Jessica Parker Kennedy on ‘Black Sails’ to ‘Colony’


Jessica Parker Kennedy is your new favorite actress. Well, she will be after you check her out on Starz’s pirate adventure Black Sails, produced by Michael Bay. In fact, Kennedy is in for quite a busy year. Apart from Black Sails, she is also starring in USA’s Colony, which is currently in its second season. We can’t wait to see the other magic she creates. Here, we chat with the rising star about her start in acting, new projects, and what she loves most about her Black Sails character, Max.

Cliché: What was the first acting role that meant something to you and why?
Jessica Parker Kennedy: I did a play in college called Unity 1918 that was really challenging for me. I did a lot research for that role and really got my head into it. I struggled a lot finding the character and I think the challenge of that scared me and I liked that. I like being scared.
When you aren’t acting, what do you love to do?
I love to go to movies, shop, visit my friends, and lay around on their couches.
You are currently starring as Max on Starz’s Black Sails. What do you love most about your character?
She seems indestructible. I love her strength. It’s fun playing characters who are very dissimilar to myself. I wish I could meet her and talk to her and ask her for advice.
What is something that you wished the audience understood about Max?
I actually feel like the audience has a really good grasp of who she is. When I’ve read reviews on the show and on what people think about her, they seem to understand her in a way that gives me great comfort because they seem to genuinely like her. She’s often described as the character on the show who leans into her moral compass more than the others. I don’t know if that’s true. It’s relative, I suppose. Not everything she does is moral, but people seem to sympathize with her and root for her.
You will also be starring in the USA seriesColony. What can you tell us about your character?
I love being a part of Colony. Everyone has been so welcoming to me and I’m having a really good time. I can’t tell you much about my character just yet, but I’m definitely playing another strong female who makes some extraordinary choices—choices I would never want to make. I’m actually not sure who has it worse, Max or this character.  
As a professionally trained singer, would you ever showcase your voice in character?
Absolutely. I have before on another project and I’d love to do it again.
What is one thing you want your fans to know about yourself?
There is nothing I “want” people to know about me. I just want people to enjoy the work I’m a part of.
Apart from your roles in Colony and Black Sails, what’s coming up next for you?
I’ve been staying pretty busy, which has been really great. I’ve worked on six projects in the last six months, but the two I’m most excited about are a web series for Warner Brothers called I Love Bekka and Lucy, created and directed by Rachael Holder. She’s so smart and has written a beautiful and funny script about two best friends. I can’t wait for people to see it. The second is an independent movie I’m filming right now. It’s a comedy called Someone Else’s
Wedding, written and directed by Pat Kiely. I’m having so much fun doing that. I’m working with actors that I’ve wanted to work with for a long time so I’m really happy.
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Jessica Parker Kennedy on ‘Black Sails’ to ‘Colony:’ Photography: Amanda Peixoto-Elkins, Styling: Adeel Khan, Makeup: Melissa Adelaide DeZarate, Hair: Bianca Rich

Kendall Vertes and Her Love for Dance


Kendall Vertes is a force to be reckoned with. A cast member of Lifetime’s Dance Moms since season two, she’s seen and done so much during her time on the show. Fans watch week to week to find out if she will get a solo or a lead spot in the group dance, or to see who will end up crying, angry, or getting the short end of the stick. However, what keeps the show special and interesting is not the drama with the moms, but the way that these young girls still love to dance no matter what they go through off of the dance floor. Kendall Vertes is one of those young girls, and she is truly a dancer to watch.

Cliché: What do you love most about dance? Is there anything you dislike about it?
Kendall Vertes: I have been dancing since I was 2-and-a-half years old! What I love most about dance is learning new ways to tell a story through movement and facial expressions. Sometimes it’s hard to stay late at dance after we have been filming all day. It’s hard to stay focused, but I know that I need to always practice and stretch, even if it’s late in the evening.
Before you joined the show, what other activities did you do outside of dancing?
I was 8 years old when I joined Dance Moms. I played tennis with my dad and I was on a softball team. Dance was always my favorite activity. My mom wanted me to try other things, but I always loved dancing the most.
Did your hobbies change after you joined the show?
When I started filming for the show, I didn’t have time to do anything else but dance and film. I had to get out of school early every day to film.
What was the audition process like for you?
I really didn’t know what to expect when I auditioned to be on Dance Moms. I was just enjoying learning the routine and dancing, but the cameras did make me a little nervous. All of the girls were so nice to me and really wanted me to get on the team. My mom and I thought we would just be on an episode or two; we had no idea we would shoot close to 200 episodes!
You have been with the show since season two and audiences have gotten the chance to watch you grow as a dancer. What has the experience of growing up in the spotlight been like for you?
When you’re on TV, people feel like they know you personally. I would love for all of my fans to get to know me personally because I don’t think anyone gets to understand who we are as regular people. They think we are stars and we just think we are regular kids. I hope to be able to show who I am as a person and a performer.
Is there anything about you that you wish people knew?
I love to joke around and play pranks on my friends and the camera crew. We spend about 12 hours a day together so we all know each other very well. I want people to know that I’m just a regular kid who was given an amazing opportunity.
What are your hopes for your future after the show ends?
I hope to be able to continue to dance, sing, act, and perform for audiences everywhere. I love to perform and really want to get an acting job, one where I’m not playing myself but a real character.  
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Kendall Vertes and Her Love for Dance. Photographer: Bonnie Nichoalds / Glam: Amber Perry

