A Gentleman’s Guide: How to Stay Stylish While Traveling


Today we want to provide a perfect gentleman’s guide: how to stay stylish while traveling. Clothing isn’t just supposed to make you feel good. It also portrays your personality to society. It gives your status among your peers and improves your confidence.

How you dress can even help you improve people’s reactions towards you. For instance, better-dressed men experience different treatment than those who dress casually. To get a perfect selection of your official outfit, you can check online for men’s suits to find your pick.

Staying stylish while traveling is also essential. Traveling in style is necessary because it will give you confidence and comfort at the same time. If you want to stay stylish while traveling, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Accessorize

Accessorizing is a way of spicing up your look. Though they serve practical functions, they tend to add new energy to your entire outfit. Many shops like CALIBRE offer accessories ranging from bags, glasses, hats, belts, ties, and socks.

For men, accessorizing might be too much of a task. But it isn’t as bad as you think. For example, if you want to dress up a little for a gallery visit, a tie and a suspender paired with leather shoes can make a big difference. You can also accessorize using a classic leather belt and watch.

Another essential accessory you need to have in your travel is sunglasses. Sunglasses are easy to carry, and it also protects your eyes while you’re strolling during the day. Make sure that you buy UV-resistant ones to protect your eyes.

  1. Pick Your Jeans Wisely
Stay Stylish While Traveling

Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on Pexels

When picking jeans for the journey, you should consider all sorts of advantages and disadvantages. Jeans are fashionable, classic, and a must-have item when traveling. However, it takes up a lot of space in your bag. That’s why it’s important only to choose the ones most suited for your travels and match your shirts. 

It’s also best to pick a pair that fits your body well. You can bring one or two that you can repeatedly wear and pair them with different tops. A couple of jeans can also go well with a vintage look accompanied by a well-kept pair of shoes. It can serve all occasions and give you great looks if worn correctly.

  1. Bring A Vest

Most people don’t know that having a vest in your traveling bag can help spice up your outfit. It can also be used as a secret weapon by stylish gents. Men’s  vests can be worn in the club with a shirt on, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can wear it on its own while on a night out at a bar.

In addition, it’s a compact piece of clothing that you can carry around you, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t fit in your bag.

  1. Add A Pair Of Sneakers
Stay Stylish While Traveling

Photo by Sneep Crew on Pexels

A pair of sneakers never disappoints. It’s a staple item you should have in your travel since it gives you a laid-back look that can fit any occasion. A classic white pair of sneakers is always helpful.

Sneakers are also very comfortable to use. That’s they’re a good choice when going to places where you’d be walking around a lot, like around the city.

Aside from that, you can pair most of the clothing items men have today with sneakers. You can wear them with your shirt and jeans or a suit and tie. They’re very versatile!

  1. Wear Solid Colors

If you have a minimalist style, you can wear clothes with solid colors. Solid colors like black, navy blue, and burgundy are best to use when you want to make a statement but don’t want to be too loud.

You won’t have to accessorize so much when you wear solid-colored clothes too. Aside from that, solid-colored garments can be worn to the club, in the gallery, and even on a hike. In short, solid clothes are an all-around piece of clothing that can add character to your overall outfit.

  1. Work With Layers

Layering is also one of the critical things you can do to add some character to your outfit. If you have a shirt, you can add a leather jacket on. If you’re wearing a plain shirt and jeans, you can quickly be all dressed up by adding a well-fitted blazer or scarf.

Final Thoughts

Staying stylish while traveling can be easy. You don’t need to bring everything—just the essential pieces to bring your look together. With the staples like jeans, shirts, and sneakers, you can simply mix and match to achieve a unique look every day. And don’t forget to add character by accessorizing with leather belts, watches, or sunglasses!

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Casual Style Tips for Men who Want to Look Great


Today we want to share some great casual style tips for men. You may want to dress better, but at the end of the day, a lot of style advice revolves around you doing whatever is trendy this season. That’s not what you should be looking for.  You need to know how to become the best version of yourself and you also need to be able to keep it casual too. If you want some help and advice, then this is the guide for you.

Start Dressing like a Man

Many men approach their style from the complete wrong angle. They want to look youthful but at the end of the day, you need to try and start looking mature if possible. Maturity is a very attractive quality if you are a man. Maturity after all, is what separates the men from the boys. You need to command respect and you also need to try and give up your graphic t-shirts and you also need to try and opt for single color t-shirts. You can also opt for a striped t-shirt if you want. These kinds of shirts will make you look mature and they will also make you look way better on a day to day basis. Wearing polo shirts or even casual shirts is also a good idea. A white shirt looks great with jeans, regardless of whether or not you are trying to dress formally. If you don’t want to wear a white shirt then why not look into wearing American made flannel?

