy Cohen on the day of the interview. Photograph posted on @kuwtk Instagram page.

To start off the interview, Andy Cohen reminded us that there have nine spin offs of the show, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are billionaires, the sisters have had headline relationships, three marriages, and over 800 million google search results. Clearly, Keeping Up the Kardashians put this family on the map. Following the introduction, Cohen began asking the most pressing questions. In 2007 a sex tape of Kim Kardashian was released and addressed in the first episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This tape was a large scandal and Kim did receive a lot of attention for it. One of Cohen’s first questions was directed to Kim asking her if the show would have been successful without the sex tape. Kim responded by saying that the tape did help the initial success of the show, but it is a mistake that she will have to live with for the rest of her life and a tough conversation that she will have to have with her children someday.

Cohen then went on to ask Kylie Jenner questions about her life. Kylie is a billionaire who created an incredibly successful beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie shared in the interview that she grew up being very insecure about her small lips and would outline them with lip liner. This sparked her love for makeup and led her to Kylie Cosmetics. It is a well-known fact that Kendall Jenner has always kept her love life private and refused to include her relationships in Keeping up with the Kardashians. During the interview Kendall Jenner admitted that she is in a relationship with professional basketball player, Devin Booker.

One of the most iconic Kardashian-Jenner relationships would have to be Kourtney Kardashians relationship with Scott Disick. The couple had three children together and dated on and off for nine years. The two split up in 2015, however Scott and Kourtney have remained friends. Scott was a major character on the show and appeared on every season. In the interview, Cohen asked Kourtney why she broke up with Scott and she said the deal breaker was his substance abuse. Kourtney is now dating Travis Barker and Scott gave his blessing and said he wants her to be happy.

Post from @kuwtk Instagram post from interview day.

Another highlight from the interview is when Cohen asked Khloé Kardashian about her relationship with Tristan Thompson. Thompson cheated on Kardashian with Kylie’s best friend at the time, Jordan Woods, when she was pregnant with their child. Thompson and Kardashian broke up because of this and the Kardashian family cut Jordan out of their lives. Khloé and Tristan, however, did get back together and Cohen asked Khloé why she didn’t give Jordan the same pass she gave Tristan. Khloé went on to say that she doesn’t hold any grudge against Jordan and that she forgives her.

This spicy interview was a perfect wrap up for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. To watch for yourself visit Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 20 Episodes 13 and 14 on Hulu.

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Hellboy (2004) Vs. Hellboy (2019)


A supposed seven foot, red skinned, horns on his head and stone right hand isn’t scary right? Especially, when he is a demon from the underworld. It’s okay though, he has a soft side and favors Baby Ruth candy bars.

Based on the graphic novel, Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, the film adaptation HellBoy (2004) loosely follows the same storyline of a demon baby taken into the care of Professor Bruttenholm after coming out of a dimensional portal. Named Hellboy, he becomes a special agent of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). Like any human being, Hellboy deals with a broken heart for a woman he loves, jealousy, slight father issues and of course saving the world from supernatural entities. 

Played by Ron Perlman, Hellboy has a natural sarcastic and witty sense of humor and Perlman only adds to the character who inhibits the same type of character. His voice is also a nice touch The film also has the incredible Selma Blair as Liz Sherman, a pyrokinetic who becomes the one Hellboy must save. The film combines humor, action and the supernatural in a way that felt natural and entertaining to watch. 

The film itself had good reviews with Guillermo Del Toro’s visuals adding to the witty humor and action. The sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, was also praised with it stunning visuals in a supernatural setting. The Hellboy films became an epitome representation of the red skinned comic book character.

In 2019, Hellboy was reimagined. Originally planned as a sequel to the first two installments, the film became a reboot after Del Toro was not offered the same creative role. Subsequently, Perlman refused to reprise his role if Del Toro was not involved. 

The film takes a deviation from the original films by cutting out characters such as Liz Sherman (Blair)  and Abe Sapien (Doug Jones). Instead, they followed a storyline introducing the blood queen Vivienne Nimue (Milla Jovovich) who wants to plague the world as she planned in 517 A.D. It is up to the BPRD, a medium and Hellboy to save the day. 

