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4 Luxurious African Accessories That Will Elevate Your Outfit


Today we want to share 4 luxurious African accessories that will elevate your outfit. Have you ever wanted to look and feel like African royalty? Accentuating your favorite outfits with African print is the perfect way to do it! You can use African fashion accessories to bring out your inner style. 

African print accessories became so popular because they add an expressive touch to a simple outfit. With a little creativity, you can ramp up this look in seconds! Here are four African accessories you should wear to elevate your wardrobe.

African Print Head Wrap or Scarf

african fashion

Photo by PICHA Stock on Pexels

Wearing a head wrap feels like wearing a luscious crown. You can cover and protect those royal curls whether you’re going to a dinner party or a quick trip to the store. African head wraps began as a status symbol in African societies. They would tell someone’s wealth status, if a woman was in mourning, and more. Head wraps also have spiritual significance. 

As history evolved, African head wraps in the US came to be what they are now: a symbol of the transformative power of Black and African fashion. Celebs like Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu made head wraps fashionable again in the 90s. 

There are so many different ways you can tie an African head wrap. Tie it in a large top bow for a bold look. Or, wrap it in a front knot to push a casual outfit to a whole new level. Do a simple criss-cross wrap when you need to run out of the house. You can leave out some curls, twists, or braids to create bangs. However you wear it, you’re sure to feel beautiful and elegant in a gorgeous African print head wrap from D’iyanu. 

African Print Cap

Caps are a versatile accessory that provide function and fashion. A well-made cap protects from the sun, covers up a bad hair day, and goes well with any casual outfit. No cap provides all this and celebrates your heritage like an African print cap. 

Wearing an African print cap with any D’iyanu hoodie to the ATM is a power move our Ancestors would be proud of. Step out casual and flex your heritage with a classic white tee and denim combo. Combine your premium African print cap with a bomber jacket or blazer over a T-shirt. Finish your stylish look with a pair of crisp sneakers. For a little more power, slide on some black shades.

Pair your African print cap with gold jewelry to complement the rich skin tones. Complete this trendy style with your favorite pair of white sneakers. In the Fall, or for a mix of Western and African style, match the cap with your favorite leather boots.

Adinkra Africa Map Black Necklace

Show pride in your heritage by keeping it close to your heart. What better way to do that than with a durable black-plated stainless steel necklace? You can pair Adinkra necklaces with any of your favorite outfits. It’s always in season to promote your heritage. Adinkra necklace is not only timeless and strong, but it has a deeper meaning.

The Ram’s Horn symbol (called DWENNIMMEN) means humility and strength. This symbol is part of a family of symbols called Adinkra. 

Adinkra symbols were created by the Ashanti tribe. They used these symbols in pottery, fabric, on walls and other buildings. The Adinkra symbols were created to provide wisdom and guidance. To deepen the respect and reverence to its African heritage, the pendant of this necklace is in the shape of the African continent. 

African Kente Men’s Socks

african accessoriesDress your feet in greatness for the office, or at any classy event. African print socks bring vibrance to any suit or corporate attire. There are so many different styles, colors, and prints to choose from. 

Whether you are dressing up your suits for the office or looking for colorful socks to wear at a wedding, African print socks are an easy way to add some vibrancy to your look! You can stay confident in the boardroom by dressing up your daily office wear. Put on your African print socks to add a subtle pop of color to your event or date night attire. 

Wear them with your favorite dress shoes to create a conversation piece. You can pair them with your favorite neutral tracksuit and sneakers for a comfy, classic look. Feel culturally confident wherever you step in D’iyanu’s African print socks. 

Invest in high-quality, timeless African fashion

Why wear a plain outfit, when you can step out boldly with the vibrance of African print? We have something for everybody to be comfortable and represent your heritage with style. 

Whether you pick out a gorgeous head wrap for your crown, or keep your heritage close to your chest, D’iyanu has something for you. We want you to enjoy what it means to have African heritage, and be excited to express our culture to the world.

D’iyanu is a proudly black-owned apparel company. Its goal is to help you feel confident and proud to be who you are, through expressing your fashion style. We offer you quality, trendy African accessories and clothing at affordable prices. 

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What Poses The Greatest Risk To Your Teeth?


What poses the greatest risk to your teeth? It’s far from uncommon for us to be mindful, even sensitive, about our teeth. Good teeth make for a good smile, which is part of not just our social charm, but how comfortable we feel in expressing ourselves openly without fear of being embarrassed or ashamed. So, what are the most common problems with your teeth that we deal with, and what can we actually do about it?

Bad breath

While anyone can have an embarrassing issue where the person you’re talking to leans away due to bad breath, if it becomes a common occurrence, there’s usually an underlying condition. Cavities, dryness in your mouth, and bacteria on your tongue are some potential causes. Visit your dentist to see what might be causing it and consider investing in a tongue scraper and using an anti-bacterial mouthwash.