Rock Jeans

casual style tips for men

Photo by Rafael Titoneli on Pexels

You also need to rock jeans that actually make you look good. A great go-to for a lot of guys is jeans, and there’s nothing wrong with this. Jeans look amazing with just a standard t-shirt but you have to make sure that they are suited to you. Avoid baggy jeans if you can, and make sure that your jeans fit around your waist without a belt. You should also make sure that they do not pool around your ankles. Avoiding any kind of embellishment is also crucial. You don’t need anything distressed, ripped or even bleached. Dark jeans look good on every guy, so if you are stuck, opt for something like this.

Change it Up

Jeans are great but if you don’t want your outfit to look the same every day then why not add some variety by simply investing in a pair of chinos or two? Try and wear them with whatever you would wear your jeans with. If you follow this rule then you can easily have a great outfit that is truly timeless. If you don’t know which chinos to go with then grey or camel are the best options. You can also go for more subdued colors, such as burgundy or even army green. If you want to look the best then ditch your worn out trainers and opt for footwear that is going to compliment your outfit. If you can do this, then you will soon find that you can bring everything together and that you look so much more modern and trendy. Never underestimate a good pair of trainers.

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5 Jackets Every Man Should Own


Today we want to showcase 5 jackets every man should own.  We want to make sure that your spring and fall closet is at its full potential. We’re going to cover eight of the most stylish jackets every man should have in their collection.

Varsity Jacket

No.1 is the varsity jacket whether you’re an athlete or not, every man should have a killer varsity jacket in their collection. Kind of takes you back to those popular high school days and makes you feel like the real sartorial MVP you are. Usually, varsity jackets will feature a cinched cuff, collar, and waist bands. The mid section tends to be a little bit puffier, kind of like the bomber jacket but the biggest difference is that this one has a snap button. On top of that, the particular one is a full leather lambskin one from a company called PalaLeather, which I personally like since it’s almost more high-end with this classic cut. Usually though you will see varsity jackets with some sort of leather combination with other fabric, such as wool. 

Black Moto Biker Jacket

5 jackets every man should ownSecond must-have jacket is the black moto or biker jacket. You’ll see everyone from dapper icon David Beckham to the streetwear king Kanye West rocking one of them. So, it is pretty safe to say it’s a pretty damn stylish piece that us commoners should have in our wardrobe. Now, this one is from a new company called PalaLeather. One thing that I really like that these guys do is that they provide extra custom services. Plus size, oversize, embroidery, patches, logo and many other elements you can ask for to realize for one perfect leather jacket. These tend to fit way better and a more precise fit in combination with their super supple goatskin and lambskin leather. You have a timeless classic piece that looks like you just dropped 2 G’s on it. It will elevate any look you throw that jacket over. 

Blazer and Trench Jacket

Number three is the trench coat. No gentlemen’s closet is complete with that one of these jackets and the great thing is that here you can have a little bit of fun. You can get something plaid or more classic like your basic black, navy or gray. Point is that the jacket has stood the test of time and outlasted any trend that has come and gone. This is a classic must piece for any gentleman’s closet, at least one trench coat. 

Denim Jacket

5 jackets every man should ownNumber four is the denim jacket. A perfect staple piece to own in any wardrobe. It kind of gives you that Americana vibe and it’s great for guys that don’t get to experience super cold winters. If you want something more classic than a darker wash, it’s definitely the way to go. This is the more timeless approach that’ll work great, especially with a smart outfit. However, if you are younger, a lighter wash with some distressing might be a better option to rock with more streetwear type of style. Either way, it’s a great investment. 

Bomber Jacket

Number five is the bomber jacket. Now, I’m going to spend too much time here. A bomber jacket can match everything in your wardrobe. It’s such a classic and versatile piece. Definitely a must-have for any guy. This one from PalaLeather delivers insane amounts of quality, like their goatskin leather, crazy durable hardware and a precise attention to detail that truly puts to shame your basic run of the mill fast fashion leather jacket.

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7 Easy Effective Methods for Drying Your Boots


Today we want to share 7 easy effective methods for drying your boots. Wearing boots can be incredibly stylish and it’s also one of the most practical footwear. They’re great for rough terrain, cold weather, and keeping your feet dry. But there are unavoidable times when your boots get completely soaked. 

You’ll also need to consider the kind of boots you’re wearing or how well they were made. Unlike rubber or work boots, some aren’t meant to be waterproof, so it would be a terrible idea to use them during rainy days. To make sure none of your shoes get ruined, you’ll need to wear the proper footwear for the right occasion. For instance, you probably want to wear dry boots for landscaping instead of a fashionable pair when you’re working in your garden.  