Taking on the role of Hellboy is Stranger Things actor David Harbour. There were mixed reactions as people felt that Perlman was the perfect portrayal of Hellboy. The film was received with mixed reviews with Hellboy having a more defined and furrowed brow expression to his face. Despite the film dialogue still having a witty sense of humor, critics felt the film was unnecessarily gory and tried to have a darker edge that did not deliver. Critics also felt the film created a mess of combining folklore, gruesome battles and humor. 

Overall, putting the films head to head seems unfair and fan bases have a clear winner. When visualizing a red demon with samurai like hair, we all picture the same film. 

Hellboy (2004) Vs. Hellboy (2019): Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

Beth Keeping Muses Over A Missed Connection in Dreamy New Single “San Francisco”


Fusing the narrative power of country with the catchy melodies of pop, innovative singer Beth Keeping creates her own unique sound. Her music is informed by her international experiences –  travels that served as an impromptu source of inspiration for her latest single. “San Francisco” ponders a missed connection, the “almost” moments of not-quite romance that leave us wondering: what would happen if we saw them again? “San Francisco“ daydreams about the possibility. Beth is also incredibly passionate about women’s equality in the industry, starting her organization Write Like A Girl to shine a spotlight on female songwriters and encourage more women to pursue that path. She hopes to extend Write Like A Girl events from their hub in London to throughout the UK! 

 Cliché: You’ve mentioned in the past that your music is a fusion of traditional country storytelling and modern pop music. At first glance, you might not expect that those two genres would go together. How would you say that combination influences your music? 

Beth Keeping: I love it when lyrics tell a story and that’s what country music does so beautifully, and usually with incredibly clever lyrics that put a new spin on an old idea. I love pop music for the melodies and hooks, so I’m trying to bring the two together. If you look at pop today, there are some artists going down this road more, like Lauv,  Ed Sheeran, the Chainsmokers song “Closer”, and of course the queen of pop-country fusion Taylor Swift.

You’ve written and recorded songs in several different regions,  including the UK, Singapore, Ireland, Estonia, Andalusia, and America.  In what ways has this international approach shaped your identity as an artist?

I’ve met so many people with different stories so I think it’s broadened my horizons in terms of themes in my writing, and it’s brought me a whole lot of adventures to write about! It’s also made me aware of how big the music world is – often we get so caught up in what’s “hot” in our own country in the charts and on the radio, but there are so many different audiences and genres out there, so having a more global outlook has helped me forge my own identity rather than trying to fit into a box to please one audience.

Talk about your new single, “San Francisco.”

I wrote “San Francisco” with my friend and producer Kaity Rae about an experience I had when I was backpacking in South East Asia. I was in Vietnam and I met someone from San Francisco – we were just friends but there was a moment when we said goodbye where I felt something could have happened, but neither of us acted on it. The song is about letting that “almost moment” go but wondering if it meant something to them and what would happen if I saw them again. It’s not making any assumptions, just casually saying: “We’ll probably never meet again, but if I’m ever in San Francisco would you care?”

“San Francisco” muses what might happen if you had the opportunity to see someone you’ll probably never see again – a missed connection. What was it about this particular moment or person that inspired this song?

I think it was the fact that it was a missed opportunity, a moment that almost happened and then was lost. There’s something about bittersweet emotions that’s very poetic and always inspires a song.

Why do you think it’s such a natural human impulse to wonder what might’ve been?

I think often we don’t like to let go of things or accept them as they are, so we keep reliving them in our heads or reconciling them to something better. We also do it because we regret something that we did or didn’t do, and that’s definitely part of the story with this song. Personally I’m a bit of a dreamer so I’m very prone to wondering what might happen if I saw certain people again…

Do you hope you’ll run into that person again one day?

I think it’s always nice to entertain the possibility but it’s not something I’m seeking out. Sometimes we want to go back to these moments but if we did it might actually shatter our illusions or leave us disappointed when it doesn’t go the way we imagined it would!

