Cover Story: Interview with Vanessa Marano


_MG_9816doneWe can only imagine that the life of the average actress can be overwhelming, but who said anything about average? Our cover girl, two-time Teen Choice nominee and California-native, Vanessa Marano is anything but as she treats all of her life’s challenges as golden opportunities. From viewing her untraditional childhood in a positive light to mastering sign language though it had been completely foreign to her, this girl is a workaholic full of high energy.

A professional actress since the age of seven, Vanessa is no stranger to the limelight. Before her current role, she was a series regular on hit-shows such as Gilmore Girls and HBO’s The Comeback. Marano exudes girl power–not unlike her character on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, which renewed its third season in January 2014.

The award-winning show is renowned for its cast, which includes regulars who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Having scenes shot almost exclusively in ASL, the drama series is quite unique in comparison to others in its genre. The series revolves around a very astute Bay Kennish (Marano) who realizes that the couple who raised her is not her biological family, thanks to a school lesson plan on blood types. Marano loves the challenge of playing this role, admiring Bay’s edginess, artistry, and bluntness. Despite the actress’s differences with her character, she understands the role in a way that allows her to play the rebellious teen convincingly. Vanessa Marano gives us a glimpse into the whirlwind life of Bay Kennish while filling us in about her own career. 

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