Still, there’s no telling what could happen, and everyone has experienced the terrible feeling of wearing wet boots. It’s squishy, cold, uncomfortable, and you just can’t wait to get them off. Once you do, it’s essential to dry them as soon as possible. To get started, here are some easy ways you can dry up your boots quickly and effectively.  

effective methods for drying your boots

Photo by JACK REDGATE on Pexels

  1. Remove The Laces and Insoles

The first thing you want to do is to undo the laces so the shoes can dry up sufficiently. It’ll also allow you to open up the boots more to allow better airflow, which will help with the drying process.

If possible, you should also remove the insoles so you can dry them separately. This also allows the inner part of your shoes to dry more efficiently. 

  1. Make Sure To Clean Them Up

Before you start with the drying process, you’ll need to clean the shoes. Ensure to clean any dirt or mud because it’ll leave a stain if you dry the shoes dirty. You could rinse it out or use some mild soaps to help take out any stubborn grime or muck. But no matter how tempting it is to use bleach for stains, don’t do it because it’ll ruin the boots. 

  1. Use Newspapers Or Towels

The next step is to absorb the water or moisture with newspapers or towels. You can crumple up some newspaper and stuff your boots with them. But make sure that it isn’t stuffed too tightly. Then, keep repeating the process until it can’t absorb any more. 

You can also use towels by inserting the corner of the towel into the shoes and using the rest of it to wrap the boots. Again, you’ll probably need to replace and repeat the process to absorb as much water as possible. If you want to, you can use both newspapers and towels. 

  1. Absorb Moisture With Cat Litter Or Rice

effective methods for drying your bootsAnother way you can absorb water from the boots is to use cat litter or rice. If you have a cat, you’re probably familiar with how well cat litter can absorb cat pee, and it’s totally safe to use it for your shoes. Just make sure that you’re using fresh and clean cat litter or rice. You can also put the shoes in a bucket full of rice and then put your shoes in it.

  1. Keep Away From Direct Heat

It’s tempting to put your wet boots directly in front of a fire or a stove. But this is going to do more harm than good. The fire could burn your boots or even melt the glue, which will probably destroy your boots. Instead, it’s better to place your boots a bit further away from a heat source so they can dry up without getting damaged. 

  1. Put It Under The Sun

If you’re getting enough sun in your area or have some time, you could put your shoes to dry under the sun. But make sure to check on it often because leaving it outside in scorching weather can harden or make your shoes crispy. Still, leaving it out to dry is one of the safest ways to do it, and it can even get rid of foul odors. 

  1. Using A Fan Or A Boot Dryer

One of the most effective and quick ways to get your boots dry is to use a fan. You can try to fasten the boots onto the fan by using wires so you can leave them there overnight. But if you always run into the trouble of wet boots, you should probably invest in a boot dryer. It’s made especially for boots so that you can simply put them on the two tubes that’ll blow air into the boots. 


Everyone needs a pair of good boots in their wardrobe. You can even go for more pairs if you have a special love for them. Because of how practical and stylish they are, boots have been popular for years and years. But like most shoes, you’re bound to get it wet at some point. When this happens, you’ll need to have a game plan that works. So, make sure you have some towels, newspapers, cat litter, or a boot dryer ready just in case.

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The Best Ways to Wear Dad Hats and Create a Unique Style


Today we want to talk to you about the best ways to wear dad hats and create a unique style. Dad hats are here to stay, and you can use them to create your unique style of dressing. They are available in a wide range of colors, and the unstructured fit makes it the perfect accessory for your casual outfits. You can perk up your regular casual wear by adding dad hats to the mix. Yes, they might not be suitable for formal occasions, but they are still excellent for a wide range of outdoor activities. Here are some ways of wearing mens dad hats so that you can step out in style.Today

Choose a Dad Hat in the Right Size

best ways to wear dad hats

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels

If you want to create a unique style, the first thing that you have to remember is to get a hat in your size. Not everyone has the same hat size, and a hat could sit differently from person to person, based on the size of their crown. A regular head circumference is about 22 to 24 inches. A small hat size is suitable for someone with a head circumference of 21 inches, while someone with a larger skull could have a circumference of 14 to 25 inches. With the right hat size, you can be sure that the hat sits comfortably on your head.

Stick to the Basics

If you want to keep your outfit low-key yet look sharp and smart, then stick to the primary colors while choosing a dad hat. Colors like navy, black, dark green, white, gray, or brown never go out of style. You can also choose solid, primary colors like red or blue to make a statement and stand out without looking overdressed.

Choose Unique Graphics

You can choose to flaunt a logo, image, or a word or phrase on your men’s dad hat. This is what makes you stand out. You can also opt for customized designs if you want. An exciting logo or design is sure to attract all the right kinds of attention. You choose to flaunt a corporate logo, a famous symbol from a book or a movie franchise, or even showcase a political or a social message.

