An Inside Peek at Hollywood Fashion with Celebrity Stylist Giulia Baggini


If fashion is a story, then Giulia Baggini has always been eager to write the latest chapter. The Italian-born stylist and PR aficionado first caught the attention of the fashion world as a teen with her blog, simply titled “Giulia’s Fashion Blog.” She went on to launch another blog, “Les Milanesi,” which won acclaim from countless top tier publications. Eventually, she realized her dream of moving to Los Angeles and now lends her styling talent to dressing celebrity clientele.

Cliché: What is it about fashion that’s so appealing to you?

Giulia Baggini: I love fashion and I love clothes: I love how there’s a story about every piece, how there are so many different styles that can be put together in so many different ways. I love that fashion is creative and it gives you the chance to be a different character every day. One day I can dress up as a tomboy and the next one I can be inspired by the 70s! 

You gained initial recognition for your first blog, “Giulia’s Fashion Blog.” Did you expect it to garner so much attention?

I honestly did not! As I said I’ve always loved fashion, so for me it was fun and easy to share my looks, some of my styling tips, and review my favorite collections from fashion weeks… It was almost like a hobby! I was so happy to see that so many people appreciated my hard work! 

Tell us about your other blogging project, “Les Milanesi.”

‘Les Milanesi’ was a joint project that I started with one of my friends back then. It was very much fun because we were two creatives working on a project together and we always had so many ideas! One day it was ‘let’s film a video for this brand’, the other was like ‘let’s shoot some content for this beauty brand’ and we would have full on photoshoot to get the best content for all brands that partnered with us! Every day was different and we got to work with so many cool brands and bring lots of amazing ideas and concepts to life!

What was it like being featured in so many well-known magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, and Vogue?

That has to be my favorite thing! Growing up I was obsessed with magazines, especially fashion magazines. Every month I would go to the stands and buy all the major magazines: Elle, Marie Claire, all editions of Vogue, Grazia… I used to collect them (and I still have them!!). I was truly a fan of printed magazines! So, to see myself in those same exact magazines a few years later was a dream come true!

Why did you decide to move to Los Angeles?

I’ve always felt more international than all my friends and I’ve always had this desire to explore the world, and when I got offered a job at CLD PR in LA I knew I had to move there. I’ve always loved this city so I’m so happy I get to live here now!

You’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with many celebrities and influencers. What’s your favorite project or event that you’ve worked on so far?

Every project is special to me. I worked on lots of events, and those have to be my favorite. Planning an event is hard work, and for the people attending, who just come and enjoy their time there, it might not seem like it, but it takes a lot of time and dedication to plan every single detail. It’s so nice and rewarding to see all your hard work come to life after so many months of planning! So, I would say that out of all the projects I’ve ever worked on, events are definitely my favorite!

When you dress celebrities for high profile events, what factors do you consider when styling them?

It’s all about the mood board, and what you envision for that look, but also what the client likes and would like to wear. It’s a collaboration with the client and the stylist, who mix their style and taste to create a unique look. It’s also important to understand what kind of event the client is attending. Some events are more casual than others. For example: The MTV VMAs are definitely more casual and chill than the Oscars, so I wouldn’t go for a big gown or something too pretentious!

It’s Fashion Week season! What are you looking forward to most?

I’m super excited to see what’s new this season! After a whole year of no fashion weeks and no in-person shows it’s nice to finally see brands putting up shows again. I’m definitely excited to see what Italian brands will bring on the catwalk: as I’m from Italy, I feel very attached to Italian fashion and Italian brands, so I’m looking forward to seeing big brands like Prada or Fendi and what their vision for Spring-Summer 22 is!

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An Inside Peek at Hollywood Fashion with Celebrity Stylist Giulia Baggini. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Giulia Baggini.

The Story Behind Emma Chamberlain’s Iconic Met Gala Nails


In case you missed it, fashion’s biggest night returned just a few weeks ago on September 13! The highly exclusive and much anticipated Met Gala took place at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This Met Gala’s theme, which is based on the Costume Institute exhibition, was ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,’ and the co-chairs were the Gen-Z dream team comprised of Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka, and Amanda Gorman

The iconic red carpet guides some of the biggest names in the world into the museum for the private event. While the Met Gala itself is very exclusive, the red carpet is highly publicized. People flood the streets of New York City to catch a glimpse of their favorite star getting out of their car. Those who can’t make it in person, continuously refresh their social media feeds for a morsel of content from the red carpet. Vogue and its Editor-in-Chief and Chairwoman of the Met Gala, Anna Wintour provide fans with incredible coverage of the stars and their unique wardrobes. This year, Vogue tapped Youtube sensation, Emma Chamberlain, to host their Youtube Channel’s Red Carpet Interviews.

