Fall Fashion Flow


As you set out to build your fall wardrobe, consider this year’s key ingredient to a successful autumnal closet: ultra cozy, oversized, breathable tops. With their slimming effect on any body type and long-lasting comfort, the oversized shirt proves to be a crucial base to your fall wardrobe.

What to pair it with?

The cool thing about this breathable style is its versatile ability to accommodate a collegiate day full of classes, or a night on the town. From slouchy sweaters, to butt-covering cardigans, to your every-day oversized T, you can’t go wrong. Check out these ideas for how to dress up or dress down your new favorite wardrobe item!
Found on fashionsalade.com
On the chilly, red-leaved days of October where you have all the errands to run and no time to spare, choose something like this. Pair a chunky sweater with colored pants for a chic, cozy and casual head turner.
Found on refinedstyle.tumblr.com
If street style calls your name, and you just can’t mess around, choose something like this to spice up your September. A breathable knitted top over slimming leggings and killer boots will do wonders for your confidence, while letting you spend time on the important things you need to do. You’ve already taken care of the most vital thing – your outfit!
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