Yellowing teeth

If your teeth are starting to get discolored, you want to act on it as soon as possible to prevent the issue from getting worse. Using teeth whitening kits can help you treat the issue itself, but the causes are just as much of a concern. It can include foods and drinks that stain your teeth, smoking, or it can be down to tooth decay. You need to address the cause of the symptom, not just the symptom.

Tooth decay

Your teeth decay when acids lead to the erosion of the enamel, the protective outer layer of the teeth. This can lead to cavities, as well as infections that require things like root canal treatments. Besides avoiding sugar and brushing and flossing twice a day, regular dental cleaning can help ensure that you’re not letting tartar gather on your teeth. It’s a good opportunity for your dentist to look more closely at your oral health situation and make some recommendations, too.

Gum disease

One of the most common conditions that go untreated. This is because a lot of people don’t act when they see the most common symptom: bleeding gums.  If your gums are bleeding or even inflamed, visit your dentist. Gum disease can lead to more serious forms, such as periodontal disease which can lead to serious infections, not to mention tooth loss. Gum disease is even directly linked to increased instances of heart disease, as the bacterial in your mouth can infiltrate your bloodstream.

Oral cancer

While all of the above problems can be serious and, in some rare cases, even potentially life-threatening, oral cancer is a deadly disease that becomes much more common as we get into our forties. Cutting out risk factors such as tobacco use, drinking alcohol, and going for routine oral cancer exams can help you prevent or catch it early, which greatly increases your chances of recovery.

Regardless of which of the above you have concerns about, the course of action is always the same. You need the help of a dentist, you need routine check-ups, you need to invest the time and money it takes to give your teeth the care you need, and you need to avoid the dangers that compromise them.

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Transforming Your Wardrobe After Having A Baby


Today we want to share some helpful tips on transforming your wardrobe after having a baby. Having a baby can impact every aspect of your life – from your diet to your wardrobe. You may have your pregnancy wardrobe sorted with the latest maternity line. However, finding the right wardrobe after birth can be a little more difficult. You need to find clothes that make you feel beautiful, comfortable and practical.

Follow this quick guide to curate your perfect post-partum wardrobe.

Nursing bras

A nursing bra allows you to breastfeed or pump without removing your entire bra. They have flaps over the sup that fold down or a central clash that can be undone. Most nursing bras are soft and slightly padded for maximum comfort. If you aren’t breastfeeding, you can still wear nursing bras in the post-partum period. Your breasts are likely to be larger, and nursing bras can offer you support and comfort. You probably won’t want your usual push up bra right after birth. Ouch.

Dark fabrics

For the first few days after birth, stick to darker fabrics to be on the safe side. You might have a few leaks and stains as your body recovers from birth. Darker fabrics can also hide any marks your baby leaves on your clothes, like spit-up. You could match your baby’s pyjamas and go for a mother and baby look.

Loose and comfortable clothing

transforming your wardrobe after having a baby

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels

It’s all about comfort in the fourth trimester. Stick to loose soft fabrics that flow with your body instead of restricting it. Stay far away from tight waistbands and stiff fabric. Jeans will be your worst nightmare. If you are in a warmer climate, try wearing floating dresses and linen items. Breathable fabrics will help to keep you cool in the hot weather.

Wrap around sweaters

In the winter months, you will need a few sweaters to keep you warm. This is not the time for cashmere and expensive knitwear. Buy some good-quality knits from the high street that you can wear over and over again. If you are breastfeeding, try wrap-around styles to make feeding easier.

High waist leggings

After a C section, many women feel unstable around their abdomen. Some say they feel like they need to hold themselves together. Compression leggings can give you that extra support and hold your middle in place. It’s a strange feeling to experience – but high-waisted leggings can help.

A big coat

A large puffer jacket will keep you warm throughout the colder season. You can throw it over your pajamas, and no one will know you have baby spit up all over your top. Try to find a puffer jacket that goes down to your knees. It will keep you warm and dry even in the depths of winter.

Your wardrobe needs to feel like you. Buy a few pieces that reflect your style and personality – even if they are still technically pajamas. A strong wardrobe can lift your mood and help you through those first few months of motherhood.

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Belgium Clothing Brand Easy-Clothes Finally Launches in the U.S.


Today we want to share with you an amazing Belgium clothing brand, Easy Clothes which recently lunched in the U.S. Absolutely perfect timing, right? With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to think about your wardrobe. However at this time of the year shopping for clothes it’s as easy as in years past.  Many of us simply don’t have the time to hit the stores for buying gifts or to shop for their winter wardrobe. This year more of us will be taking advantage of black Friday deals online.  While buying online from major retailers offers an easier solution, you are unlikely to find anything truly original from the chain stores like Old Navy and JC Penny’s.

Luckily there are far better options such as Easy Clothes. Easy Clothes is a European clothing brand that now brings sophistication, style and quality direct to customers in the U.S. We love their selection and believe it will soon become a household name here in the states.