Tell us about your organization, Write Like A Girl. Why is it so crucial to highlight the work of female songwriters? What have you accomplished thus far and how are you going to continue to raise awareness?

Write Like A Girl is about championing female songwriters in the UK and providing them with a voice and a platform. We exist because only 17% of UK songwriters are women, so we want to show that we need female writers because they bring a unique voice to the table – and we’d love to inspire more to write. I think female singer-songwriters are sometimes stereotyped in ways that men aren’t – for example sometimes male artists can get away with singing a lyric when a woman singing the same words might be accused of being “too emotional”, desperate or self-pitying. It’s important to challenge those stereotypes and broaden people’s perceptions of women and creativity.

We started off last year with a tour, and now we’re running showcases in London which regularly sell out. We’re going on tour again in November, which features myself, Emily Faye and Vic Allen, and a different local guest each night. We’ve had interest from people in northern England and Scotland who want to run Write Like A Girl nights, so next year I’d love to expand our showcases to more regions and build a larger community of women who write. 

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Beth Keeping Muses Over A Missed Connection in Dreamy New Single “San Francisco.” Photo Credit: Sophie Greenidge.

Why You Should Be Watching NBC’s The Village


From This Is Us to A Million Little Things, it seems as though NBC has made it their mission to produce dramatic television shows that, if nothing else, pull on your heartstrings. The latest series to join that batch is one that you should be watching: The Village. Created by Mike Daniels, this ensemble drama follows a number of residents, all living in the same apartment building in Brooklyn, who have built a close-knit, family-like bond. They all deal with their own personal issues, but still find time to be there for each other.

Lorraine Toussaint (left) as Patricia Davis. Grace Van Dien as Katie Campbell.

The series stars a number of familiar faces, including Michaela McManus (of One Tree Hill and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fame), Lorraine Toussaint (The Fosters and Orange is the New Black), Frankie Faison (The Wire), and Dominic Chianese (The Sopranos and The Godfather Part II). The show also stars Daren Kagasoff, who is most recognized as bad boy, Ricky Underwood, on the ABC Family (now Freeform) series The Secret Life of the American Teenager

What makes The Village such a good show, aside from the fact that it will most definitely force you to shed a few tears, is the fact that the acting is very powerful. When you have three legendary performers such as Toussaint, Faison, and Chianese on one show, you know you’re in for a treat. In addition, the show deals with issues that anyone can relate to. From teen pregnancy, to an amputee war veteran dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to cancer, to immigration issues, to caring for the elderly, this show certainly has something for everyone. You care for these characters because you either see yourself – or someone you hold dear to your heart – in them. You relate to their struggles and celebrate their triumphs along with them.

Lorraine Toussaint (left) as Patricia Davis. Michaela McManus as Sarah Campbell.

Sure, the show may not pull the numbers that This Is Us has seen in its three seasons, but it does get better as it goes along. There’s also something very endearing about a group of people who aren’t blood-related, coming together to create a stronger family than those who are!

The Village airs Tuesday nights on NBC.


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Why You Should Be Watching NBC’s The Village: Featured Image Credit: Ice Cream Convos.

Top 5 Crime Documentaries To Binge on Netflix


When it comes to finding shows that enthrall the audience, crime shows on Netflix have been on the rise. Despite creating popular romantic comedies, Netflix has an array of crime shows that make you scratch your head in absurdity. You’re also inclined to turn into your own detective trying to figure out who could have possibly done the crime. These are our picks for the top five crime shows on Netflix that will lead you down a dark path of mystery.


1. The Keepers

Released in 2017, The Keepers follows the investigation of the disappearance and murder of a nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik. The beloved Catholic high school teacher in Baltimore, Maryland went missing on November 7th, 1969 and was found dead two months later. The series takes you on a journey through the dark world of the Catholic church and its institutions, as well as the dedication of Sister Cesnik’s former students to find the truth after all these years.



