Are Diamonds A Girls Best Friend? *Infographic*


Diamonds hold an enduring appeal for many of us and they are often used when a particularly romantic gesture is in order, especially when the big question is about to be asked. In the U.S and many parts of Europe, a diamond ring is generally used when a marriage proposal is being made. With some clever marketing slogans, especially the memorable “A Diamond is Forever” that caused sales to double within three years, this symbolic gem seems to hold a special place in our hearts.

This infographic, brought to you by The Circle, takes a fascinating look at the history of diamonds and reveals facts such as the virtual monopoly the DeBeers mining company once had over sales and some the different ways a diamond ring is used to celebrate or symbolise love.

If you have just splashed out on a fancy rock for your loved one or been the lucky recipient, you may not want to read the section that reveals the huge difference in price between the wholesale and retail price of a diamond. The former chairman of the DeBeers mining company probably summed up the logic applied to diamond rings and diamonds in general. He was quoted as saying that “diamonds were intrinsically worthless, except for the deep psychological need they fill”. That’s the point really, for many of us it is what they symbolize in a relationship more than anything else, but let’s also be honest and say that the amount spent on the ring might carry some weight as well!

Diamonds Infographic

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