Celebrity Style Files: Charli XCX


It’s Charli, baby! Charlotte Aitchison, better known as Charli XCX is known as an undisputed pop legend by her fans, always trying new styles of pop music, and adding interesting features on almost all of her tracks. While the musician is praised for constantly evolving and changing her musical style in fun and organic ways, her style has changed along with it! Originally a lover of grunge-inspired style, complete with graphic t-shirts, plaid schoolgirl skirts, and platform sneakers, the British singer now adores 1990s and early 2000s pop star inspired looks. Never one to shy away from taking a leap when it comes to style, Charli XCX has rocked chunky goth platform boots, sheer, holographic sweat suit sets, and even understated looks like silk dresses, and blazer dresses. We love the unpredictability of her style, and we get excited every time she becomes obsessed with a certain style or fashion piece because we know she’ll wear it well. Anyone who can wear scrunchies, or even cargo material bullet bras, and make them work is someone we love to admire.


Overall, we at Cliché have to agree that Charli XCX is definitely a queen of pop. We don’t only love female pop stars because of their catchy songs, but because of their individuality, and willingness to try something new, and Charli XCX embodies that tenfold! Her style is constantly changing, and always interesting, and therefore, a pop icon in her own right!


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Celebrity Style Files: Charli XCX: Photo credit: @charli_xcx on Twitter

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