Create an Outfit

best ways to wear dad hats

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

You can create an entire outfit around a dad hat. The way you wear the hat also has an impact on the entire look. Most dad hats are meant to be worn with the bill facing the front while the strap should be back. However, depending on the mood, you might choose to wear it the other way round or even to the side. You can wear them with flip-flops on a beach, or with trainers on a regular day ou

Choosing the Right Top

Dad hats go well with jeans. For the top, you can wear it with a V-neck T-shirt and pair it with a jacket. You can zip up the jacket for a street-smart look but do not pair them with blazers or suits. Girls are also wearing dad hats increasingly. They can wear them with jeans, crop tops, and sneakers, or even a slip dress with knee-high boots, which looks very chic.

Team it with Casual Pants

Dad hats also look great with casual pants like sweatpants or khakis. You can make your casuals look dressy with a dad hat without having to go out of your way to seem like you tried too hard. The hats also look great with skinny jeans or bomber jackets. You can wear them with your favorite sports jersey when you are out on a game night with friends with the sports team logo on the hat.

You will always find that the men’s dad hat amplifies your look and makes you look better with it than without! Soon, you will have a good collection that goes with a wide range of outfits in your wardrobe.

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A Men’s Clothing Guide To Color Co-ordinating


Today we want to give you a great men’s clothing guide to color co-coordinating.  Color coordination is an art. Certain colors can have a strong emotional impact or may have a symbolism attached to them. They may pair well with certain colors and clash with others. By understanding how colors work together, you can dress more stylishly. Below are just a few men’s fashion tips on how to incorporate colors into your clothing.

Dressing in neutrals

men's clothing guide

Photo by vickie vj on Unsplash

Neutral colors are ‘safe’ colors. You can wear them together in practically any combo and they will work. These colors include black, white, gray, navy, brown and.

It’s good to always own a few neutral items of clothing. In fact, it’s possible to dress entirely in neutral tones (as many men do). Items such as these ones from Arcteryx Veilance can be ideal for a minimal neutral outfit. Alternatively, you can try out different textures and patterns.  

Adding pops of color

Once you start breaking out of the neutral color palette, you need to take care as to which items of clothing you wear together. Adding ‘pops’ of color to a neutral outfit is the easiest way to incorporate other colors. This could include wearing a red t-shirt with a jacket, jeans, socks and shoes all in neutral tones.

You can add two pops of the same color. For instance, you could wear a green jacket and green sneakers while keeping the rest of your outfit in neutral shades. These could be the same shade of green or slightly different shades.

Going monochrome

Dressing entirely in one color can be a little more daring. Often, it’s best to use subtle shade differences rather than dressing entirely in one exact shade of the same color. For instance, when dressing all in blue, you might want to opt for a dark blue t-shirt, light blue jeans and navy blue sneakers.

Black is the one exception where you can dress entirely in the same tone. It can look slightly gloomy when dressing in more formal clothing – unless you’re dressing for a funeral, you may want to add the odd pop of color. All black casual clothing can work more effectively.    

Understanding color psychology

Certain colors can have a psychological impact on people around you. This could be worth noting if you’re dressing for a job interview or a date.

Red for instance can be a persuasive color, although it can sometimes run the risk of being aggressive in tone on men. Blue is a more calming color, although it can also come across as conservative in some situations. You can find out more about color psychology in clothing here at Fashion is Psychology.

Wearing colors together

When wearing multiple colors together outside of the neutral palette, it’s worth noting their relationship on the color wheel. This can dictate which colors go well together – and which colors don’t go so well together.

You can check out the color wheel here at Canva

Associated colors are any two colors directly next to each other on the color wheel. These can often be paired harmoniously together. Such colors include blue and blue-green, as well as red and red-violet.

Complimentary colors are any two colors directly opposite one another on the color wheel. These can also work well together in many cases. These include blue and orange or yellow and violet.

Blacks, whites and greys are not located on the color wheel, as are many mixtures of colors such as brown, burgundy and turquoise. For this reason, the color wheel isn’t always the best guide on how to use colors.

A few colors that work particularly well together include:

  •         Black and white
  •         Black and grey
  •         Grey and pink
  •         Brown and burgundy
  •         Cream and brown
  •         Navy and white
  •         Green and khaki

There are a few combos that don’t work particularly well and should be kept away from. These include:

  •         Red and green
  •         Green and orange
  •         Purple and yellow
  •         Red and orange
  •         Brown and black

Wearing patterns

Patterned items of clothing should be contrasted with block colors. Two patterned items of clothing are likely to clash – especially if the patterns are in different colors.

This is something to especially when wearing a shirt and tie – only ever wear a patterned shirt with a block colored tie and only ever wear a block colored shirt with a patterned tie.