Easy Clothes History

Easy Clothes was created in Belgium and has been in business for the last eight years. Until now, it’s been solely available to customers in Europe. Now the brand has launched in the U.S and aims to provide the same fantastic French and European trends to American women that they love.  The Easy Clothes selection is extremely fashionable and chic. The company releases a new collection every two weeks so you can be confident that whatever you choose will stand out in the crowd and is very unlikely to be worn by others.  

easy clothingEasy Clothes also has their own collection of unique and creative styles that include dresses, blouses and body suits with glitter.

Check out the stunning range of winter coats, jackets and beautiful knitwear. Easy Clothes has a fantastic choice of winter wear to suit all tastes. From full length coats such as the stunning pink Ortal coat to stylish jackets such as the Eduardo Coat  or the eye catching Ecru Brinja jacket you can be confident that you will always look perfect for the season.

Sweaters are in hot demand right now. The secret of great sweater is that it should be comfy, yet deliver the best in style and fit. Check out the full line up of sweaters to find something to keep you warm this winter.

Let’s not forget party wear. The holiday season is crammed with social occasions where we need to look our best. And with a stunning choice of dresses, cute skirts and tops, you can mix and match a selection of great outfits for all occasions plus accessories.

Other Advantages

  • New collections every 2 weeks
  • Low Prices
  • Speedy delivery (1-3 days)
  • Unique European outfits and fashion
  • Gift Cards
  • A very active customer service who can speak in English, French and Spanish

So if you’re a woman who care’s about style and quality at great prices, you’ve got to head over to the Easy Clothes U.S. website to take a look. Remember that collections change every two weeks so if you can’t find your perfect piece of clothing right away, a whole new collection will be along soon. That means that you should probably bookmark their site.

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Candice Swanepoel Stuns as the New Face of Nicole Benisti FW21


As we all configure our personal styles for this fall and upcoming winter seasons, Nicole Benisti is here to set the trends of the season! In collaboration with supermodel Candice Swanepoel, the Montreal-based designer has launched her latest Fall/Winter ‘21/22 collection of luxurious statement coats. Fusing functionality and style, Nicole Benisti offers designs that capture the essence of modern fashion. 

The luxurious rock ‘n’ roll-inspired collection exhibits a unique appeal that merges street and elegance one coat at a time. Benisti’s Fall/Winter ’21/22 Collection comprises 18 stylish and sleek pieces, perfect for transitioning from day to night and week to weekend. With the usage of mixed-media pieces and a beautiful neutral color palette, the new collection makes for versatile wearability. 

With the launch of this innovative collection, we caught up with Nicole Benisti to discuss her collaboration with Candice Swanepoel, her journey in fashion, and much more! 

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: What attracted you to working in the fashion industry?

Nicole Benisti: I’ve always found that what you choose to wear is an extension of how you want people to perceive you.  I love how clothing can truly express who you are without having to say anything aloud.


Cliché: Where do you draw inspiration from as a designer?

Nicole Benisti: Everywhere! Travelling was and continues to be a huge source of inspiration.  Bill Cunningham said it best – ‘The best fashion show is definitely on the street.’ But when I’m at home, I’m always intrigued to see what women are styling on Instagram, always with a keen eye on fabrication. I love to find new exciting materials that are unexpected and use them for our coats.  

Cliché: What is the inspiration behind your Fall/Winter ’21/22 Collection?

Nicole Benisti: Every collection I design is all about statement outerwear which makes the coats so identifiable when you see a woman wearing one.  This season, I wanted to transform our iconic silhouettes by using really special materials like tweeds and cashmere knit. These aren’t typically in puffers, they are more common in sweaters.

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: Why did you choose Candice Swanepoel to partner with to launch your latest collection?

Nicole Benisti: Candice’s beauty is quite literally ethereal, I knew her training as a ballet dancer would transform the coats so eloquently. That alongside her ability to balance motherhood and fashion is really what drew me to her.  She embodies the strength of the modern woman I envision while designing the collection.



Cliché: What was your experience like working with Candice?

Nicole Benisti: Candice is an absolute gem of a human being.  Aside from being incredibly beautiful, her personality is so endearing.  It makes such a difference to work with a model like Candice. She is just so engaging on-set.  I am definitely looking forward to working with her again. 

Cliché: What elements of rock n’ roll fashion intrigue you the most?

Nicole Benisti: Rock n’ roll can be interpreted in so many ways.  When it came to the collection, we envisioned it as an attitude – it’s the seamless combination of being confident and cool.  

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: Your designs are geared for the modern-day woman. How would you describe the modern-day woman?

Nicole Benisti: I see modernity as a celebration of confidence.  It’s such an inspiring moment for women right now to embrace whoever they choose to be.  It’s hard to pinpoint who the modern-day woman is because she’s so different and that’s what makes it so beautiful.  


Cliché: What advice do you have for up-and-coming female designers?

Nicole Benisti: Be authentic to who you are and what you believe!  There’s only one of you, so apply that to your creations.

