Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


I kicked off New York Fashion Week with the Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, “Reflections of Sun Moon Lake,” at Gotham Hall. Even though it was a beautiful and luxurious space, the shows held at Lincoln Center were much more organized. The SS16 Collection continued with Breton’s inspiration of Taiwan, focusing particularly on the designer’s trip to Sun Moon Lake.

Sdiq3kZS8cNG5wdjSMRXscq8QCNpuL_JFH1J-xk4BtE,0MToJG_OoKV64-xz8ZAq2eccUgxICwVEcqoG3Vk8CfsThe show began with two large screens playing aerial videos of Sun Moon Lake, while an opera singer sang on the side of the runway with two musicians. Breton used a lot of luminous colored fabrics in his collection; even the black fabric pieces glistened. With only a few pant looks for women, the Taiwanese designer had plenty of various dress styles.One of my favorite pieces was a long sleeved magenta mini dress. The garment had a purple hexagon outline pattern and a waist tie belt of the same fabric, a very feminine and sexy piece. The same printed fabric was also used on a single shoulder draped gown and in blue for two different dresses.

With their hair parted and combed to the side, the male models walked the runway in groups of four, all while taking turns holding a red umbrella. Their pieces included not-so-subtle embroidered blazers and trousers. Breton continued his choice of embroidered patterns for menswear; one pattern resembled acid wash denim from afar. Breton also included shorts and trenchcoats for the dapper man. The show wrapped up with the stunning Maye Musk, wearing a silk white and silver gown, accompanying Breton as he walked down the runway along with a model dressed in a floral halter dress.

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Photos of Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2016 Collection by Norman Ding

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