2. Delhi Crime

The heinous rape of a young woman shook India to its core in 2012. Delhi Crime, starring Shefali Shah as Deputy Commissioner Vartika Chaturvedi, is based on the aftermath of this gang rape in South Dehli. The series follows the investigation to find the men responsible, as the country tries to find guilt in the police department. The story and show will make you shiver.



3. Abducted In Plain Sight

The show Abducted In Plain Sight will absolutely baffle you! In 1974, twelve-year-old Jan Broberg was abducted by a family friend, not once, but TWICE. Robert Berchtold, “B”, infiltrated and blind sided the Broberg family into being able to manipulate and get close to young Jan. The show takes you on a roller coaster of emotions between shock, intrigue and utter bewilderment.



4. Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in history. There have been numerous shows made about Bundy, but this series delves deeper and Bundy gets even more chilling. The show features audio of Ted Bundy while he was on death row, conducted by reporters Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth. The murderous layers of Ted Bundy’s mind are peeled away even more.



5. The Innocent Man

Based on shocking murders that changed Ada, Oklahoma, this docuseries follows the investigation of two murder cases between 1982 and 1984. The show looks into first hand accounts and testimonies of friends and family of both the victims and the accused. The kicker? The investigation leads to the possibility of false confessions coerced by the police on the potential perpetrators that, at the time, were found guilty.



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Top 5 Crime Documentaries To Binge on Netflix: Image Credits: Netflix

Meet Israel’s Next Famous Fashion Designer: Inbal Dror


Attention, brides-to-be: Are you toying with the idea of crafting your dream wedding gown with the help of a couture dress designer, but not sure where to start? To get the ball rolling, it’s time to meet one of Israel’s most talented, illustrious and mind-blowingly creative minds in the bridal dress industry today – Inbal Dror. Cliché got a glimpse and taste of this designer’s craftsmanship, and we’re now infatuated with her gorgeous bridal creations. Who is this genius designer?

Not only is Dror the leading designer of Bridal Gowns and evening dresses in Israel, but she has a keen eye for innovative silhouettes and intricate embroideries. That’s not all, just last year the Israeli designer launched yet another diffusion line of bridal gowns, but this time the collection had all the sex appeal and sheer fabrics of her couture bridal line. Add to that, Dror’s brand has caught the eye of celebrities from Beyoncé and Noami Watts to Bar Refaeli, even receiving an official request from the British royal family to submit sketches for a wedding dress for Meghan Markle. What’s not to love about this designer’s brand? Let’s put it this way: There’s no fashion designer that has the set of skills and the art of hand-craftsmanship like Dror’s. That’s for sure.

Image Credit: Staci Layne Wilson

So in case you’re wondering who the next celebrity who will be wearing Dror’s dream bridal gown will be, it’s none other than award-winning actress Brooke Lewis. Check out some amazing in-house footage of Brooke and Dror at The Panache Bridal Salon of Beverly Hills.

                                                                                Hair & Makeup: Allison Noelle

As the countdown till Brooke and Mark Bellas’ wedding at the famous Houdini Estate has officially begun, the gorgeous fiancée spent a full day with the popular Israeli designer at The Panache Bridal Salon of Beverly Hills. Dror praised Brooke by telling her that if she can think about a perfect bride for her dress it would be Brooke. Brooke responded, “How many brides in a lifetime get to meet their designer?” Brooke then explained that she chose Inbal after nightmares trying on so many gowns, and what was authentic to her soul was this brilliant designer’s work. She added, “Once I saw Dror’s gowns on the rack, Erika at the Pasadena store said that she can already get my vibe and knew the dress that I loved.”

Image Credit: Staci Layne Wilson

Before Brooke and Dror headed home for the day, Brooke left her with this statement about her bridal gowns, “It’s sexy, stylish and we are doing the magic of Old Hollywood in our soirée, it was just perfection for Old Hollywood and feeling that you could transport me back to a magical era and your brilliance will be my absolute honor to wear on that day.”

Be sure to check out Inbal Dror today and begin crafting your dream wedding dress! You can view her beautiful 2019 collection here.


