Holiday Wear Essentials


Sparkles, tulle, gems, and metallics—these are a few of our favorite things in fashion this holiday season. There is no better excuse to dress your best every single day than it being the holidays, especially with Christmas and New Year’s Eve party invites coming through already. Whether you shine with a metallic midi skirt, spin with an over-the-top tulle detailed dress, or be a showstopper with some dazzling gem-embellished heels, it’s all about dolling yourself up and feeling extra special during this time of the year. You can find your holiday spirit in a little bit of everything, from accessories to outerwear, with Cliché’s Holiday Wear Essentials. So after checking off everyone on your Christmas list, spread some holiday cheer your way with one of these darling pieces. Whichever one you pick is sure to make even Mrs. Clause add it to her own Christmas wish list!

Cold Weather Accessories
No matter what we may wish, our outfits sadly cannot be seen by all at every moment. It’s bundle-it-up season, meaning the scarves, hats, and gloves are on call. Despite having to layer up over our outfits to stay warm, we can still maintain a fabulous way to do so. Don’t let layers outweigh you! It’s all about the details—faux fur, sequins, and embellishments.

Fur Wrap.jpg

(Fur wraparound stole $59.90,

Earmuffs - Topshop.jpg

(Topshop Embellished Faux Fur Earmuffs $26.00,

Embellished - UO.jpg

(Embellished Ear Warmer $28,

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