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From the Seas to the Streets: the Barbour Brand’s Royal Influence


Download: From the Seas to the Streets: the Barbour Brand’s Royal Influence

At its very core, people wear clothes for a function. Whether it’s wearing a blazer for a night out with friends or an Arcteryx parka in the harsh freezing terrain of Mt. Everest, the environment and event dictate the clothes that we wear

But sometimes clothes no longer get associated with their function, and instead, they become attached to their influence. One brand that designs these clothes is the British outerwear brand, Barbour — most famous for its water-resistant and durable Waxed canvas jackets. Barbour jackets are worn around the globe across different levels of society, especially in areas where it could get rainy and cold. For many people, a Barbour jacket is the perfect Fall jacket: versatile, functional, and high-quality. But, what’s most interesting about the brand are its beginnings as an outfitter for motorcyclists and sailors and its movement towards modernity through the blessing of the Royal family themselves. The Barbour brand is now synonymous not only with function but its influence as well. From the seas to the streets: the Barbour brand’s royal influence is not only stylish but is a representation of clothing with a profound meaning.

barbour brand's royal influence

barbour brand's royal influence

In 1894, Barbour was founded by John Barbour as J. Barbour & Sons in 5 Market Place — located in the coastal town of South Shields in the Northeast of England. From the very beginning, the brand became famous for its Waxed Canvas jacket, created by combining linseed oil with Egyptian Cotton with not only made it durable but water-resistant as well. Moreover, Barbour perfected the waxing process which made them a league of its own; their competitors’ jackets weren’t breathable and cracked under low temperatures while the Barbour Jacket remained comfortable even during harsh weather. 

Barbour jackets were first popular among seafarers and outdoor professionals, then farmers and other country folks with the introduction of Barbour’s mail-order catalog in 1908. Produced by John Barbour’s son, Malcolm Barbour, the catalog consisted of long coats and riding capes, which featured the sought-after waxed canvas material. Barbour excelled at outerwear; its in-house outerwear brand was called “Barbour’s Beacon” and was the most popular category within the mail-order catalog. The catalog was so successful, that by 1917, it accounted for 75% of the business including international orders from China, South Africa, and Hong Kong.

A decade later, the brand caught the eye of motorcyclists and became the standard jacket for British racing teams until 1977 when Barbour stopped supplying the motorcycle clothing market. This was made possible due to Duncan Barbour — the grandson of John Barbour — who brought his enthusiasm for motorcyclists when he joined the company in 1928.

Barbour Brand's Royal Influence

The Barbour Ursula Suit made famous by Steve McQueen. Photo by @pinksugar on Instagram.

It was in its functionality that made Barbour popular among its audience, and it would soon take the brand to the next level when it supplied the British Army in World War II. During the war, Malcolm Barbour and Duncan’s wife Nancy took over the company when Duncan was called to serve in the army; these two leaders of the company were responsible for developing the Ursula suit, which became the standard outfit for members of the submarine service and is popular because it was worn by Submarine Commander, Captain George Phillips.

Barbour’s clothes not only make for a style and function investment, but they make you feel like you’re a Prince hunting for game in the woods

Suddenly, Barbour gained a new upper-class audience when they received a Royal warrant in the 1980s from Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales, granting them the opportunity to supply the royal court with Barbour clothing. During this time, Princess Diana was spotted wearing a Barbour coat, which convinced her peers to also sport the brand’s clothing. The opportunity that Barbour attained is a textbook example of how fashion moves through different levels of society; what started as clothing marketed for outdoor professionals were now worn by the upper-class members of society because of influence. In this case, there is no better influence than the Royal family.

These events signified Barbour’s movement to a modern menswear fashion company, and soon even celebrities would start wearing its clothes. During the 2007 Glastonbury Festival, celebrities such as the Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and Lily Allen wore Barbour jackets while performing. Barbour jackets weren’t just fit for the outdoors, but anyplace where you just wanted to look stylish.

While Barbour produces a wide range of clothing — from coats to trousers — their most popular items are their Bedale, Beaufort, and International Jacket. The Bedale and Beaufort were designed by Dame Margaret Barbour, the current chairman of J. Barbour & Sons; the Bedale is a short, lightweight jacket which features a 6oz water-resistant waxed canvas with signature Barbour details such as a corduroy collar and two-way pull brass zip; the Beaufort, on the other hand, is a wide-fit jacket based on French shooting jackets with raglan sleeves. Perhaps an iconic Barbour item is the International Jacket, made famous by arguably the coolest man of the ’60s, Steve McQueen, who wore the jacket during the 1964 International Six Day Trials race in East Germany. 

Barbour Jackets are now in the same league as other iconic menswear items like the Harris Tweed Jacket — quite coincidental considering both became popular during the Ivy League Style era of the ’60s. Barbour’s history and influence have enabled them to collaborate with other brands in the modern era such as the Rowing Blazers x Barbour collaboration which featured a split-tone Barbour waxed canvas jacket in Navy and Olive. Most recently, Barbour collaborated with Streetwear brand Supreme on a range of waxed canvas jackets in bright orange. With collaborations such as these, it won’t be a surprise to see Barbour jackets gain hype soon.

