5 Ways Reflective Clothing can Make an Amazing Fashion Statement


Reflective Clothing Can Make an Amazing Fashion StatementWhat will be the 2020 way to make a fashion statement? We have a surprise for you.  Reflective clothing sometimes referred to as hi-viz clothing are garments made with material that reflects light back to the light source. Hi-viz material is made with a base cloth, adhesive and glass beads plus a series of coating, composites and hot pressing to create a reflection.   Today we want to share with you 5 ways reflective clothing can make an amazing fashion statement.

Typically, reflective clothing is made for safety purposes for construction workers, sports enthusiasts that train at night and even traffic cops.

But reflective clothing can also make the most stunning fashion items. A 2018 article in the Guardian stated that men in London and Paris have been wearing high visibility clothes for aesthetic purposes.

So, let’s take a look at the top five ways you can use reflective clothing as a fashion statement.

1. Subtle Pieces of Reflection

In 2018 there were some interesting fashion garments that made it to the runway for Paris fashion week. Strips of reflective material were added to jackets and jerseys for detailing. You can use this idea by adding reflective patches to your own clothes.

Give your pair of jeans a complete makeover by adding colorful reflective patches on the knee area or on your pockets. It’s a fun way to get people to notice your quirky fashion statement and it will be an interesting conversation starter.

reflective clothing can make an amazing fashion statement

cuncon / Pixabay

2. Dresses with Reflective Patterns

Fit and flare dresses would be so much more interesting if they had shiny reflective patterns all over them. If you want to create a beautiful fantasy dress that looks like it could be inspired by Alice in Wonderland then add swirly patterns on the bodice and skirt.

Every time you turn or move, the light will reflect off of the patterns, creating a magical effect. Select silver or white reflective patterns for your dress to make it pop.

3. Hi-Viz Images for Shoes

Do you enjoy taking night time walks, jogs or perhaps you visit clubs often? Then customize your shoes with hi-viz images. Pick images that are fun such as dragons, stars or even pixel art. The best color to use is orange on white shoes because it will create an interesting contrast.

4. Party Jackets

If you love attention and meeting new people at parties, you can draw them to you by wearing a highly reflective jacket that’s designed for parties.

The jacket shouldn’t be your typical sports attire or the type meant for safety. It could be an overcoat, blouson jacket or hooded jacket made from a fun reflective material. It will capture the light from the club and make you stand out from the crowd.

reflective clothing can make an amazing fashion statement

stevepb / Pixabay

5. Trendy Sleeve Designs

Make a fashion statement in the cooler months of autumn and winter by adding reflective designs to your long sleeve shirts. Patterns such as flames or tribal designs are the most popular, but you can use any design you like.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy reading about the different ways you can use hi-viz material? If you use any of these top five designs share it with us on our Instagram page. We would love to see your hi-viz clothing creations.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay