Denim Pieces Perfect For Fall


Happy fall, my favorite dolls! I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the summer heat is a thing of the past. It was one of the hottest summers we’ve had; therefore, I’m welcoming my favorite season with the biggest open arms. Everything from the weather and colorful leaves to the clothes and festive events is my favorite during the fall.

I’ve always incorporated a lot of denim into my wardrobe, especially on chilly days. It may not always feel like it, but denim garments always appear effortlessly comfortable, regardless of being fitted or not. Denim jackets remind me of the awesome ‘90s and I love how simple they are to style and layer. I remember one of my first denim jackets was from Abercrombie & Fitch. I shockingly still have it and have added a few silver studs to the pockets and back to make it my own. Everyone needs a classic denim jacket, so try rolling up the sleeves and adding some retro pins to customize your look. I love the twist of denim on the standard parka by MOTO. The dark denim is a fun game changer and I love how cozy it looks and feels. Complete with a hoodie and tons of pockets, this grungy parka is a must.

For the past few years, I’ve been digging the stretchy jeans from Express. They always fit well and have tons of different styles and fits. I don’t know how people wear stiff jeans on a daily basis—it’s so uncomfortable; I can barely stand the feeling while I’m wearing them for a few seconds in the fitting room.

The denim skirt from Urban Outfitters is such a steal for $59. The mini denim number can be worn year-round, even in the winter with a pair of black opaque tights. With the A-line silhouette and button closures, this flattering skirt looks cute with a crewneck sweater. Get your denim on and enjoy the beauty of fall!



Denim Jacket,, $39.99


MOTO Oversized Denim Parker,, $135

MOTO Oversized Denim Parker,, $135


Distressed Low Rise Express Tech Jean Legging,, $79.90

Distressed Low Rise Express Tech Jean Legging,, $79.90


BDG Denim Button-Front Skirt,, $59

BDG Denim Button-Front Skirt,, $59

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Denim Pieces Perfect For Fall: Featured image courtesy of Topshop

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