Emma Chamberlain has become every Gen-Z’s fashion inspo these last few years. So, it is no shock that she was invited to make her Met Gala debut this year. As one of the first guests on the red carpet, everyone went crazy over her gorgeous look! Styled by Jared Ellner, Emma wore custom Louis Vuitton. Alongside her beautiful hair and makeup, by Lauren Polko and Kelsey Deenihan respectively, Emma’s standout feature was her showstopping nails! Designed by Mar y Sol, Emma’s nails took on a life of their own. The beautiful design was completed using Valentino Beauty Pure and gold chains. In her ‘Get Ready with Me’ on Vogue’s Youtube Channel and in her own Daily Vlog on her Youtube channel, Emma shared hilarious remarks about her anticipation of having to conduct interviews with her incredible nails. As the nails took center stage, we just had to talk to the woman behind the art, Mar y Sol!

Cliché: What was the process like of designing the nail concept?

Mar y Sol: I was really inspired by the back of her dress. Jared, her stylist, suggested a nude base so that it wouldn’t take away from the gold in the dress. I’m really happy we went with a nude base color. I’m an artist at heart, I always have been and I love just going with the flow as I create. I try to envision hand movements and then create my design based on that. 

Mar y SolI knew that Emma would be working with Vogue and I wanted her nails to look flawless. That means no room for error when applying the chains and also focusing on it looking great from all angles. I used Valentino Beauty Pure: Diamond Gel to adhere the chain. To create that flawless look I hand-painted each design with the diamond gel and carefully applied the chain. However, before beginning any of that I hand-knotted each chain accordingly. I kept her and Jared posted throughout the process by sending photos. As Emma states in her Vogue YouTube video “it was my 5-hour manicure!” – I loved that! But you can only imagine all of the extra hours that went into creating the look behind the scenes. I loved every second of it!

Cliche: I understand you exclusively used Valentino Beauty Pure for her nails. What made you use this product in particular?

Mar y Sol: I recently worked on a shoot with Emma where I used gel from Valentino Beauty Pure on her nails and she absolutely loved their formula. Emma has been getting her nails done for many years. She is definitely a nail enthusiast. She knows the difference in products and appreciates the process of a manicure whether it be gel extensions, acrylic, nail polish, or gel. Inspired by her delicious coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, we went with this beautiful creamy brown color that reminded us of an oat milk mocha latte. 

Valentino Beauty Pure is a nail brand known globally because of its stellar quality but runs locally here in the US. Unlike many nail brands, it’s true to its name and is a family business. I met the owners years ago and I was happy to see that it really is a family-run business!

Mar y Sol“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” was the theme this year. For every Met Gala I do, I always stay true to the theme. Although nails are a small part of the look they are still a part of the look and I take it very seriously. The nail look was inspired by all the loops and turns it takes to achieve the ‘American Dream.’ The journeys Emma and I, and even the family behind Valentino Beauty Pure, have been on to get to where we are today in our careers are indicative of the ‘American Dream.’

Cliché: What was it like seeing your work on full display on the Met Gala carpet?

Mar y Sol: This is my 10th Met Gala and it honestly feels like my first one each time. It is truly a special feeling to see the photos and videos once the madness has settled down. Our job behind the scenes doesn’t really end once our client hits the red carpet. We have to hunker down and do interviews about the look, sanitize, sterilize, and pack up our kits, and sometimes stick around and/or run around from hotel to hotel to get multiple clients ready for the after-parties. But that is what we sign up for and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! It is an amazing feeling to see my work on the Met Gala carpet and not just my work but my fellow glam friends with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside these last 16 years. 

Emma ChamberlainSo much work, sweat, and tears go into creating these looks and it truly is a team effort. We all work together to make these looks come to life on our beautiful clients. From the ateliers and dressmakers sewing perfection into the tiniest of detail to the designers creating these masterpieces which inspire our beauty look. The stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, and manicurist then collaborate with the talent to create the final look. It’s all a magical stressful exhausting experience but always an honor to be a part of.

