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Dress: MT Costello; Cuff: Amarilo

Bruckner is also starring in A&E’s The Returned, which premiered March 9. Based on a French drama, The Returned focuses on a town where residents begin appearing years after their deaths, though they seem the same physically. Bruckner plays the Chief Deputy in town tasked with determining what exactly is happening.

“There is a lot of drama, and there is a thriller aspect to it,” she said. “Though it is dark and emotionally heavy, it was a fun time to film.”

As someone who is a self-proclaimed outdoors person, filming in Vancouver made the experience even better, Bruckner said.

“Vancouver was so beautiful, and I just love being on the water,” she said. “When I’m home [L.A.], I love going to the ocean and going whale watching. But I’m also a huge nerd, and I like to shack up and play World of Warcraft whenever I can.”

Aside from her epiphany about her future when she was younger, one of Bruckner’s most surreal moments was portraying Anna Nicole Smith in Lifetime’s 2013 biopic Anna Nicole, particularly the first time she underwent the costume and prosthetic process.

“The first time I saw myself after I put on the boobs, the heels, and the dress was a crazy, awesome, and surreal experience,” she said.“It was extremely nerve wracking when I first started the filming process, I’m an over-thinker as it is, but I forgot that nervousness as we went through the filming process down in Atlanta.”

To prepare for the role, Bruckner did some research on Smith, her son Danny, and various people who had an impact on Smith’s professional and personal life.

“I kind of fell in love with her as a person, and I had a completely new outlook on her,” she said.

Since starting on a soap opera in the late ‘90s, Bruckner said it’s been interesting to see how the television world has expanded and changed throughout the years.

“It’s become so much more interesting and exciting to both watch and work on,” she said. “There is a lot of good writing in the television world right now, and there are complex characters that I love to portray and interact with. On television, you get to be the character for however long you’re arc is on the show, so it’s exciting to grow and learn new things and wait to see what the writer is going to do with you.”


Dress: MT Costello; Cuff: Amarilo

With the vast number of shows both online and on TV, Bruckner cites some of her favorites as The History Channel’s Vikings and BET’s Being Mary Jane, as well as HBO’s Game of Thrones, which she cites as one of the best shows on television.

“Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that show?” she asked. “I think it just might be my favorite show of all time. I love dragons and castles and kings and queens and the battles and just everything about it is exciting.”

As for working on feature film, Bruckner said there is a special feeling about getting to work with a group of people for a few months and grow closer before having to bid them farewell at the end of a few months.

Her next projects include an independent film titled There Is A New World, directed by Li Lu. Bruckner is also a producer on the film.

“It was my first producing gig, and now we’re working to get it into film festivals all over,” she said. “It was my first time dealing with the business and financial aspect of a film, and I enjoyed that.”

The film follows two strangers who meet at a mutual friend’s wedding and embark on a road trip together through the South.

In addition to the film, Brucker is working on her own side projects.

“I’m currently trying to do a short film that’s action based, and after helping produce that independent film, I’d like to do more behind-the-scenes,” she said. “I’m always open to doing something new.”

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