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Images Provided by David Roemer
Styled by Celia Azoulay
Makeup by Georgi Sandev
Hair by Benoit Moeyart

pure xtc, the Emerging Dark Pop Artist From Kansas City, Dissects Her Newest EP –


pure xtc is the latest emerging artist to come out of the Kansas City music scene. The queer artist’s debut EP, “Nobody’s Home” crosses the lines between sultry dark-pop and synth-wave. It’s moody, it’s angsty, it’s direct and most importantly: it’s honest. For Taylor Hughes (pure xtc) “Nobody’s Home” is the cultivation of her personal struggles throughout the past few years. pure xtc shares about the project’s inspiration:

“‘Nobody’s Home‘ follows the story line from my darkest year to my present life. Honestly coming off of 2019 made 2020 feel like a vacation. My mom who’s my best friend in the world was battling cancer (she won), I had a really rough break up and left for tour 2 weeks later. the day after tour I moved to nyc, I was so busy I didn’t deal with any of those feelings until I was isolated in a 10×10 room inside a city full of strangers. The ep follows that healing process + some of the setbacks I had along the way. Releasing ‘Nobody’s Home’  is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m ready to let it go.”

1. Begin: This was the first track I wrote and the vibe set the tone for the whole project at that point. This is the moment I knew I wanted there to be a story arc. I wrote this next passage while I was writing out the “mood” of the track for my producer + great friend, Walter. You’re driving through the city at night and it just stopped raining, glowing neon signs are reflecting in the puddles between the cracked pavement. You’re ready to blow off some steam from a bad week, maybe even a bad year. Hell, you’re just looking for anything or anyone to make you feel something again. 

2. Ghost: Have you ever felt alone at a table of friends? Maybe you didn’t even make it to the restaurant because they stopped asking you to hangout, after you’ve said “no” too many times. Because laying alone in bed with pizza and tequila felt a lot easier than explaining why you “look so sad” all the time. Yeah, I’ve been there. Isolating myself and then wondering where everyone went, turning myself into a literal ghost town. 

3. Matches: Matches is all about knowing you’re in a cycle of self destruction but continue living in it. I collaborated with my friend Andy Hogarth (Drunk Girl), I’ve been a huge fan of his production style so I was really excited to finally have his touch on a track. I also have Pistol Pete, a new Kansas City friend feature in the second verse. He came over one day after work and he wrote that verse on the spot, I think we had it written and recorded within an hour. 

4. Bad Dreams: “Bad Dreams” is here to hold your hand while you’re lying awake at night, replaying the worst break up of your life. You’re finally waving goodbye to red flags you blindly ignored for years. The gaslighting, the guilt, the betrayal… The truth twisting into your back like a knife. You can retrace the steps, fantasize and recreate the outcome, but you can’t change it. This song is about that moment of acceptance when you’re not sad anymore, you’re just pissed.

5. Time Holds Steady: Time Holds Steady is the light at the end of the tunnel for me, I had been in the NYC metro for a few months and had just gotten into the swing of things (not getting lost on the trains everyday). A love I thought I had lost had come back into my life and she just pulled me out of the darkness I had been carrying around. We had met on Instagram (LOL) that’s a whole story in itself.. Anyway, We had talked for months but I lived on the east coast and she was in the midwest and that made things kind of difficult.  She always told me to be patient and that it would happen one day, she always knew we’d somehow end up together and she was right. We’re getting married in Spring 2022.

6. End: This track bookends with “Begin” – It was actually supposed to be the second verse of “Begin” but the stems didn’t send properly and it sounded cooler without it lol. I was still attached to the lyrics so I snuck it in at the end – it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring some angst back after a love song.

Stream the new EP from pure xtc, “Nobody’s Home” on streaming services everywhere! 


Follow pure xtc:





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Images provided by Morgan Jones

Have Oversized Round Glasses Become a Fashion Trend?


Have Oversized Round Glasses Become a Fashion Trend Since Oprah Wore Them During the Harry-Meghan Interview?

Earlier in 2021, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hit the headlines with their bombshell of an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The Duchess and Duke of Sussex captivated more than 50 million viewers across the globe with their plethora of revelations about the royal split and British monarchy.

From discussions about Prince Harry’s riff with his brother and father to how Kate Middleton made Markle – the interview gave us a full scoop of the royal family. While it caused the British media and monarchy to break a sweat, viewers were also smitten by the host’s large round glasses.

Even though large round glasses have been considered a style statement for decades, they seem to be making a comeback ever since the Harry-Meghan interview aired on CBS. Swiss eyewear manufacturer Gotti has already seen a surge in demand for big round glasses in 2021.

So, what’s so special about Oprah’s oversized round glasses, and how can you rock the look? Let’s find out.

Oprah’s Big Round Glasses: Everything You Need to Know

woman standing near assorted-color petaled flowers smiling

Photo by Sarah Doody on Unsplash

The trendsetting oversized round frame glasses rocked by Oprah on the television interview were designed and manufactured by Zurich-based high-end eyewear brand Gotti. Founded by Sven Gotti, the company roughly manufactures 10,000 eyeglasses per month for independent opticians throughout the world.