Cliché: Her nails were such a focal point of her entire outfit and she talks about them a lot in her Vogue ‘Get Ready with Me’ video. Did it take a lot of convincing to use that length for her?

Mar y Sol: It didn’t take much convincing, I prepped about 12 different mock-up shapes and let her try them on. We both agreed which one would be most impactful and looked the best on her hands. We knew our decision was the right one when Jared, her stylist, said he ‘LOVED THEM!’ 

Cliché: Where can our readers follow you?

Mar y Sol: All of my social handles are @NailsByMarySoul 

Mar y Sol Inzerillo a.k.a Mar y Soul

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Images provided by Getty Images, @emmachamberlain, and @marysol



Fashion – the Power of Social Proof


Today we want to talk to you about the power of social proof. Social proof has always been an important factor in advertising, but with the adventure of digital media and online culture new forms of it have emerged and older practices have been adapted to the new environment. Social proof has different forms, but in each, the power of group thinking and collective mentalities influence individuals like the force of gravity. 

Expert Social Proof

Busy female freelancer with laptop taking notes in kitchen

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on Pexels

Expert social proof is the seal of quality given to a brand by an expert in that industry or field. It tells customers and users that a product satisfies their lofty standards and fits in with the other products they offer. It’s a powerful association. 

This Expert social proof is not difficult to achieve if you have the right know-how. First your product will have to be of a certain quality and standard. After that it’s simply a case of contacting the right people and sending them samples.

Celebrity Social Proof

In the past celebrity social proof meant the biggest stars on the planets and getting their endorsements was far from easy, or cheap. This market has now diversified significantly with the rise of influencer marketing. A celebrity now means someone with a YouTube channel and few thousand followers. 

Fashion brands looking to take advantage of this effective social proof strategy will have to identify suitable celebrities in their niche and start following them. Depending on the budgets involved a brand can gain endorsements from different levels of influences. 

User Social Proof

Laptop technology ipad tablet

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

The online marketplace has really opened up in recent years and people want to know selective details about a product before they hit the buy button. They want to know the product’s quality, its delivery details, and what the fit is like. This is why reviews and ratings make all the difference. 

It is now commonplace for fashion brands online to contact you following a purchase and ask for some feedback. This feedback is vital social proof for the website and brand, but it also helps out fellow shoppers interested in the same fashion lines.

Wisdom of the Crowd

It’s a well known social phenomenon that people follow crowds. If there’s a large queue outside a restaurant people assume it’s high quality, if you don’t know the speed limit on a highway you follow the other traffic. This phenomenon also manifests online.

Fashion brands usually have a Most Popular section on their website, or a Trending Now section. This gives you the products and articles most people are interested in and it’s effective at directing attention. Similarly, a lot of social media activity indicates better quality.

Wisdom of Friends 

One global consumer survey suggests that 77% of people say they are more likely to buy a new product if it’s recommended to them by a friend or family member. This review management is a strong indicator of effective social proof.  

Fashion brands can benefit from. This powerful form of social proof by expanding their reach on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The more friends are connected to a brand and share the updates, the more the brand will grow its appeal.

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Artist Jade Laurice on Alternative Fashion, Sex Positivity, and Body Empowerment


Artist and blogger Jade Laurice discovered herself along with a vibrant community through her exploration of fashion and art. Her clothing line, Pocalondon, featuring hand-painted pieces, serves as another avenue for her creative self-expression. Jade is also a fierce sex positive advocate and is one of the queer women featured on The Lesbian Guide to Straight Sex, in which Jade and her colleagues stage a relationship intervention for sex-stymied couples. Looking ahead, Jade is excited to release a men’s collection for Pocalondon! Follow Jade on Instagram, YouTube, and twitter.

