It’s You, Not Me Episode 5


In the 5th episode of It’s You, Not Me, we find Karen and Luke at a downtown art gallery. Did we mention only hipsters are allowed? The paintings are “avant-garde”and skulls and bunny rabbits are the main themes. When Luke’s date arrives on the scene, nobody can miss her. With a name like Sparkle, we can only imagine her personality. Karen is also taking another swing at the dating ring. I wonder if her date mentioned that he is a sniffer on his profile?  Will Luke and Karen “sniff” out another problem with the dates or will  something click? Take a moment to go behind the scenes with the production team, and read the interviews with the cast members of the fifth episode. And don’t miss the It’s You, Not Me Episode 5 on Friday, April 25 on!

Director: Lauren Patrice Nadler
Cinematographer: Abe Portillo
Editor: Jason Koczanowicz

Read on for cast interviews!

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