Why You Should Be Watching “Mozart in the Jungle”


Based on the 2005 memoir by Blair Tindall, a former New York City oboist, “Mozart in the Jungle” takes sex, drugs, and ambition and turns it into beautiful music. The Amazon show, now on its third season, has flown under the radar but has not been completely ignored. Winning Golden Globes for best television series and best actor, along with a prime-time Emmy award for outstanding sound mixing. It may be the most awarded, yet underrated, show yet.

These days we get our horror (“American Horror Story”), our politics (“VEEP”), and our dramatic plot twists (“How To Get Away With Murder”) fairly easily. With so many options and endless mediums to which we can access these shows, it’s shocking how little of it is actually something that makes us good. There is no loathsome villain, or even an ever more common, antihero. In “Mozart in the Jungle” you get fun, light humor. It’s realistic, yet outside of the realm to which most of us are exposed. The drama of professional orchestra musicians is not, on the surface, particularly exciting. But when you add a superb cast and a sweet thirty minute time frame, it’s just right.
Gael Garcia Bernal and Lola Kirke have a natural, yet mismatched, chemistry that is entirely realistic. The plot does not dwell on the usual tropes of sexual tension, rather it opts to focus on musical ambition. From millennials struggling with lofty goals, to the retirement aged audience who may be hanging up their hats on their careers, this show touches a very human nerve – the ego.
It’s very easy to identify with multiple characters on “Mozart in the Jungle,” or at the very least feel like you know someone just like them. The eccentric roommate, the territorial hard ass, the unabashedly nerdy music fan, or the retiree trying to find his place in the world – these people are people we know. The show brings together characters that are hard not to love, not in spite of their humanity but because of their humanity. It’s an absolute delight to watch this cast of players.
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Why You Should Be Watching “Mozart in the Jungle.” Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

“Santa Clarita Diet” Review: The Ups and Downs of a New Diet


In recent years, there have been an excessive amount of films and TV shows that were undead or zombie-themed. The most noticeable films are the sci-fi horror drama “28 Days Later” and the horror comedy “Shaun of the Dead” and the most popular zombie TV series being the horror drama “The Walking Dead.” Netflix’s half-hour horror comedy, “Santa Clarita Diet,” brings an alternative spin to the zombie themed premise and also presents itself as an absurdist family sitcom that is highly aware how free they are from the traditional constraints of network television. What the show has going for itself is its great set of actors and unique twist of a family sitcom. Although, there are some parts where the show falters particularly in the structure.


