It’s You, Not Me Episode 3


In the third episode of It’s You, Not Me, with little support from his competitive and loud roommate, Ben, and their adorable puppy, Buddy, Luke attempts to navigate the online dating world. After searching different profiles all night, Luke begins to feel very optimistic and narrows it down to Denise. She is hot, mouthy, and could be the love child of Andrew Dice Clay and Marisa Tomei from My Cousin Vinny. Loud, noisy, and self-absorbed chicks…. Do we need to spend the extra time to look any deeper? Take a moment to go behind the scenes with the production team, and read  interviews with the cast members of the third episode who gave interesting insight to their characters and the episode itself. Don’t miss It’s You, Not Me Episode 3 this Friday, April 11 on!

Director: Lauren Patrice Nadler
Cinematographer & Editor: Abe Portillo

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