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Love: that one thing we all long for and sometimes can’t seem to find as easily as the fairy tales make it seem. As technology booms, it seems newer ways to find the “one” pop up, but that doesn’t mean any of these new ways make meeting your soulmate easier. It’s You, Not Me is a new comedic take on trying to find romance on the web. The series follows Karen and Luke as they use online dating to find that perfect someone. Their story is one that a lot of people will be able to relate to in this day and age. Who hasn’t known someone that’s tried online dating and it ended up a bit awkward, or possibly a bit crazy? Male or female, there’s a bit of each of us in Karen and Luke.

Of course finding love isn’t easy for them either, and sometimes the two end up in tight spots when meeting their dates, like Karen with the “exterminator” or Luke and the drunken blonde. Thankfully, the pair have their good friends to fall back on—Karen with her roommate/sister, Tracey, and Luke with his best roommate and pal, Ben. It’s a story of hope, humor, and the will to never give up when faced with so much chaos.

Although the series follows Karen and Luke’s search for love, they aren’t the only ones to suffer through love and heartbreak. Close friends and family members deal with their own troubles with love. There are times where characters in the show want to just give up, or rethink their lives.

Cliché partnered up with the series and spoke with writer and producer, Renee Kay, and director Lauren Patrice Nadler. They gave us some great insight into what went into making the show possible and why this series will make you laugh as you follow the struggles that Karen and Luke, along with their friends, face to find the “one.”

Meanwhile, don’t forget to watch our It’s You, Not Me premiere this Friday, March 28 at!

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