Courtesy of YouTube.
The series centers on Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel Hammond (Timothy Olyphant), a married couple that lives happily together as real estate agents with their teenage daughter, Abby (Liv Hewson) within the beautifully quaint suburban region of Santa Clarita. That is until Sheila feels ill, vomits profusely, dies for a bit, and then returns as part of the undead which seems like a normal start to a family sitcom. Surprisingly enough, Shelia is not like a zombie normally seen on “The Walking Dead” and abstains from killing and eating every human she sees. However, Sheila’s life does take a dark turn and she begins to eat human flesh but not in the normal instinctively undead way but in a way that boosts her confidence, audacity, and lust for Joel. Right after this turn, Joel realizes that she has changed and has become part of the undead and quickly discovers that she can only survive on the consumption of human flesh. Instead of running away in fear from her, Joel helps his wife find the most awful and despicable people for his wife to feast on all while trying to maintain the appearance and feel of a normal suburban family. As the show progresses the Hammonds realize that their lives will never be normal again.
Throughout each episode, it was pleasing to see how both Barrymore and Olyphant were able to click together as a married couple in an abnormal situation. In all the films that Barrymore has been in, she seems to be the unsure character in the scene. However, in this TV series as Shelia, she is mostly this sure character that goes through a dynamic change and brings this surreal courage while also balancing the humor and emotion of her character. As the show progresses through each episode, it was funny to see the irony of Barrymore’s character; Barrymore shows how Sheila feels alive in her personality when she turns towards her cannibalistic activities. Olyphant’s Joel presents a lighter side to Olyphant, which is different compared to Olyphant’s darker and more serious roles in past TV shows and films such as “Deadwood” and “Justified” and another zombie horror film, “The Crazies.” There are some moments where his execution of jokes tends to fall flat, however, Olyphant is able to break the normally troubled hero tone he conveys with this show. He is a more eccentric, comedic, and vulnerable person as Joel and is able to highlight all the complexities and triumphs in an experienced marriage. The viewer can understand how Joel is just trying to find a piece of normalcy in this hectic predicament. Shelia’s and Joel’s daughter, Abby, has the right amount of cheekiness, sarcasm, and humor that resembles a younger Ellen Page in “Juno.” Abby’s personality combined with her friendship with her neighbor’s awkward and nerdy teenage son, Eric (Skyler Gisondo) offers a great foil to the series.
The show reflects an alternative depiction of a family sitcom normally seen on a normal network channel such as ABC, NBC, or CBS and a pack with bloody action sequences seen on HBO or AMC. Some of the faults of the show are the pace and structure of the plot. There were some moments where the pace would slow and rush unexpectedly, especially in the middle of the season. The mystery and the root of Sheila’s current nature are not the central focus until the second half of the season. Santa Clarita Diet overall is still the right mixture of humor, horror, and heart that highlights a new side of Barrymore and a lighter comedic tone for Olyphant. The series just needs to improve the pace and structure of the plot. I give it a B.
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Santa Clarita Diet Review: The Ups and Downs of a New Diet. Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

“The Crown” Review: Netflix’s New Hit Drama Reveals Hidden Cracks in the Crown


The Netflix original series, “The Crown” depicts the beauty and delicacy of the early royal reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Through this season viewers will take in all the beauty and grace of British royalty. However, Netflix’s new hit drama also reveals the hidden cracks in the crown. This series offers a deeper reflection into the Queen’s exclusively tumultuous family life and the significantly difficult choices Elizabeth had to make as a queen. The rough consequences of these choices are heavily focused on in each episode and reveal how they leave cracks in not only the lives of the royal family but in the lives of the individuals in parliament that surround the family as well. The historical drama does sometimes stray away from the accurate portrayal of the royal family in this period. However, the combination of emotional performances from the actors, symbolic uses of cinematography, a beautifully composed soundtrack and a great number of intriguingly detailed designs and locations outweighs the errors in the historical representations.


This series begins with a distinctly serious tone that makes it clear the significance of moves made by the royal family, more specifically the moves made by Queen Elizabeth II (played by Claire Foy) in her political and private life once given the burden of being queen. In this fantastic group of actors, Foy shines spectacularly as a young Elizabeth; she provides a certain vulnerability, reliability and imperfection to this woman that has not really been seen in a series before. The viewers can sympathize with her and the difficult responsibilities that are suddenly placed on this woman in her 20s which included paths made by her, leaving her loved ones either pleased or disappointed. Foy also does a masterful job with the dynamics of this woman in these social and political circumstances of the time period. She portrays Elizabeth’s insecurities as queen as well as her bravery and boldness in her decisions during tough times with both her personal and political relations with her family and parliament. Foy’s performance as Elizabeth gives viewers a clear understanding of why she deserves her Golden Globe win for Best Actress in a TV Drama. She did well in presenting the other side of Elizabeth’s life that is rarely seen.

Matt Smith (well-known for his role as a past Doctor on BBC’s “Doctor Who”) plays Elizabeth’s lively husband, King Philip, he highlights Phillip’s acts of kindness and care with Elizabeth and also reflects Phillip’s faults of obliviousness and selfishness when Elizabeth is in need of a partner to help her face her obstacles. Smith reveals the likable and irritable personality of King Philip which can be a challenge for many actors to pull off.

From the incredible cast, some great picks are John Lithgow as the famous Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Jared Harris as the late King George VI. 
Lithgow’s portrayal of Churchill is caring and determined but also stubborn and sensitive especially when he tried to keep hold of his position post-WWII. Jared Harris’ portrayal of King George VI may only be part of the show for a short time but takes up each scene by balancing George as a loving father and a slowly deteriorating king with lung cancer.