Cliché: How did your passion for art and fashion develop?
Jade Laurice: As a child, art and fashion was my escapism and self expression. The only thing that’s changed really is that now I share my art with others and that’s really empowering. I also believe that art is fashion and I use my body as a canvas every day! Fashion has made me grow as a person because wearing what I want gives me the confidence to be fearless in everyday life.
What is it about styling and alternative fashion that speaks to you?
It’s a way I can feel like an individual in a world where everyone is trying to be everyone else. I’ve always found power in standing out.
Tell us about your clothing line, Pocalondon.
Pocalondon is all hand painted denim, leather and anything I can get my hands on really! I created Pocalondon initially to escape and paint my stories on clothes. I was in a dark place when I created my brand, but I turned all that pain into passion, which is what a lot of artists do
I guess. Pocalondon is fun, expressive and loud just like me. It’s also my inner child and a reflection of my love for women. I just want people to wear art and that’s basically what Pocalondon is.
Do you have any guidance for folks who are new to alternative fashion?
My biggest advise would be to stop comparing your craft  if you want to create anything unique. Stop scrolling and trust your own creativity. No one is you and that’s your superpower.
How did you become involved with your show, The Lesbian Guide To Straight Sex?
I guess they found me online after I began speaking my truth, talking about my queerness and opening up conversations about female pleasure. I am so unapologetically me on social media and that’s what the shows about. Normalizing conversations about sex, knocking down stigmas and opening people’s minds!
What do you wish more men and people in general understood about female pleasure?
I wish more people would listen to women or anyone with a vagina about their sexual desires and pleasures. But I also wish women and people with vaginas would ask for what they want.
How can we more clearly communicate our sexual needs and desires to our partner(s) without fear of awkwardness or rejection?
Find out what you like first, that’s the most important thing. Then open up a conversation with your partner naturally in a safe space about what you both want. Awkwardness is fine, it doesn’t have to be that serious. It’s just sex at the end of the day.
You’re enthusiastic about promoting body confidence on your platform. How would you describe your own journey towards body confidence?
I am a big advocate on body confidence. I believe we all have our insecurities and it’s not about getting rid of them necessarily. It’s just about loving your body just enough that your insecurities don’t even matter anymore. Things that I used to worry about don’t bother me now because I realized that I’m way more than my body. Plus, your body has gotten you where you are today, so you should love every part of it for that!
You’ve expressed frustration with white influencers being prioritized and celebrated over Black influencers. How can the fashion and beauty industries better acknowledge and respect Black designers and influencers?
Yes, as a social media girl I guess I’ve seen a lot in the industry that’s made me feel uncomfortable and often oppressed. Brands need to expand their target audience and advertising needs decolonizing, especially on social media. Black lives matter and equality needs to run through every level of the fashion and beauty industry. POC influencers, models, camera men, artists, designers, etc. need to not only be hired but treated and paid equally to their colleagues. Changing the status quo isn’t going to happen overnight, but I do believe we’re on our way to change.
What advice would you have for those struggling with body image or low self esteem?
My advise would be to take it back to basics and focus on the parts of yourself that you love even if it’s something small. Everyone has something someone else wants and we all want what we haven’t got. I try not to compare myself to others especially on social media. It’s not healthy to give yourself unrealistic exceptions because perfect doesn’t exist. Be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself with respect and practice self love at every opportunity.
Any exciting projects coming up?        
I’m currently working with some great brands this year on social media but I’m also working on my @pocalondon men’s collection for next year. Lock down has been a chance for me to focus on myself and perfect my craft so I’m excited for a new chapter. Roll on 2021!!

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Artist Jade Laurice on Alternative Fashion, Sex Positivity, and Body Empowerment. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jade Laurice.

How to Monetize Your Fashion Blog


There are literally thousands of people running fashion blogs from every corner of the globe.  The great thing about fashion, though, is that unlike business or sport, or investing, there is no “right or wrong” way to do it but learning how to monetize your fashion blog is important for success.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all, and we all have our own take on fashion, meaning there is plenty of room in cyberspace for everyone.

In fact, the more unique your style, the better chances of your blog are in attracting followers. Create interesting content, start to generate good traffic and follow basic SEO best principles, and your blog could turn into more than a hobby and start generating you some useful income in the following ways.

monetize your fashion blog

skivebysonali / Pixabay

Sell your creations

monetize your fashion blog

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

If you practice what you preach and enjoy designing clothes or accessories of your own, the best way to make money is to start selling them via your site. If, like most of the world, your site is built on WordPress, there are e-commerce add-ons that you can incorporate with relative simplicity. You can migrate your existing blog to Shopify, which is tailor-made for e-commerce. There is a whole range of Shopify tools you can use to help you with marketing, lead generation, payments, order management and more.