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Meet Israel’s Next Famous Fashion Designer: Inbal Dror. Featured Image Credit:

Lexi DiBenedetto Talks “Knight Squad” and More


Lexi DiBenedetto discovered her passion and dedication to her craft at a very young age and grew up in front of the camera. Before she landed her role on Nickelodeon’s series Knight Squad, she appeared on a few hit television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. When she’s not busy acting or working, you can find her going horseback riding and going to the beach. We chatted with Lexi DiBenedetto about her character, Prudence, her experience working on Knight Squad and more.


Cliché: How did you first get involved with acting? What inspired you to pursue becoming an actress?

Lexi DiBenedetto: I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be an actor. My parents had me in commercials and local theater when I was young, but that grew into a serious passion very quickly. I talked my way into an adult acting class and began a character study when I was 8 years old. I fell in love with it and knew it was what I wanted to do.

I love being able to bring important stories to life and being part of telling them and I also find people fascinating.

What’s the experience like working on Knight Squad?

The experience working on Knight Squad was a lot of fun. We were able to learn some stunts and wear the coolest costumes while we were filming on a set based in a magical land. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Can you describe your character, Prudence? What are some of the character traits that you share in life with the role you play in the show?

Prudence is a quarter giant on her mother’s side which gives her tremendous strength and a huge heart. She is the caregiver of the group and is extremely loyal to her friends. I would say Prudence and I both share that we are loyal and determined. We also both never miss the opportunity for a snack.

What’s the message of the show and what life lessons do you hope viewers take away when watching the show?

I hope that people learn to embrace themselves and do the right thing. We focus a lot on what makes everyone unique, is their greatest asset.

What’s your relationship like with the rest of the cast?

We clicked right from the start and worked well together while we all found our way with our characters. It was a blast working with the cast.

What have been some of your favorite experiences in your career so far?

I’ve had so many wonderful experiences and I’m very thankful for all of them. However, Knight Squad has been a highlight of my career and I learned so much from working on it.

What was the best advice that you’ve received about the acting industry and who was it from?

The best advice that I received was from my parents and they told me, “Believe in yourself and work hard.” They tell me that weekly.

What are some things you enjoy doing when you’re not acting or working?

I enjoy being outdoors. When I’m not working, I like to go horseback riding and go to the beach.

Are there any future projects that you are working on?

I have a few things I can’t talk about right now. I’ll keep everyone updated on my social media accounts. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @dibenedettolexi.


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Lexi DiBenedetto Talks “Knight Squad” and More. Image Credits: Amanda Ramon

Avengers: Endgame Review


*Spoiler free review*

Do not go into this film with any preconceived ideas or predictions of how things will turn out because it would do you no good.

Avengers: Endgame is the biggest awaited film in Marvel cinematic history over the past ten years. It is rightfully so for many reasons. Marvel and the Russo brothers, alongside its impeccable actors, have again created a film that leaves you in shambles.

This is an accumulation of events and stories of a long awaited journey that, for many, have been there since the beginning. The film had its hilarious scenes that at moments have you surprised they even came out of certain characters’ mouths. Compared to previous films, Endgame took a different turn in having scenes that seemed out of character and had one liners that felt as if they came from Tumblr.

There are fight scenes that had the theater cheer in absolute shock and joy because they never expected them to happen. Although, it did feel like there was something missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something felt off and if you get over the excitement, you might notice it too.

Overall, the film was great. It’s a film that has been hyped for months and has been anticipated since the first Avengers. It’s the end of a journey; for who, I won’t say. You can cry your eyes out about that yourselves. But, the film had its good moments, its incredible heart stopping moments and its moments that felt like they were appeasing the fans.

The film marks a new shift in the Marvel universe and its future going forward and it certainly did that.

The bigger question is, what now?