The cinematography of the series stands out brilliantly. The series’ cinematographers, Adriano Goldman and Ole Bratt Birkeland, both were able to convey the seriousness and the intensity of each episode. Their use of close-up and extreme close-up shots to convey the palpable social and political tensions between each family member and the various internal predicaments that each face, particularly for Elizabeth and Churchill. The extreme close-ups would highlight the stress and worry of Elizabeth’s decisions as queen, sister, and wife.  The close ups of Churchill reveals the frustration of others, the sadness of loved ones and worry of the stability as his control of his position as well as his health as prime minister.

The mixture of the precisely placed camera angles with the deep reverberating electronic and orchestral sounds of the immensely accomplished composer, Hans Zimmer adds an extra layer of heartfelt emotion to the characters. From his highly regarded past works in films such as “
Inception” and “Interstellar” Zimmer’s distinctive sound in this series is an essential support and feels like a necessary unseen character in each episode.

Each location feels part of the series as well as each place transports the viewers back to the period of the early to mid-1950s. The detail from sets of the press-filled London streets to the lavish halls of Buckingham Palace feels real and elegant. The costume design of each royal dress, suit and casual attire adheres to the period. However, the only huge gripe is that actual severity in some of the historical situations might not be as adherently close to the truth. When checked, some of the events might be too overly dramatized when it comes to specific occurrences of the royal family. Although, the other aspects from the actors to the sets are remarkably done and masks a TV series into a 10-hour film which leaves “
The Crown” with the grade of an A.
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“The Crown” Review: Netflix’s New Hit Drama Reveals Hidden Cracks in the Crown. Photo courtesy of Variety.com

‘The Edge of Seventeen’ is Out Now on DVD


Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) means well. She really does, but being a teenager is hard. Nadine is trying to figure life out and get through her teenage years with as few scratches as possible when her best friend Krista (Haley Lu Richardson) falls in love with her older brother Darian (Blake Jenner) and throws the world she thought she knew into a tailspin. When they begin dating, Nadine tries to be okay with it and fails. Krista has been her only friend since childhood and it is clear early on that Nadine feels like she’s losing her to her brother and his friends. As younger siblings tend to do, Nadine sees her brother as the guy with the perfect life and not a care in the world. As the person who has had it much easier than she ever did. So, what do you do when you feel like you’re losing the only bit of stability you had? You lash out.

Nadine’s mother, Mona (Kyra Sedgwick) takes the brunt of Nadine’s anger and grief. Mona and Nadine never really got along, Nadine was always closer with her father, a man who Nadine says is the only person who could handle them both. On the surface, it would seem as though Mona is flippant in her parental duties but it becomes clear quickly that she is just trying to keep her family afloat. When Nadine isn’t upset with her brother, best friend, or mother, she’s hanging out with Erwin (Hayden Szeto), a guy she befriends and confides in – who she knows has a crush on her. When she is not confiding in Erwin, she talks to her teacher Mr. Bruner (Woody Harrelson) and daydreams about Nick Mossman (Alexander Calvert), the popular guy she’s had a crush on forever.
The Edge of Seventeen is a story of loss, love, grief, and the aftermath of grief. This is a movie that gives its teenage characters the complexity and intelligence that they were not afforded in other “teen movies.” Still, there are the classic awkward moments to cringe and laugh about that every teen movie deserves. The writing is smart, the characters are sharp and quick-witted, and the story of a young girl trying to find her way in the world is one we can all relate to.

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‘The Edge of Seventeen’ is Now Out on DVD. Photo courtesy of ScreenCrush.

9 Netflix Originals to Binge in February


Netflix is taking television to the mat with its new slew of originals. With so many binge-worthy originals, it was hard to choose which we liked best. These are the nine we couldn’t keep off of our screens.

Image taken from Netflix.com

1. Santa Clarita Diet 
In this zombies-meets-Desperate Housewives new show, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play a married couple who are both real estate agents in Santa Clarita California. When one of them dies, and comes back to life, they have to figure out how to live their new bloodthirsty life. This show hits Netflix on February 3rd and we are so excited to see what this show has in store for us!

Photo taken from screenrant.com

2. Stranger Things
If you haven’t jumped on this train yet, we suggest you climb aboard and fast. This show has a cast of some of the most talented kids in Hollywood. This show is the sci-fi thriller we all needed in our lives but at eight episodes long, it’s a quick binge.

Photo taken from denofgeek.com

3. The OA
What happens when you can choose whether or not you die? Do angels exist? The OA takes these questions to the extreme and explores them in a riveting, heartfelt story that kept us on the edge of our seats. At the end of another eight episode run, we are left on a cliffhanger that we can’t wait to have answers to.

Photo taken from britishcomedyguide.com

4. Crazyhead
Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love this demonic dramedy brought to us out of the UK. Two unlikely best friends fight demons together and try to conquer life as awkward twenty-somethings without a clue how to navigate their superpowers. Raquel and Amy make a hilarious demon fighting team and we could listen to their accents all day.

