A Look at Gabriela Alexandrova’s SS16 Collection


Bulgarian-Parisian designer Gabriela Alexandrova knows how to make a statement. Her new collection, her namesake, made its debut this spring and features some of the most ethereal, striking pieces we have ever seen. From her atelier (or workshop) in Paris, Alexandrova employs her personality and fashion philosophy into each piece, ensuring that every woman that wears her clothing feels like it was made for her.

We all know how important a designer’s choice of fabric is for his or her collection, and Alexandrova couldn’t go wrong with her use of silk. “I am always impressed by fabrics… and this is the beginning of each garment. A fabric should be used for a reason. It should fit the spirit of the garment so well that it cannot exist in another fabric,” she said.

According to Alexandrova, she wanted her collection to capture the essence of a summer breeze, so women wearing the pieces will feel “free, light, and sensual.” For this reason, she chose to work with silk. “What inspires this better than silk?” she said. “Even the physical touch with the body is so soft that it feels like embracing.”

Like many designers, Alexandrova has her own fashion philosophy when it comes to designing and creating such a collection. “I prefer style to fashion. It is more durable,” she said. “My work is dedicated to identifying and expressing my vision of style… Following fashion is a tiresome game, which you inevitably lose in three months time. Building up your personal style is a slow and pleasant lifetime trip.”

It’s no surprise that many of the clothing in Alexandrova’s collection can be described as timeless. Some standout pieces include the bourette silk knot dress and the silk trench coat. Alexandrova explains that she likes to create a film scenario for each one, therefore ensuring that every piece has its own personality.

Similar to the way she crafts her unique collections, Alexandrova also has a vision for her future in the fashion word. In 10 years, she hopes to see her clothing on some of the most remarkable, life-changing women. We have a feeling that that isn’t an impossible task. To learn more about the SS 16 collection or to purchase your own Gabriela Alexandrova garment, visit g-a.paris.

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A Look at Gabriela Alexandrova’s SS16 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Gabriela Alexandrova

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