Codenamed “OR02”, Oprah’s oversized glasses, designed by Sven himself, give her a stoic and confident look. Featuring a mauve frame that matched the color of the talk show host’s sweater, these eyeglasses have set the internet ablaze. Oprah seems to like these large round glasses because of their “lightness.”

Ever since the interview was broadcasted, Gotti’s phone lines haven’t stopped ringing with requests for oversized round glasses from numerous opticians.

That’s hardly surprising considering Oprah has always been an eyewear trendsetter of sorts. From her black cat-eye frames at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards to the clear coral glasses she wore at the women’s E3 summit, Oprah is known for her stellar choice in eyeglasses.

Then there’s the pair of tortoiseshell round glasses that she wore for her interview with Michelle Obama. And who can forget her horn-rimmed teal tortoiseshell eyeglasses?

Considering the television host’s devoted community of followers, it comes as no surprise that when she rocks a pair of large round glasses, they become one of the hottest fashion trends of 2021.

Are Large Round Glasses Worth the Hype?

Oversized Round Glasses

Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels

While Oprah can be credited with the trend in 2021, oversized frames and round glasses aren’t a new phenomenon. Round eyeglasses have been around since the 13th century. And they’ve been sported by a cornucopia of famous personalities – from Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs to John Lennon and Kurt Cobain.

And then there was Janis Joplin, the rockstar who is still remembered for her rimless large round glasses.

What makes round frame glasses great is that they can instantly uplift your glam quotient. Also, they’re truly versatile. Whether you’re trying to pull off a bohemian or sophisticated look, round glasses are a great choice. They’re associated with a touch of intellect, creativity, and a rebellious streak.

Also, nothing screams vintage louder than a pair of oversized round frame glasses. They immediately bring to mind the retro look of the 50s and 60s. The perfect pair of big round glasses even go a long way to make your eyes appear larger.

The best part is that large round glasses blend well with a wide array of frames, from metal and acetate to rimless. While metal-rimmed and rimless round glasses are ideal for a smart and intellectual look, chunky acetate frames exude bohemian vibes.

Whether you’re a corporate professional, an artist, or a business owner, there’s a pair of large round eyeglasses that’ll suit your personality.

How to Rock the Oversized Round Glasses Look

While large round glasses are extremely versatile, they tend to suit certain face shapes better. People with square, rectangular, diamond or heart-shaped faces can accentuate their features with round frame glasses.

Apart from your face shape, it’s also important to consider your lifestyle and profession while selecting a pair of large round glasses. If you want your eyewear to grab the limelight, a pair of thick-rimmed tortoiseshell round glasses would be a great choice. But if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, pick a pair of rimless round glasses.

While fashion trends continue to come back in cycles, large round glasses are the epitome of eternal elegance. They’re versatile, stylish, and ideal for a quick makeover. With Oprah flaunting her pair of oversized round glasses at the Harry-Meghan interview, the trend is here to stay.

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The Secret Industry Behind Reselling Sneakers


Today we want to discuss the secret industry behind reselling sneakers. Have you ever wondered about the sneaker reselling industry? Or how people can make money reselling shoes? Well, this secret industry is thriving, and making a few successful resellers wealthy in the process. Having a passion for sneakers and using good automation tools like the snkrs app bot (highly recommend checking out this review) can help you, but there is a lot more to sneaker reselling that you need to know if you want to be successful.

How Do People Make Money Reselling Sneakers? 

If you are not a sneakerhead, you might be surprised to learn that there is an entire industry behind reselling shoes. 

People in this trade buy new or used sneakers at a low price, clean them up a bit, and resell them for a profit. The people who buy these shoes usually do not plan on actually wearing them. Instead, these sneakers are commonly displayed as collector items. 

Some of the most popular shoe brands resellers look out for are Nike, Adidas, and Jordans, among many other name brands. 

The Know-How Behind Reselling Shoes 

You might be thinking this side hustle sounds pretty straightforward, but don’t be fooled. There is a lot of know-how that goes into buying shoes. 

Reselling sneakers is a multi-million dollar industry that has remained relatively secretive. The majority of resellers communicate on Discord servers, private Telegram groups, and paid Twitter accounts, contributing to the industry’s exclusivity. 

Due to the exclusivity of this industry, knowing who offers the best sneaker proxies is sometimes a struggle.

What Are Sneaker Proxies? 

A sneaker proxy is a snkrs app bot add-on you can purchase to help you buy multiple pairs of shoes at one time. Sneaker proxies make you appear to be multiple people by giving you many different IP addresses

Sneaker proxies are a must-have if you want to make a big profit in the aftermarket. When the newest shoes drop, most often than not, there will be a limit to how many pairs one person is allowed to buy. So, having a sneaker proxy is important if you plan on copping a decent inventory size at one time. 

There are many sneaker proxies available to use but finding one that is trustworthy and works well is a large task. 

What Is a Snkrs App Bot? 

A snkrs app bot is a downloadable browser extension that helps resellers buy new release sneakers at retail prices. The most popular is Nike shoe bot, which offers insider knowledge about the hottest shoes alongside helping you get them at retail price. 

Nike shoe bot is one of the oldest and most developed bots available to resellers. Compared to other bots, Nike shoe bot is very reliable at running multiple checkouts simultaneously. 

Without snkrs app bots and the best sneaker proxies, buying shoes at retail price is not an easy feat. If you want to keep up with the most successful sneaker hustlers, these tools are a must-have. 

Why Has This Industry Grown So Much in the Past Decade? 

Before there were advanced bots and sneaker proxies, people trying to resell shoes had a much harder time buying them at low prices. Resellers had to search through discount/ thrift stores to find any brand of shoes worth flipping. If they wanted to cop new release shoes, they had to wait in line outside shoe retailers at the earliest hours of the morning for a chance of getting just one pair. 

Over the past decade, more retailers have built online stores, allowing for more consumer convenience. Today, online shoe retailers sell out new releases within seconds. Only the buyers with the fastest checkout times and internet speeds are guaranteed to cop some sneakers. 

Can Anyone Make Money Reselling Shoes?

Technically, yes. Realistically, it’s pretty difficult to start. 

Since the growth of the sneaker industry, more and more people have attempted to find success in reselling shoes. But only a handful of people have actually been successful at creating a career out of reselling sneakers.

Successful sneaker hustlers know exactly which brands are releasing the latest shoes and when they are dropping. To make a good size profit, you have to buy many pairs of shoes at a low price and sell them at a higher price. These two main points of know-how only scratch the surface of the whole industry.

In order to get rich flipping and selling shoes, you have to be willing to put in 110% effort because the competition in this arena is intense. 


It is pretty challenging to find reliable information about succeeding in this industry because virtually nobody is blogging about it. The lack of information out there only adds to its exclusivity. The value of this information is just too high to share with a large audience. 

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A Complete Guide to Buying the Best Leather Travel Bags


Today we want to provide you a complete guide to bying the best leather travel bags. There’s a wide variety of factors you should take into consideration when choosing the best leather travel bag for your upcoming trips. By having a deeper understanding of what to look for and what qualities to prioritize, you’ll be able to save yourself from making bad decisions and wasting money on option that simply aren’t right for your needs.

In this article, you’ll find an in-depth guide that’ll quickly get you up to speed about all the important details related to buying premium quality leather suitcases or bags, including:

  • The basics about different types of luggage and how they’re built
  • How much you should spend on a good piece of luggage depending on your needs
  • What factors to look for when choosing the best travel bag for you
  • How to care for your new leather bag after use and how to keep it in tip-top shape while stored away

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to confidently select the right travel bag with complete peace of mind.

Types Of Leather Luggage For Traveling

Choosing a suitcase is all about evaluating exactly what you need from your luggage so you can get something of good value that fulfills every requirement. There are many different types of leather bags you can choose from, and here are a few of the top choices:

  1. Leather Weekender Bag

Weekender bags are casual travel bags that can come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. They’re typically lightweight and easy to carry around as they’re not as bulky as other types of luggage. This kind of bag is best for one- or two-night trips where you don’t need much stuff with you.

The best part about using a weekender bag is that it can be used as a normal accessory for your wardrobe. This way, you won’t have to worry about lugging around an extra piece of luggage unless you plan on going away again.

If you want a good-sized travel bag that also has a laptop compartment, then choose this Italian leather weekend bag from

Leather Weekender Bag from Von Baer

Leather Weekender Bag from Von Baer

  1. Leather Duffel Bag
best leather travel bags

brown leathe bag with scarf on grey background

Duffel bags are versatile bags that serve as either a large weekender bag or a smaller backpack, depending on your needs. They come with many compartments that are useful for helping you stay organized throughout your journey, no matter how long or short it is.

Like all leather bags, duffel bags can get wet but shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight without being allowed to dry properly afterward because this will damage the bag’s exterior over time.

  1. Leather Briefcase

Buying a leather briefcase is a good idea if you want to look professional and elegant while travelling. Leather briefcases are usually heavy-duty, so they can withstand abuse, but they become inconvenient when lugged around for long periods.

The best option would be to use a briefcase during your travels, and then switch to another type once you reach your destination since leather briefcases aren’t designed for carrying around.

  1. Leather Tote

Leather totes are a great choice if you want a lightweight bag that’s easy to carry around and won’t break your back or shoulders when carried for an extended period. They come in many different styles and sizes, but every tote should have the same features: ample storage space with pockets, a detachable strap, and the ability to hold its shape even when empty.

If you like bringing a lot of gadgets and personal belongings with you on your trip, then totes are the way to go as they come with designated pockets for your laptop, tablet, and phone.

There are even more leather bag types out there to choose from—this list is by no means exhaustive, though it gives you a pretty good place to start. Now that you have this background, what should you be looking at when trying to choose a good bag?