Become an affiliate

Of course, not every fashion blogger is also a designer, but there are other ways to make money from selling the products you love. As an affiliate marketer, you sign up to promote certain brands on your blog by writing about them and providing a link for your readers to buy them. Every sale generated results in a commission. The important thing here is to be selective, and only promote those brands that genuinely excite you. Don’t be tempted to overdo it and make every post overtly salesy, though, or your blog will start to lose the credibility that made it so successful in the first place.

yourschantz / Pixabay

Share your expertise

Many of the most successful fashion writers and journalists started out as bloggers. If your dream is to write for the big fashion magazines, your blog is the perfect platform to showcase your talents. The more successful your blog, the better the chance of getting noticed, but also, don’t be shy about putting yourself out there and offering to contribute content. Treat your blog as your portfolio and you never know where it might take you.

Become a promoter / influencer

The big names in fashion are just beginning to see the power of social influencers as a marketing tool. If your blog has a strong following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you could be exactly what these companies are looking for. Social recommendations carry more weight than traditional advertising, and some bloggers are earning five-figure sums for single Instagram posts. The whole influencer market is still in its infancy but it is set to grow exponentially over the coming years. Those who were there at the beginning will reap the rewards, so there is no better time to learn how to monetize your fashion blog.

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Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute


Born out of the pain that blog creator Nicole Leslie felt in losing her mother at only 15, the now 18-year-old has created a platform where she can honor her mother’s memory. Remembrance Wardrobe features Nicole showing off outfits made up of unique combinations of her mother’s clothing and her own. Along side that, Nicole features lines of her mother’s poetry with each post. In this way, she’s created a place where she can show off her mother’s talent and style. We got a chance to learn more about Remembrance Wardrobe.


Cliché: Why was it important to you to start Remembrance Wardrobe?

Nicole Leslie: The importance of starting the blog, was to create a platform where my mom’s poetry and clothing would be seen. I felt that she never was recognized for her talent, even though she has passed away, I want her poetry and stylish clothing to be seen and appreciated.

Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute


Why was a fashion blog the right platform for remembering you mother?

I’ve always enjoyed fashion blogs, and creating one, popped up in my mind when I tried on my mother’s clothing. I think displaying her clothing as outfits with my clothing, creates a meaningful message. Talking about grief with fashion, makes people think of style and clothing in a different way.

How has working on the blog helped with your grief?

The blog is like my journal, I get to post outfits I put together, and talk about grief and being a motherless daughter. When my mom died, I didn’t deal with it, in a positive way, it made me feel very negative, and I knew I needed to change that. I decided to write about it, and I realized that it made me feel more understanding and accepting of my mother’s death.


Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute


What’s your process for deciding what to post?

I try to plan ahead of time, like figuring out what outfit I will put together. I then take many photos, and the majority of them I delete. The ones I choose to post are the photos that display the outfit fully, and then a few fun ones, like me jumping in the air or dancing.

What do you hope people take away from your blog?

I hope people view death and grief in a more positive light. I think grief and death isn’t talked about a lot in society, and that needs to change. When I was 15 years old, right when my mom died, I didn’t have many young motherless daughters to relate too. I want Remembrance Wardrobe to be a blog where people see that talking about loss, and remembering/honoring a late loved one, is a great way to understand grief and loss.

Check out Remembrance Wardrobe here:



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Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute: Image Credits: Nicole Leslie

Thrift Stores Meet the Internet


Gone are the days of searching high and low in small, stuffy, and crowded stores looking for the best of the best thrift at the perfect price.

Secondhand market places and thrift stores have now evolved to a different platform: the internet. With constant technological advancements, this is a (really) long time coming. Secondhand online retailers have taken to the internet to resell and therefore recycle gently used clothing. Before many retailers took initiative, the only issue with online consignment was that it takes more time and resources to sell only one size of one unit. Now, online secondhand retailers are sourcing their products from customers who are not only getting a portion of the revenue, but also taking the pictures for the site themselves. Cutting out all that intermediary work saves time and money.

It’s important to remember that these retailers are not comparable to your local Goodwill. One key quality that they all have in common is that they are not selling low quality secondhand items. Instead, they are selling pieces from luxury designers and upper market retailers. By doing the curating and buying themselves, customers no longer have to dig through bins or sort through racks to find a coveted luxury piece.

This not only allows people to afford luxury items without breaking the bank, but is also good for the environment. The fashion industry is one of the top waste producing industries in the world. From the manufacturing to the care of clothing, each aspect causes large amounts of waste and pollution. Even if an item of clothing is ethically and sustainably made, that does not mean that the care and disposal of the garment will be sustainable. Just think of the gallons of water that it takes to wash a load of laundry. These retailers are making a small step in the right direction to aiding our current environmental situation.