Photo taken from Netflix.com

5. The Crown
This period drama gives us the inside scoop on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II as she learns how to lead the British Monarchy and befriends Winston Churchill. The two time Golden Globe winning show is incredibly well-researched and beautifully shot. Watching The Crown feels like being fully immersed into Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom with every episode.

Photo taken from thewrap.com

6. Black Mirror
This show brings horror into our real lives through the possibilities of parallel universes and futuristic societies. Black Mirror delves into the dark side and explores the “Black Mirrors” of our lives in the form of technology and all of the screens in our lives. What could happen if technology becomes too powerful?

Photo taken from mondaymorningmatinee.com

7. Love
Judd Apatow brings the romantic comedy to our television screens through the lives of Mickey and Gus, the most unlikely couple. Their antics and actions as they try to discover how to deal with the awkward stages of intimacy and a romantic relationship. With season 2 being released on March 10th, now is the perfect time to binge season one.

Photo taken from 2017auditiondatabase.com

8. Sense 8
This show follows eight seemingly unrelated lives from all over the globe who are mysteriously connected by a rebirth they all experience through dreams/visions. This show requires your undivided attention which won’t be too difficult to give as soon as you get your grips into the lives of these eight strangers and the people trying to hunt them down. The first half of season two was just released and the second half will come out in May.

Photo taken from youtube.com

9. A Series of Unfortunate Events
This series, produced by Neil Patrick Harris, takes us on a trip back to our childhood and the books that consumed it. The show is an almost direct reflection of Lemony Snicket’s stories right down to the titles with a few new twists to keep us on our toes. Neil Patrick Harris’s production is a treat and his portrayal of Count Olaf is picture perfect.
With all of these options to choose from, it looks like your February is booked! You may find yourself in a Netflix induced daze but please don’t forget to eat, sleep, and shower! Happy bingeing!
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9 Netflix Originals to Binge in February. Feature image courtesy of IndieWire.com

Why You Should Be Watching TV Land’s “Teachers”


New year, new season of TV Land’s Teachers, aka one of the most underrated comedy shows around. I say this time and time again, but people really need to hop on TV Land’s new format. It’s not all reruns of classic shows, ladies and gents!

“Teachers” is a show about six elementary school teachers who are not the ideal or typical teachers you’re used to seeing being portrayed on television. Not unless, you’re watching the movie Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who uses a different method for teaching his kids… No, these teachers are six women who don’t necessarily have their lives together, but they’re working on it!
Watching this show is like watching your actual life on television but someone else is playing your role. You have the main six characters who all take on unique personalities: Cecilia Cannon, the free-spirited teacher (Caitlin Barlow); Chelsea Snap, the absolute narcissist (Katy Colloton); AJ Feldman, the out of control but laid back teacher we all wish we had (Cate Freedman); Caroline Watson, the hopeless romantic who spends literally ALL her time looking for love (Kate Lambert); Mary Louise Bennigan, the conservative teacher who tries her best to go by the book (Katie O’Brien); and Deb Adler, the angry, rebellious teacher you never want to cross (Kathryn Renee Thomas).

Each character embodies an actual and feasible personality that can easily be depicted on screen. For the most part, teachers are always seen as put together, am I right? Looking back at my own personal childhood, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my own teachers snap or show their true self outside of work. “Teachers” shows you otherwise. They’re human. They need to let out some steam. They are not perfect. This TV Land show proves this.

Sure, it may be an exaggerated form of how teachers are behind the scenes but no doubt does it show a glimmer of the truth. We all break down in our own jobs, so who’s to say that this show is outright wrong? “Teachers” is the untold story, or I guess, true life story, of anyone and everyone who love-hate their job. Give it a shot. If you don’t like it, let me know down below what it was that didn’t float your boat. If you did, which character did you relate to the most?
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Why You Should Be Watching TV Land’s ‘Teachers.” Images courtesy of TV Land.

TGIT: Where We Left Off


It’s no secret that Shonda Rhimes has taken over our Thursday nights (and arguably our lives) with her trio of Shondaland dramas that return Thursday, Jan. 26 on ABC. “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away with Murder” (HTGAWM) make up the “Thank God It’s Thursday”, or TGIT, lineup.     

Image courtesy of ABC

The Grey’s and HTGAWM winter finales left us on Nov. 17, 2016 with about a zillion questions, and we haven’t seen our Scandal gladiators since their season five finale on May 12, 2016. So, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be parked on your couch this Thursday with your drink of choice and popcorn at the ready.
In case you’ve forgotten exactly where we left all of our favorite characters, here’s a little refresher on each of the shows to get you up to speed and ready to dive back in this week!
First up, let’s check in with our Grey-Sloan Memorial family.
Grey’s Anatomy:
The mid-season finale is appropriately centered around the collapse of a Seattle apartment building that matches the potential collapse of the hospital as we know it.
While the doctors navigate the insanity following the collapse, we are getting to know the newest addition to the Grey-Sloan team, Dr. Eliza Minnick, who is in the process of taking the teaching program out from under Richard Webber. However, as the episode comes to an end, it looks like the fellow doctors and surgeons are less than okay with this decision and are planning to fight it.

Image courtesy of ABC

In the biggest ongoing drama this season, the Jo-Alex-Deluca lawsuit, things come to a head as Karev’s trial date is quickly approaching. Jo, out of fear of having to testify and risk her abusive husband finding her, comes clean to Alex in the elevator. When we leave the two of them, it seems that Jo may be ready to take flight again and Alex is in the waiting room ready to confess to the district attorney and potentially spend the next two years in jail. In the final scene, Meredith makes one last ditch effort to keep Karev from leaving, reminding him (and us) that they are the only two left of the original five and she needs him to stay with her.

Image courtesy of ABC

We also witness some heart-warming bonding between Dr. Hunt and Dr. Riggs, the possibility of a future romance between Robbins and Minnick, and trouble in newlywed paradise as Amelia leaves a note for Owen to find saying that she has left and that it is not his fault.
“Grey’s Anatomy” will air on ABC at 8/7c. We can’t wait to see what kind of drama Shonda has in store for us with the second half of this season.
It’s been awhile since we last saw Olivia Pope and her team of Gladiators. When we left them, everyone was deeply entrenched in the republican convention in preparation for the upcoming election.
Mellie Grant who intends to run has Olivia Pope and Associates (OPA) running her campaign. Frankie Vargas, her opposing republican candidate, is having his campaign run by Cyrus Bean. The episode takes us along as the two hunt for the proper running mates for each candidate and try to tear each other’s campaigns apart. Making the ultimate move, Cyrus surprises everyone and announces that he will be running for VP alongside his candidate Frankie Vargas.

Image courtesy of ABC

In the midst of all this, it seems that Jake Ballard has been roped back into B613 and is under the thumb of Eli Pope, Olivia’s father also known as “Command.” Jake comes to Olivia asking for her help to get out and, being Olivia Pope, she comes to his rescue. In a move appealing to Command’s paternal instincts, Olivia takes Jake from him and recruits him as Mellie Grant’s VP. Jake, however, has different plans and would like to live an “ordinary” life. Olivia simply tells him to put his tie on and go do what she asked him to do. Jake then realizes and verbalizes that he hasn’t escaped anything. He just went from “being [her] father’s bitch to [Olivia’s].”
In the final scene of the finale, Shonda gave us a montage of conversations between Olivia and her father, highlighting how alike they are and proving that Olivia too, will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Image courtesy of ABC

In the background of this episode, we see things heat back up between David Rosen and Elizabeth North, some healing between now divorced Mellie and Fitz, and a bomb dropped onto Abby’s desk and into the hands of Fitz in the form of Olivia’s medical records which we can only assume (as it is never directly mentioned) reveals the abortion she had recently undergone.
Season 6 of “Scandal” will premiere at 9/8c on ABC following “Grey’s Anatomy” on Jan. 26 and a scandal it most certainly will be.
How to Get Away with Murder:
“How to Get Away with Murder” has become the TV thriller we all never knew we desperately wanted. I think everyone is with us when we say the return to season 3 better have some serious answers in store.
The mid-season finale, aptly titled “Who’s Dead,” did finally answer the question we’ve been asking all season: who’s under the sheet? The episode takes us back to the beginning of the night we have already seen the aftermath of in true HTGAWM fashion.

Image courtesy of ABC

The episode gives us a glimpse into every facet of the season so far and how we ended up with a dead man under a sheet, a pregnant Laurel in the hospital, and an incarcerated Annalise Keating.
We also finally get to see Frank again and we are not liking the view all that much.The showdown we’ve been waiting for between Annalise and Frank reveals Frank holding a gun to his head, ready to kill himself, and Annalise urging him to do it until Bonnie steps in and talks them both down.
On the student side of the world (because remember this show is about college students!), we get to see the Keating Five – Wes, Laurel, Michaela, Asher, and Connor – take their final exam and celebrate the fact that they all passed by getting drunk on champagne.