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Avengers: Endgame Review Image Credit: Marvel

Director and Producer Esther Turan Talks About Her Inspiration Behind Starting Moviebar Productions and Hollywood’s ‘Ugly’ Problems


Esther Turan is a force to be reckoned with. She proves this time and again through her roles as a creative producer, director, and the founder of Moviebar Productions. When she’s not directing or producing, you can find her empowering and teaching other females in the industry who are inspired to become filmmakers, directors, or producers. We chatted with Esther about her experience making her directorial debut with BP Underground, the challenges that she faced starting her own film production company, and the ways she is helping to empower women in the industry.


Cliché: What inspired you to get involved in the entertainment industry as a director and producer?

Esther Turan: I kind of journeyed into it because my father is a playwright and my aunt is a famous actress. I fell in love with the atmosphere that I found on the set. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to be, but I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Being born and raised in Budapest, what was the vibe that you got once you came to the US? How did you manage to adjust to a new culture?

The first time I visited the United States I was 11 years old, since I have family in Chicago. I have always been Americanized in a way and I have always been interested in American culture. As a filmmaker, I think we all have to admit that at some point you start to dream about Hollywood, and as you know, once you make it in Hollywood then you can make it anywhere. So when I was a trainee in film school in between my freshman and sophomore year, I did an American production for a huge NBC drama and I had the chance to meet some big names. I also had the chance to witness how to make movies in America and I just really enjoyed it.

I use to work a lot with Americans before moving to the U.S. so there was nothing new for me. It’s not like I come from a completely different world, and you and I are probably similar age and listen to the same bands. The only thing I needed to do was adjust myself to American standards.

What was the experience like making your directorial debut with BP Underground?

My journey as a filmmaker started when I majored in TV directing, and then I focused on becoming a creative producer and I was very involved in the creative process of every project that I was working on. After some point of being a producer, I just had a burnout and thought instead of checking on other people’s projects that I wanted my voice to be heard with a message, and I should get it out.

What inspired you to establish Moviebar Productions? What challenges did you face in starting your own film production company?

Moviebar Productions is not a new thing as I established Moviebar Productions 14 years ago back in Hungary and it’s still a running company. Back in Hungary most of the producers were middle-aged men and I felt that it would be an interesting twist if a young woman under the age of 25 established a film production company and let’s see how it’s going to continue. My parents always taught me not to be afraid and have always encouraged me to dream. Eventually, I teamed up with the best production manager in town named Viktoria Trepper because I knew her and she gave me the expertise of physical production.

I always needed to find ways for people to take me seriously. When I first started out as a producer in the film production company, I found that creating strategies was challenging since you always have to adjust your strategies towards trends and what your goals are for the company. For instance, we started out producing television commercials, and then from the local market we created strategies for the worldwide market and then we reached a certain success.

How involved do you try and be in the creative process of films as a producer?

It depends on the project because every project is an individual project. It also depends on how I resonate with the specific director, producers or co-producers.

As a supporter of female empowerment and an advocate leader of women, can you describe your overall relationship with some other female filmmakers? In what ways are you helping to empower women in the industry?

I am very proud of the fact that my film production company is led by women, and I am also proud that I found a woman named Anna Koltay who would later become my co-director for the BP Underground series. However, I still feel that it’s a man’s world.

I am trying to surround myself with younger female colleagues who I can teach. Since the establishment of Moviebar Productions, we raised dozens of female filmmakers in the industry who started out as a trainee or as an assistant and then moved up to being a producer or production manager or line producer.

What’s the assumption or misconception that you’ve heard most often as a woman in Hollywood?

It’s not just my gender but it’s also me being from Central-Eastern Europe. In some cases, I did witness that some men from Hollywood and Western Europe think that women are easy to get and sometimes things get disturbing on set. I have learned to deal with it and if you’re pretty straightforward about your reaction then they will stop.

What has been the most memorable moment in your career?

The most memorable moment for me as a director was when we recently won a prestigious award for our documentary series BP Underground called Highlights of Hungary where the most creative causes and projects of our country are selected each year. The recognition of our work after investing so much energy and time was definitely a sweet moment. As a producer, there is no single moment but many moments of collaborating with some of the best filmmakers in the world. We’ve just finished a feature film with composer Nathaniel Mechaly and directors Björn Stein and Mans Marlind. I also had the chance to work with superb cinematographers such as  Hoyte van Hoytema, Anthony Dod Mantle and John Mathieson.