It is not a denial to say that people wear clothes to look good, but it’s an entirely different feeling when clothes mean more than what they seem. Barbour’s clothes not only make for a style and function investment, but they make you feel like you’re a Prince hunting for game in the woods — the same feeling the Prince of Wales did when he wore the same Barbour Jacket as you.

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Images provided by @ivypill, @changwanli_ , and @pinksugar on Instagram

How Men Should Accessorize In 2020 And Beyond


Today we want to give you some great tips on how men should accessorize in 2020.  In the past, it was only women who thought of augmenting their casual and formal outfit with extra items of jewellery, hats, scarves, or anything else they felt added to the appeal of the outfit. In recent years, however, men have begun to get in on the act as well, using rings, watches, and hats to set off their outfits. In this guide, we take a look at some of the trends for men and how men should accessorize in 2020.


how men should accessorize

Pexels / Pixabay

Perhaps it’s because hats are super flexible, protect the head from sunlight or rain, and offer a gentlemanly prop when out and about. Still, just when you thought they had gone out of fashion, they come back again with a new style that catches your eye and gets you thinking about a possible new look. 

Some hats never go out of style, like caps and beanies, then others come and go. Think trilby’s, brim hats, pork pie hats. Here are some of the ones that are definitely on point in 2020.  

The Fedora hat is a classic brim hat with a lower and upper part. The crown is famous for having two dents in it. They come in various colors and are ideal for a sunny day in the garden or out in town. 

The trilby hat was once trendy, then slipped out of style for a while. It’s back now! This classic performs a similar function to the Fedora but is more suitable for younger men. Add style to any outfit with a well-chosen trilby. 

Coming into winter in 2020 beanie hats for men are on the A-list. Never far away from fashion, this years’ beanies are likely to be colorful but subtle. Men are on the lookout for beanies that are versatile and go with a range of outfits. 


how men should accessorize

Rings have been worn by men for thousands of years to display wealth, status, or to show they are a member of an elite group. The reasons for wearing rings may have changed over the years, but the desire to display one’s personality through this unique accessory has not diminished. That’s why many men choose to wear a high-quality ring as well as their wedding band. 

Alpine rings have a full range of tungsten wedding bands for men and perfect for any occasion or character type. The rings combine sleek classic styles with natural and traditional elements to create rings suitable for the modern gentleman. Below are some of the most popular choices for men this year. 

The black tungsten with domed zebra wood exterior is bold and unique. It’s made from tungsten so it will last forever, precisely what you want since it defines your personality. Regardless of the occasion or your style, this ring was built for your finger. 

The black tungsten wedding bands with African padauk wood interior is slightly different although it does sport the same durability and lasting qualities of its neighbors. The wood interior of this ring is smooth and distinctive, making it comfortable to wear. Furthermore, its tungsten quality means it will appear forever new. 


how men should accessorizeThere are two schools of thought on the wearing of a watch. One group says that it’s pointless, the time is everywhere nowadays, on smartphones and computers, and almost every digital display you turn your attention to. But others argue that there is always a place for a watch on a man’s wrist. Wearing a watch to tell the time is a preference, on top of that its individual, adding style and character. 

So what are the best timepieces to go for at the beginning of this new decade? Well, the Bamford London Mayfair Date is in with a loud shout. It has a black band that supports a titanium face. The monochrome color scheme fits in with any style, and it is robust and dependable, making it ideal for formal occasions as well as outdoor activities. 

This year is all about sustainability and self-consciousness, and some watchmakers are meeting the market demand. Baume Small Seconds is offering a stylish slim-lined timepiece made entirely from recycled and upcycled materials. These watches are fully customizable and can be configured online. 

The Bell and Rose BR03-92 Nightlum is designed for those who like a basic, uncomplicated watch, suitable for most purposes and styled like a government-issue military accessory. This is not too far from the reality since B&R do specialize in aviation. If you want a hard-wearing no-nonsense watch, the nightclub is for you. 


When thinking about your style, footwear is all-important. Although it might not be the very first thing, you consider, it shouldn’t be the last either. Footwear can influence the overall look of an outfit and make or break its success. In the short guide below, we take a look at some of the styles in fashion this year. 

Loake Mulligans are renowned for making shoes and boots that are designed to last. Their footwear has been made in the same family-owned factory since 1894, so they come with a strong reputation. Their derby brogues are made with sturdy brown leather and have a durable rubber sole. They work with any outfit, formal or casual  And are also pretty good for hiking. 

Baker Alderley has released a new range of formal shoes in both black and brown that are classic in style but ready for today’s market. They are seriously smart leather-soled shoes with light punches holes around the lace and heel. They display an elegant and minimalistic look that is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or important business meetings.  