Image courtesy of ABC

Following the showdown with Frank, Annalise goes back to the bottle and calls Bonnie to take care of her. Once she wakes up, seemingly okay, Annalise calls Wes and Laurel telling them to get everyone together then meet at the house. She, however, goes to enlist Oliver, who has now connected the dots about the night Sam Keating died, to help her with her next scheme. With Asher and Connor being too drunk and Michaela taking care of a surprise visit from her mother, the only two who make it to the house are Wes and Laurel. Nate then shows up looking for Annalise and that’s when it all really hits the fan. The house explodes and Annalise identifies the dead body they roll out. Wes Gibbons is under the sheet.
At the hospital, we see the heartbreaking moment when the rest of the Keating Five along with Meggie and Oliver find out that Wes is dead and simultaneously wondering what the hell happened that night.

Image courtesy of ABC

The first half of this season most definitely left us with more questions than we even knew were possible and we are hoping the second half can give us some of the answers we need. How to Get Away with Murder will return to ABC on January 26th after the season 6 premiere of Scandal at 10/9c.
Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, and get settled in. TGIT is back and Shonda Rhimes is certainly ready to take us for a ride.
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TGIT: Where We Left Off. Feature image courtesy of hypable.com.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ is a Fantastic Trip Back to the Wizarding World


This past weekend, cinemas once again opened their doors and invited us into the magical world of wizardry–a place I’ve called home since I was 7 years old and just learning to read.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is an exciting reintroduction to a world we all know so well. A prequel of sorts to the original Potter franchise, Beasts takes place across the pond in New York in 1926, an age where wizards are feared and banished underground–an interesting parallel to the Prohibition era in which it takes place.
The first of five movies, Beasts acquaints us with Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmanye), a creature fanatic and Hufflepuff who has been expelled from Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We don’t know much about why he was kicked out or his background, but we do know that Albus Dumbledore (yes, THE Albus Dumbledore) has his back… and that’s good enough for me.
The film begins at the end of Newt’s journey to New York, where he arrives undocumented with a case of magical beasts. After experiencing a bit of culture shock (No-maj? Really? We all know they are called muggles), Newt finds himself wrapped up in a tizzy with the Magical Congress who are accusing him of releasing a dangerous and unstable dark force into New York. Alongside his new friends, Newt embarks on a heroic adventure to collect his escaped creatures and prove his innocence.
What I especially loved about the opening to this new franchise is that it played out like a serialized TV show. There was the smaller arc of this specific film of running around to get his animals back and the introduction of a bigger story that will carry out throughout. Unlike Harry Potter, where every thing came back to Voldemort and Harry’s position as ‘The Chosen One,’ this story feels more expansive.
Still, even though it’s a brand new adventure with new characters and rules, it was exceptionally familiar and nostalgic. As a ‘Potter-head’ myself, the simple utterance of ‘Alohamora’ or the scattering of Hedwig’s Theme throughout the movie’s score was enough to satisfy me. More than that though, the way J.K. Rowling and Steve Kloves created a new story with connections to the one we know so well (seriously, what was with the LeStrange name drop?) made for an exciting viewing experience. This film prompted new questions and potential connections to the previously established characters without ostracizing people who knew nothing about the world going in.
In other words, you don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to enjoy this film.

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‘Fantastic Beasts’ is a Fantastic Trip Back To The Wizarding World: Photos courtesy of Warner Brothers

Artists You Should Know


Artists come in many different forms: singers, dancers, painters, writers, etc., but as wide as this category expands, everyone gets caught up with the Beyoncés, Drakes, Rihannas, and Justin Biebers of the world. It’s time to listen up and shed some light on the creative and talented minds who are cast in the shadows of mainstream artists.

©Lil Dicky/Facebook

©Lil Dicky/Facebook

Lil Dicky
If you don’t know him now, I bet you’ll never forget his name. Rapper and comedian David Burb, better known by his stage name Lil Dicky, got into rapping in hopes to boost his comedic career, but inadvertently fell in love with the art. With one mixtape under his belt,
So Hard, and the debut of his first album released in 2015, Professional Rapper, Lil Dicky came to fame in 2013 when his music video “Ex-Boyfriend” went viral on social media. Growing up in the middle class of the suburbs, Lil Dicky is not your typical rapper as he explains in his song “Professional Rapper” ft. Snoop Dogg, “I wanna do this whole thing different…Traditionally people have been doing the job the same kind of way for a long time…You don’t know if it could be working even better and I think you should look at me as an opportunity to find that out.” From his unpredictable rhythmic flow, storytelling/freestyle skills, and witty punchlines, “…ain’t nobody fucking with Lil Dicky.”
sonna rele

©Sonna Rele/Facebook

Sonna Rele
Discovered and signed to Motown Records by Ne-Yo, Sonna Rele is a London-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist creating a name for herself in the U.S. market. Taking social media by storm with her “Music Mondays” on YouTube and sharing them to Facebook and Instagram, the bombshell does her own rendition of songs that her fans request, and viewers are blown away every single time. Whether a capella, with background music, or playing the song on piano or guitar herself, her soulful voice exudes power and undeniable range. She is truly a musical artist.


