Kutula Kiss: Accessories With A Purpose


Accessories are one thing that women would never forget. Whether it’s a pair of pearl earrings or silver bracelets hanging on their wrists, there is no doubt that they complete any kind of look. With lifestyle brand Kutula Kiss, accessories are more than just adorning women all over the world as their jewelry products are created for a higher purpose.


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It all started out when founders Cindy Berg and Kathy Pettigrew traveled to Colombia and discovered how much beauty lies in its culture, tradition, and the wonderful craftsmanship of their artisans. This fueled both of them to bring the artistry of Colombia to North America with its woven, hand-crafted bohemian accessories. Deriving the brand name from a South African dialect, Kutula meaning “peace” that is, “Kissing the world” through harmony, love, and sharing embodied everything that Berg and Pettigrew envisioned for their brand.


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Kutula Kiss never loses sight of its goal as women behind the creation of these accessories are empowered and supported. In fact in their Muse Collection (which are necklaces), Kutula Kiss collaborates with single mothers who are in compromising situations being in abusive environments. Every bead and thread they make helps a mother and her baby along the way.


Photo courtesy of allynlewis.com

Every collection no matter how simple can rock an outfit, especially if you’re going for a gypsy, bohemian look. Since the designs are created by the hands of passion and integrity, there is no doubt any ensemble can turn out meaningfully. Wouldn’t you want to wear something that means way more than it looks?


Photo courtesy of allynlewis.com

By supporting Kutula Kiss accessories, we’ll kiss our way to fashion one step at a time.

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– by Alve Aranton