Men’s Oxford Shoes are not likely to go out of fashion any time soon,  and certainly not in 2020. Made from durable leather, their Dune London range is available in either brown or black. They are an almond toe style of shoe that is best worn on formal occasions if you want a quality guarantee for your shoes to look no further than these Oxford classics. 

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Can the Fashion Industry Sustain the Growth of Menswear?


We are experiencing radical changes and shifts in 2020; the current COVID-19 pandemic is still enveloping the globe, forcing us to seek refuge within the confines of our own homes; people around the world are protesting, promoting conversations about what is right or wrong. Also, men now love buying clothes.

Yes, it’s true—but also not surprising. Gone are the days when men would scoff at the thought of spending hours at a clothing store. The fashion industry is also experiencing changes, and men are now in the spotlight. The Menswear industry is growing at an unprecedented rate; in fact, many analysts have forecasted that it will surpass womenswear by this year.

Many brands and companies have reaped the benefits of the current menswear boom. Luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga invested heavily in the menswear space, and now male consumers make up a considerable portion of their sales. On the other hand, retail giants like Nordstrom are now starting to open stores tailored for men.

Concerning brands, menswear focused labels have been surfacing like flowers blooming in the spring—but with no sign of it ever ending. Such brands include AMI, a French menswear label by renowned designer Alexandre Mattiussi who offers a casual yet chic approach to men’s clothing. Simultaneously, formerly womenswear-only focused brands like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney are switching their attention to menswear. The people at the top of the fashion chain are certainly buying into menswear.

Perhaps it was inevitable for this to happen; men have always been style-oriented, from the sartorial ensembles of the 20th century to today’s streetwear-meets-luxury hybrid. The question is, why is it only starting to happen now? Is it because of the digital world and online shopping? Or is it a case of empowerment through clothing? To get a sense of the growth of the menswear industry, maybe the answer lies in the rich history and tradition of it’s past. A more profound question arises from that understanding: can the fashion industry sustain the growth of menswear?

Looking into the past century of menswear is enough to gain an understanding of how the menswear industry operates. Up until the 1960s, men wore clothes based on a borderline dogmatic set of rules that varied based on the decade. For example, in the 1930s, the Great Depression caused many men to lose their jobs, which inadvertently forced the fashion industry to be more conservative and practical. Instead of the elegant European attires taken straight out of Oxford University from the previous decade, men opted for oversized suits with padded shoulders and peaked lapels. Regardless if they were ill-fitting, men idolized influences like boxers or swimmers who possessed the “ideal man’s body,” and everyone conformed for the pursuit of acquiring the same look.

menswear self-expression

“There is no one-size-fits-all in today’s fashion world, and men are benefitting from that.”

In the ’60s—an age of rebellion—that all changed. Brought upon by the Ivy League style of clothing, men decided to abandon conservatism and went straight to the other direction: self-expression. There were no rules, no pre-defined notions of what one should look like; men started to wear what they wanted to wear because it was an extension of their personality.

Around the turn of the 21st century, the internet had taken off. Almost everything was online, including the dawn of the social media era. In 2009, the “menswear blogosphere” was born with the first blogs that directly talked to users about menswear. Notably, by former Fashion Editors Tyler Thoreson (Editor-in-chief of Digital at Ralph Lauren) and Josh Peskowitz (VP of Men’s Fashion Direction at Moda Operandi) was one of the first menswear blogs that had a unique voice. featured then up-and-coming brands like Rag & Bone and Billy Reid and was instrumental in giving menswear a respectful reputation. (GQ later incorporated into their website.) wasn’t alone in educating the newly initiated menswear audience. Message boards like Ask Andy About Clothes and StyleForum gave users online a platform for talking about the clothes and brands that they like—a precursor to today’s Male Fashion Advice subreddit. Interestingly, menswear fanatics turned to these forums to talk about technical terms like “Sprezzatura or conversations about different subcultures in menswear.

Precisely, that is what made these original menswear blogs successful: conversation. Male users online finally had a chance to interact with people around the world who shared the same passion for menswear—a sense of being part of a community. These blogs gave rise to the #menswear movement (pronounced “hashtag menswear”) during the peak of the Tumblr era. 

Take Lawrence Schlossman, who is currently the Brand Director at the online marketplace Grailed. Schlossman, who not only works at Grailed but is also a co-host of the often hilarious yet informative conversational podcast Throwing Fits, also started with blogging. He began with his Sartorially Inclined blog and transitioned to the How To Talk To Girls At Parties Tumblr blog, where he was and still is one of the loudest advocates for menswear.

Unfortunately, the hashtag menswear golden age reached its demise with the decline of Tumblr and with menswear being in all different circles nowadays. In recent years, we have seen streetwear rise to the occasion and sweep the fashion industry, with brands like Supreme and Off-White promoting a new age of self-expression and exclusivity. In terms of exclusivity, online users desire clothing that celebrities wear on Instagram. To round it all up, various avant-garde brands offer clothing that pushes the boundaries of what clothing can be, with legendary brands as Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto.