At this point in your life, who was the person who helped guide you to get you to where you are now?

I think it would be my father, Robert Turan, and he is a playwright. He always has a huge interest in my taste and love for art, theater, and movies since I was a child.

What is your number one goal in 2019?

I’d love to continue growing our presence in Hollywood and collaborate with more great filmmakers. My dream would be to sell some of my ideas to the biggest T.V. platforms and creatively being involved in television.


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Director and Producer Esther Turan Talks About Her Inspiration Behind Starting Moviebar Productions and Hollywood’s ‘Ugly’ Problems. Image Credits: Adam Nagy and Bernadett Fejer

An Interview with Classically Trained Cellist Turned Pop Artist HILDUR


Classically trained cellist turned pop artist, HILDUR, an Icelandic artist with a ton of talent recently released her single, “1993.” Realizing that she was finally was living out her dream from when she was just a kid, the song takes us through her journey so far and her personal life. HILDUR is a natural when it comes to songwriting and has spent years honing in on her craft, even teaching workshops to other songwriters along the way. With new music coming out in the near future and traveling coming up, we can expect a lot of great things from HILDUR.


Cliché: Your latest single, “1993,” was inspired by your realization that you were living out the dreams that you had when you were five years old. What else can you tell me about that song?

HILDUR: This song feels like a fast autobiography, from when I was 5 until today, about the journey from having a dream and my way towards that life. It was not an easy road, so the song talks about the fallbacks and self doubt on the way. I would say it’s one of my most personal songs and the lyrics actually have a bunch of hints about my life. You can find my birthday spelled out there, the sport I used to train is mentioned and then some of my biggest insecurities. But I feel like it’s a very hopeful song too.


You started out as a classical cellist, what got you into the singing and songwriting side of things?

I feel like expression and creating something new has always been a part of me.  Whether it was drawing, writing stories, crafts or melodies – it all started at a very early age. My dream to stand on stage and write my own songs, always felt just an inevitable part of it. I remember creating melodies since I was playing the cello but the first actual song I remember writing was from when I was 15 year old and I had taught myself how to play guitar. I have always had fascination for lyrics and stories and I guess I just had the urge to try it out from my point of view.


How does your songwriting process work, you’ve said that you are “fascinated” with what makes a melody catchy, is that usually where you start with your songs?

Most of the time it starts with a melodic idea or a concept or a word. But I’ve realized that often the best ideas come when you’re not trying. So when ideas hit when I’m outside walking or washing the dishes or being somewhere in a completely different place, I always record a voice memo and many songs have started from there.


Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

I love Nao, Emelie Nicolas, Seinabo Sey, Kehlani, Highasakite, Broods – and the list goes on!


You’ve talked about taking the time to really find the sound that you wanted your music to have and not rushing the process. What is it about the style of music that you chose that you feel allows you to express yourself more than any other style would?

This is a tough one, as I feel like you’re always evolving as a human being and thus as an artist too. I always try to write music in the mood I feel like at the time. The good thing though about being a songwriter that writes for others too is that you can use those moments, too.


I see that you’ve taught some songwriting workshops. What advice do you give to people learning how to write or honing in on their craft?

Most important thing is that creativity is a muscle that you need to train. Don’t expect your first song to be great. Even though you’ve been playing an instrument for a long time – songwriting is a different craft and needs repetition. Write the bad songs too, get them out of your system and you learn something about yourself or songwriting new every time you write a song. Write with others and absorb, quickest way of learning is from other great writers.


What are you looking forward to in the near future and what can listeners expect?

I’ve got a bunch of traveling coming up; London, Sierra Leone and Chicago, I love how music takes me places. Listeners can stay tuned for more songs coming very soon, and I would say you’re in for a treat!


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An Interview with Classically Trained Cellist Turned Pop Artist HILDUR: Featured Image Credit: Vaka Njáls