Selecting The Right Bag Based On Your Traveling Style

Once you’ve established what you need out of your travel bag and selected a specific type, it’s time to figure out what you should focus on when choosing the most suitable travel bag for you. By doing your research and considering the following factors, you’ll end up with a great piece of luggage that’ll be a dependable and stylish companion on all your adventures:

  • Size And Weight
best leather travel bags

Brown leather tote bag or handbag for fashionable and stylish people with zipper lock

The first factor to consider is how much space you require in your travel bag since this determines the overall size and weight of the suitcase. If traveling light is your goal, then smaller bags are more appropriate for you (but make sure they still give you enough space). But if you’re moving around with several heavy items or lots of different clothing styles, getting something larger might be better.

  • Durability

Another important factor to take into consideration is the durability of your new leather travel bag since this’ll determine how reliable it’s going to be for all of your travels. The more durable your luggage, the longer you can expect it to last and thus save yourself money in spending on maintaining or replacing the bag constantly.

  • Locking Mechanism

Preliminary research should help you establish whether you want a suitcase that can be locked or not. Locks are common among suitcases made from genuine leather but less frequent with those made from other materials.

As a bonus, some suitcases come equipped with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) locks, which make traveling through security checkpoints at airports much easier.

  • Wheels And Handles

handbag on green grassNext up on the checklist of things to consider when buying premium quality bags is wheels and handles because these would impact how easy your new bag will be to transport.

Handles are common with smaller bags but might not offer enough support for serious travel, Meanwhile, larger suitcases often come equipped with four or more wheels that can rotate 360 degrees, which means they’re easy to maneuver around obstacles both indoors and outdoors.

  • Organization

Having a travel bag that has features for organizing your items can be a big help, particularly if you have to check the bag at the airport. Options such as mesh pockets and zippers inside will let you put small items in so they don’t get lost at the bottom of the suitcase.

In addition to this, you might want exterior compartments as well as straps and tie-downs outside so it’ll be easy to attach bulky items like sports equipment or shopping bags.


By taking the time to consider each of these factors before choosing a leather travel bag, you’ll have something that can keep up with all of your adventures while staying stylish and dependable for years, especially if you take good care of it. Just remember to check the manufacturing process used for every potential purchase since this’ll tell you if you’re getting genuine leather.

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IZKO, Danny Ores, and Drezlo Join Forces on Purple Fly Label For Cover of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” ft. The Carey James


Mysterious producer IZKO makes his debut on NFT-fueled Purple Fly with “Thrift Shop,” for which he teamed up with Italian artist Danny OresDrezlo, and The Carey James to make a unique cover of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘s 2012 hit. They bring their electro and bass sonic style to the original by incorporating jazzy instrumentals, groovy synths, and a bouncy bassline on top of the original’s hip hop vocals, redone masterfully by The Carey James. The result is a funky, dance-worthy, and upbeat remake of a longtime fan favorite. As usual on the cutting-edge Purple Fly imprint, listeners can also expect a dedicated NFT for the track to be available on the label’s website on the day of the release.

Purple Fly is an independent imprint utilizing cryptocurrency’s hottest frontier as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music. Purple Fly‘s goal is to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap. The label releases an NFT directly on its official website with each music drop, enabling artists to have access to direct support from their fan base while expressing their creativity. The enigmatic producer IZKO, who is behind millions of streams in the EDM scene, again makes his presence known with the release of “Thrift Shop.” Although not much is known about the dark-shrouded producer yet, we can only hope to continue to uncover the mysteries of his identity with each new release. Danny Ores is only 18 years old but has already released on major labels such as Spinnin’ Records and Laidback Luke‘s Mixmash Records, as well as received support from artists such as David GuettaDimitri Vegas & Like MikeTimmy TrumpetDillon FrancisDash BerlinBingo PlayersDeorroFedde Le Grand and many more. Drezlo has played his high-energy sounds at clubs and festivals from Berlin to Ibiza and Zurich to Miami alongside artists such as Danny AvilaTujamo, and Sick Individuals. Finally, The Carey James is a multi-faceted recording artist, songwriter, musician, and producer based in KingstonJamaica.

More info on IZKO / Danny Ores / Drezlo / Purple Fly:

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How To Prepare Your Wardrobe For Winter


Today we want to share tips on how to prepare your wardrobe for winter. When the winter months roll around, it is time to switch out the summer dresses for something a bit warmer. But is there an easy way to make the process of switching your wardrobe around easier? Here are some tips to help you swap floaty fabrics for sweater weather apparel.

Wear it again

This might come as a surprise but there are probably a lot of your items that can be worn during the winter if you accessorize properly. Those short dresses in darker colors can be worn with tights and knitwear. You could add a pair of sleeves to a short top to make it wearable in the cold weather. This can take a little bit of imagination but it is possible to repurpose your summer clothes for the winter. This will also help keep your clothes shopping bill to a minimum as you will only need to buy a few pieces to update your outfits for the winter.

Storage bags

There will be plenty of items that will not make the cut and need to be stored away so that they are not taking up room in your wardrobe. Adding some shoe racks and cabinets for your home can help you store your shoes and excess clothes in a way that you can access them easily. As for the rest, you can pop them in some storage bags or boxes and store them away until the weather changes. Vacuum bags are a great investment as they can shrink and compress your clothes so that they are easier to store.

