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When comfortable style comes to mind, vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser is a major fashion icon. With her dark shoulder-length hair, smokey eyes, logo tees, and distressed jeans, the Stand Atlantic band member is the embodiment of laid-back, rocker-chic fashion. You can usually find Bonnie sporting her wardrobe staples: black Vans, thick black glasses, long necklaces, or headwraps. Needless to say, the Australia native can make a fashion statement both on and off the stage. Stand Atlantic has generated a strong fanbase since their formation back in 2014 thanks to two successful national tours and their latest EP Sidewinder by Rude Records released last month. Aside from being a musical inspiration, Bonnie also stands as an inspiration for style.


Cliché: How would you describe your style?
Bonnie Fraser: Nothing fancy. I like to keep it casual most of the time: jeans, canvas sneakers, oversized tees; I’m just a sucker for denim jackets. I like stuff I can feel comfortable in!

Does your style relate to your music?
Well, I do wear a lot of band tees. Honestly, it’s not something I consciously think about, but I’m sure the type of music we play influences the way I dress just due to the culture of the alternative scene, I suppose!

Who are some of your style icons?
I wouldn’t say I really have “style icons.” I don’t try and imitate or anything like that. I definitely just want to do my own thing. I’ll more so take little elements I think look cool on other people and find a way to incorporate something similar into my own style.

Does the release of your new EP Sidewinder by Rude Records influence your fashion at all?
Honestly, it’s not really something I go out of my way to consider (although maybe I should?). It’s more so just embracing my own style and running with it. We’re a pop/rock band, so pretty much anything goes. But I mean if we were a glam metal band or something, I probably wouldn’t wanna rock up to play a show in Nikes.

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Bonnie’s Favorite Shops

Nique: These guys have some really clean pieces that I love. All their products have a nice elegance to them, perfect for both smart and casual wear, and you can dress them up or down.

I Love Ugly: Yeah, this is a men’s clothing store, but we’re all past the point of caring about that stuff anymore. I’m all about their hoodies and sweaters. I would definitely cozy up in any of the ones they sell! I am an absolute sucker for simple designs on casual wear.

Weathered: This brand is more smart/casual wear, and again, some really nice and simple pieces that you can wear pretty much every day to any occasion. Ticks all the boxes!

RYDER: These guys do a lot of vintage style clothing, which is really cool, even though personally it’s not really a style I lean towards. However, they do have a number of pieces I would definitely wear, so it is worth including!

HoMie: An awesome Melbourne-based brand I found through a good friend. I absolutely love the simplicity of their designs. The best part about this brand is the fact that they do a lot of work for homelessness, like providing brand new clothing and job opportunities. So you know your money is going to a good place!

The Upside: This is an activewear brand, but I love the way you can wear their products anytime and still look as if you’re not going to the gym (because I won’t be). I swear by their sports bras and their tees are so comfortable.

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