Five Places we see Disney Princesses’ Influence on Little Girl’s Clothing


Disney’s Princesses are something many little girls look up to. From Belle to Moana, each character has their own unique characteristics and styles that make them stand out and appeal to each, unique little girl who loves them.

This influence is often seen in little girl’s clothing in a variety of ways. From the prim and perfect little white flower girl dresses to playful casual wear, to Halloween costumes, Disney princesses make their mark on girl’s clothing.

Here are five places we see Disney princesses’ clothing making their mark:

Flower girl dresses

Pezibear / Pixabay

Ask any little flower girl to be what she would most want to look like, and chances are she’ll name a Disney princess. Cinderella’s magical ball gown has made plenty of little girls long to have a lace embellished dress of their own. Make her dreams come true by letting her wear lace flower girl dresses to walk down the aisle before you. Bonus points if blue goes with your wedding colors!


While Disney princesses certainly don’t wear T-shirts, that doesn’t mean their influence isn’t felt there. From T-shirts embossed with the faces of different princesses, to graphic T-shirts with Disney quotes, to T-shirts that are edged in lace or floral details, the princess influence is felt far and wide.


jill111 / Pixabay

Of course, it would make sense that Disney princesses would influence dresses—it’s all they seem to wear! You’ll notice the princess influence in dresses that use vintage details, like empire waists and tiered skirts. The dresses are often endearingly voluminous and are ornamented with rose accented belts, lace, flower appliques, and other details that any princess would love.


Your little girl doesn’t stop wanting to be a princess just because it’s time for bed! Let her dream of castles and horses and Prince Charming in a princess influenced nightgown. Whether it’s a simple tunic T-shirt printed with the face of a Disney princess, or something a little more dramatic, we’re not surprised that you can see the princess influence in nightwear. If your little one is looking for something to channel her inner Belle, look for a nightgown with a tulle hem, long sleeves and cuffed wrists, and a bow at the neck to make her feel extra pretty.


luciana_ferraz / Pixabay

If her clothing is influenced, then, of course, her costumes will be affected as well! When Halloween comes along, or your little girl has a dance recital, we doubt you’ll be shocked to learn that Disney princesses had something to do with the clothing choice.

For Halloween, let your girl really feel like the princess she is in a Disney-inspired dress. Whether she’s Ariel or Sleeping Beauty, you won’t have much difficulty finding a costume for it. Want to add more detail or make her feel even more special? There are plenty of patterns available to sew your own costume.

Don’t have that kind of time? Most little girls often want more volume in their dresses, something mass-produced costumes rarely have. To give her that Disney feel, find a long tutu or petticoat she can wear under the costume to amp up the volume.

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