Toss and charity

prepare your wardrobe for winter

Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

If you are going through your clothes and shoes to divide them up, you will probably come across items that will not work for you anymore. Maybe they were impulse buys or unwanted gifts that are not your style. Whatever the reason, now is the chance to get rid of them. Anything that is in good condition or is new, you could donate it to charity or sell it online. For the items that are a little worse for wear, you could put them in a clothes recycling bin or use them for crafting a quilt. However, if you have daughters, you could put them into deep storage for your girls to wear when they are older.


Before you get a bit carried away with tossing and storing things, you need to think about what events you will be attending this winter. There is a good chance that places will be open again and people can have parties. So, there is a chance that you will need a fancy dress or two for some drinks and dancing. If you know there will be a few events, try to keep your dresses handy instead of packing them away. If Angelina Jolie’s kids can wear her old dresses on the red carpet, we don’t see why you shouldn’t rock an older dress to an event too. If you can find some pieces that can update those old dresses, then now is the time to plan those outfits for going out.

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In-Person Fashion Showrooms: Opportunities And Challenges


Today we want to discuss in-person fashion showrooms: opportunities and challenges. Having an online store is essential in the modern business landscape. It’s one of the major lessons business owners learned from the current economic situation, especially during the pandemic. In fact, companies that took advantage of eCommerce platforms in selling their products and services fared much better compared to those that stuck with the traditional methods. (1)

That’s why many fashion designers now wonder if an in-person showroom is still a good idea. It’s a popular question in the fashion industry nowadays, especially among new designers who are either at a business turning point or still starting with their careers.

So, what’s the magical answer to this popular question? The truth is that it depends. That’s because opening an in-person fashion showroom comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look below at the opportunities and challenges that in-person fashion showrooms present.

Opportunities in starting an-person fashion showroom

Photo of black clothes on hangers

An in-person showroom presents the following opportunities:

  1. A personalized shopping experience

Despite all of the advancements it provides, online shopping still can’t compete with the personalized experience that comes with a Paris showroom or fashion showrooms in any other location.

That’s why a good number of people still prefer the old-fashioned way of shopping for clothing products. For these shoppers, it’s all about having a close interaction with a product and understanding its pros and cons before shelling money for it. In-person fashion showrooms present that kind of opportunity for consumers. This means that people won’t only read product and customer reviews online. Also, they’ll get to walk up and down the store’s aisles, listen to the showroom’s background music for the day, and take the time to browse the available items carefully.

Moreover, in-person fashion showrooms provide an immersive experience that online shopping just can’t parallel. That’s because eCommerce platforms only provide a brief product description. That said, customers can’t use their senses like sight, touch, and even smell to really feel a specific item’s quality.

  1. Support for an existing eCommerce website

Having an eCommerce website doesn’t mean you don’t have to have an in-person fashion showroom anymore. The truth is that storefronts present an excellent opportunity for brands to increase business awareness and reach.

It may require aggressive cross-channel marketing on your part, but businesses complementing their fashion websites with showrooms can enjoy significant increases in sales. (2)

  1. Quick product return process for customers
Woman wearing maroon velvet plunge neck long sleeved dress while carrying several paper bags photography

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

There’s always the possibility of a customer needing to return one of your products. The problem is that returning an item bought online can be a headache for the seller and the buyer. In fact, many shoppers agree that returning a product to an eCommerce store is rarely as straightforward as purchasing it. (3)

With an in-person fashion showroom, you can offer a more simplistic return process. Shoppers will even have the chance to discuss their returns verbally.

Challenges in running an in-person fashion showroom

There are challenges to having an in-person fashion showroom. They include:

  1. Paying the daily or monthly rent

An in-person fashion showroom allows designers to put their collections in front of their market, giving them the chance to create brand awareness and accelerate revenue growth. However, if you don’t own the space, a typical showroom will charge you a daily or monthly rental fee.

So, ask yourself this question: can you afford the rent for at least six months? Yes, six months. That’s because a fashion showroom will need to educate its buyers and make them comfortable, like any new product, service, or brand introduction. And, you need six or more months for that to start seeing results.

  1. Searching for the perfect location
Fashion Showrooms

Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels

If you’re thinking about opening a fashion showroom, it’s essential to find a space where many people pass every day. Remember that fashion stores live primarily on passing customers because getting buyers outside your location can be difficult and costly.

Sure, the rent for a showroom in a mediocre location is lower. However, the cost of generating a sale will easily exceed it. Therefore, think about the location carefully.

  1. Having to follow fashion trends constantly

The average life expectancy of fashion products is six months. (4) Fashion products lose almost all of their value beyond that timeframe. That’s why you always have to do your best to sell your fashion items as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

In-person and online fashion shopping both are diverse experiences. That’s why it isn’t really a good idea to compare them to each other. That said, there’s no right or wrong method for your fashion business. Do you know what a good idea is? A balance between the two, where you let an in-person fashion showroom complement your fashion brand’s website.


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