©Magali Beauvue/xonecole.com

Magali Beauvue (MakeupMag)
Magali Beauvue may not be a singer or a rapper, but she’s definitely an artist—a makeup artist, that is. Under the name MakeupMag, she takes contouring and highlighting to a whole new level as she transforms herself (and sometimes her daughters) into various singers, rappers, actors, and familiar notables—like President Obama. Sharing the full step-by-step transformations on YouTube, MakeupMag also shares her final product on social media for her fans to guess who she transformed herself into that day, and 9 times out of 10, it’s pretty easy to figure out. She’s giving a whole new meaning to dopplegänger.

devvonn terrelle


Devvon Terrell: The Living Weirdo
Have you ever listened to a song and thought you can make your own version of it? Well, that’s exactly what Devvon Terrell does. The singer and social media sensation, who also goes by The Living Weirdo, will take your favorite song (no matter the genre), switch up the lyrics, change up the beat, and create
something out of this world with his R&B vocals. I bet you’ll love his song more than the original.
rh sin


They say actions speak louder than words, but that just means you haven’t read the words of r.h. Sin (Reuben Holmes). The NYC author is producing content that relates to any life situation you could be going through. Need to read something uplifting? Need motivation? Need to get over a breakup? r.h. Sin has you covered. Tapping into emotions you didn’t know you had and making you feel things you didn’t want, but need, to feel, r.h. Sin has this way of bringing out the vulnerable side in his readers that keep them coming back for more. As a writer myself, having someone feel touched by your words is the biggest compliment and an accomplishment in itself. I guess that’s why he has two best sellers:
Whiskey Words & A Shovel – Volumes I & II.
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Bingo Is Fun For Everyone


I had no clue that online bingo was so popular these days. The truth is, I actually use to play bingo with my Grandmother. It was the only time I could spend time with her when I was young because she didn’t get out much. She loved Bingo and every Wednesday night was Bingo night. She come pick me up and we’d head to Dairy Queen for a cheeseburger and ice-cream cone. After she passed, I never played Bingo again until I found this awesome bingo app, called Super Bingo HD.  It’s free and a lot of fun.  Though I just play for free right now I was thinking about actually trying to win some real money.  For this I needed to research some top Bingo sites that offered great sign up deals and the best payouts.  I looked at a lot of reviews and visited a lot of online bingo sites but these 3 are the ones I really liked.


This site is really awesome.   This probably my favorite online bingo site and their 75 Ball Bingo game is super cool because it’s old school and has special bingo patterns, plus the jackpots are pretty big too.  You can select your cards manually or have the game choose for you. Other perks are that the instructions are up at the top and easy to read and if you missed any called numbers they always show the last 5 numbers.  What I really really liked about 888Ladies is that you can deposit 10£ and they will top off your account to 60£.  How can you beat that?

Wink Bingo

What a cool name right?  Wink Bingo, gotta love it.  Well the name isn’t the only thing you’ll love when you play Wink Bingo are the awesome 300% signup bonus when you deposit 10£, their amazing welcome wagon and the fact that they have 100% free Bingo games.  This is what I played first.  A word to the wise.  If you are playing a free Bingo game and you love it, then you will love the premium games even better because now you have a chance to win real money.   You can even check out real testimonials from winners.

Sun Bingo

Another kinda odd name for a Bingo site but the more I searched, the crazier the names got.  What I liked about Sun Bingo is that it’s been around for a while and is one of UK’s most beloved bingo sites.  In fact it has won several awards over the years including Best Overall Bing Site and Best Online Bingo TV Ad.  Whohoo!  Hats off to Sun Bingo.  I can see why they are so popular.  They have a countdown timer at the top of the page telling you when the next bingo game will start.  They also love love love promotions.  Every Monday is buy 1 get 1 free bingo card.  How cool is that?  Link Wink Bingo, they also offer free bingo for those that aren’t ready to take the plunge and deposit funds yet.
Overall, I had a great time researching which site I will end up depositing a bit of my hard earned money.  I haven’t made up my mind yet but there’s no rush.  For now I still have my free Android app but one day soon I will try my luck at playing online bingo.  Who knows,  I might end up play blackjack at an online casino website instead.
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