The RealReal

Image Source: The Real Real

Most known for their vast collection of luxury consignment garments, The RealReal has one of the best collection of upper market clothing. Selling everything from Yeezy to Chanel, they have a vast collection of clothing.The bar to sell to The RealReal is high. They will not sell lower market clothing. They operate mainly online but also have their own brick and mortar store in New York City.



Image Source:

Tradesy is more linnet than The RealReal when it comes to the brands they carry. Although they still have a selection of designer brands, they carry an even wider selection of lower market and even unnamed brands. However, Tradesy has more competitive pricing on designer items than The RealReal, with their clothing being more gently worn.



Image source:

Specializing in streetwear designers rather than luxury, Grailed has a great selection for men. Grailed also allows selling from customer to customer, meaning that prices are negotiable, and with international shipping, Grailed is available to shoppers outside of the United States.



Image Source: @thrift_queen_nyc

This Instagram account specializes in pulling clothing from thrift stores around New York City and selling them through Instagram. With a mix of luxury and exclusive finds, Thrift Queen is attracting a social media following and works directly with their customers, who have the option to request different sizes and brands. It basically acts as a personal thrift shopper.

Secondhand online retailers are taking off, and the market is a huge opportunity for not only businesses, but also for customers looking for luxury at a less expensive price point.


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Thrift Stores Meet the Internet: Featured Image Provided by: Tribeur

Street Style: Dec 2017/Jan 2018


Here at Cliché Magazine, we LOVE bloggers. We love their reading about their personal interests, seeing their stylish clothes, and getting a glimpse into their creative lives. In our recently released Street Style: Dec 2017/Jan 2018 feature, our lovely readers share their favorite looks and blogs with us! Get to know them a little better by checking out their profiles and blogs below. Don’t forget to show them some love on their social media, too!

Jemma Mrdak, 24
Location: Canberra, Australia
Occupation: Communications Consultant/Influencer
Loves: My vintage Burberry denim jacket.

Pingkan Melbourne
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Occupation: Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive
Loves: My vintage ‘90s Chanel belt from my mama!

Chanèle McFarlane, 26
Location: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Do Well Dress Well
Loves: A pair of statement earrings.

Do you want to be featured in our next Street Style feature? Then submit your blog here and tell us about yourself!

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Money Making Side Gigs for Fashion Bloggers


They say money makes the world go round, so if your a fashion blogger, there are always new ways of earning some extra cash alongside your managing your fashion blog. Below is a list of 5 money making side gigs that are perfect for those of us looking for some extra cash while doing what we love.

1. Google Adsense
We all know what advertising is but theres no reason why you can’t grab some of the millions paid out every month to bloggers.  If you own and operate a fashion blog, you can make extra cash by placing relevant ads on your website.  Google Adsense is a great place to start but you must apply to get started. There are other options too such as, Revenue Hits and Bidvertiser.
2. Affiliate Links
If you are a fashion blogger, chances are you love designer clothes, accessories, cosmetics and trendy hand bags.  Am I right?  If so, did you know that you can earn extra money by showing images of your favorite products on your fashion blog that has your affiliate link embedded in it.  When your visitors click on the image, they are taken to the product page of the product so they can make a purchase.  If they make a purchase, you get paid a nice commission.  Learn how to become a fashion affiliate today.
fashion styling photo3. Fashion Styling
If you’re looking for a side gig that requires more creativity, then you could consider fashion styling. There are many courses available in which you can hone in your inner fashionista and become a fashion stylist quickly and easily. After you have gained your qualification, fashion styling is a great way of putting your creativity to good use alongside your full-time job.
4. Sponsored Content
If you have a really awesome blog, it only comes natural that brands will approach you with offers to post their content on your site.  These are sometimes called Sponsored Guests Posts.  You can make anywhere from $30-$200 for a single post.  You should always make sure to be transparent about sponsored posts so your readers know that it as paid for.

5. Become An Instagram Star
If you haven’t read about some of Instagram’s super stars who are making well over six figures by promoting brands that want to get in front of their followers.  Accounts that have millions of followers can command more than 15k per post.  Even if you don’t have millions of followers, you can still make extra cash with a few thousand followers if your images are beautiful and your are consistently posting every day or every other day.  Here’s a pretty awesome post that will give you more details on how to become an Instagram sensation.
Images provided courtesy of Flickr CC License
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