That is where we are today: there are endless possibilities to show off one’s style. There is no one-size-fits-all in today’s fashion world, and men are benefitting from that. The reason why menswear is in its current state is that men now have the option to be themselves through their clothing, and they can do it any way they want now with brands buying into it. 

But how should the fashion industry stop this from being just a trend? Digital Intelligence Firm L2 offers some suggestions with one main idea: cater to the male customer online. “As demand for menswear continues to grow, it is essential for brands that carry both men’s and women’s products to target men both on-brand site and in digital marketing across the web,” said L2 in a report released in 2018. From an even broader perspective, brands should target the “digital world” itself, with technological advancements like VR and AR being a possible future of shopping of sorts. Or perhaps a crazy idea: the ability to buy clothes online straight from a runway show. Crazy, but the possibilities are endless.

Regardless of how it all plays out, menswear will continue to grow from here, and it’s not only up to the fashion industry to handle its growth but to the general male audience as well. Fashion may be evolving, trends circulating, and shifts to fashion week being advocated by different parties, but one thing’s for certain: it won’t be a surprise if menswear will soon be at the forefront of Fashion.

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Men’s Styles That Will Never go out of Style


There are certain men’s styles that are here to stay. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe or want to know what pieces you should absolutely have, here are some of the best items to have in your wardrobe that will never go out of style:

men's styles

Photo by Jon Grogan / The Unsplash License

Leather Jackets

The leather jacket has long been a cool-guy look, and definitely a part of our list of men’s styles that will never go out of style. Leather jackets are now offered in a wide range of colors and styles for men and women. But if you want a truly timeless style, choose a black leather motorcycle jacket similar to the one Marlon Brando wears in The Wild One (1953) or else one with a more modern cut like a leather racer or bomber jacket.


You can wear a leather jacket just about anywhere now, even many offices (though this is usually reserved for creative professionals). It’s also a great date night look. But how should you wear it? For the ultimate classic look, pair it with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and boots. To vary up this formula, swap in a graphic t-shirt, button-down shirt, black or gray jeans, chinos, or sneakers.

men's style

Pexels / Pixabay

Oxford Lace-Up Shoes

If you love enduring and timeless men’s styles, this is, by far, one of the most classic menswear shoe styles.  It’s the perfect shoe to pair with a suit, but it also looks great with a button-down shirt and slacks, or even a more casual look than that. The most timeless material and color would be black leather oxfords, but oxfords in gray, a shade of brown, or oxblood would also be a great choice. For a more casual look, go for a suede material or a bolder color like blue or green. Want a more formal or polished look? Opt for black patent leather oxfords.

men's styles

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Well-Tailored Suits

If there’s one thing we learned from How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson, it’s that a great suit never goes out of style. It’s one of the best ways that men can make a fashion statement and a great impression, no matter where they are — the office, the bar, or the poker table. Sure, a suit might look a little out of place at the beach or even at a casual sports game, but you’d certainly look great (and important). It doesn’t really matter how you wear it, either. Tie or no tie, unbuttoned or buttoned blazer — it’s all timeless.

A well-tailored suit is the most timeless type of suit. This doesn’t mean that it has to have a very slim cut, but the cut should fit you well and not be baggy or oversized. A black suit is the most timeless color, but other colors that will never truly go out of style include gray, navy, and brown (or tan). A fitted suit doesn’t have to be expensive, either — though a slightly more expensive suit will likely last longer than a cheap suit from H&M. But don’t focus too much on the fit when buying it as long as you like everything else. Once you find a suit you like, take it to the tailor. Before you know it, you’ll have a great suit on your hands — made just for you.


Button-Down Shirts

Men's Styles

Photo by Ben White / The Unsplash License

This timeless style is another absolute must-have. Besides white, blue, or pinstripe button-downs for work or formal occasions, you should also have button-down shirts for dates, business casual settings, or even just day-to-day wear. One of the most popular casual options is a denim button-down, which would be a great choice for casual day wear or even a date (depending on the date’s location). For more sophisticated date button-downs, choose a shirt in a darker shade like navy blue, black, gray, or burgundy. Pair the look with slacks or dark-colored jeans.

Another classic style that is becoming increasingly popular again is the short sleeve button-down shirt. With this style, feel free to choose a bolder color or pattern, especially for daytime wear. If you want a more sophisticated look, choose this style in a plain color and button the shirt the whole way up.

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The Belt Bag: From Tourist to High Fashion


Most would know the fanny pack by its distasteful reputation and the stereotype of being worn by the typical dad. For a time, no one who cared anything about fashion would be caught wearing one. But now, it looks like the fanny pack is rising from the garbage heap of regrettable clothing fads to try and make it’s claim to fashion relevancy.


A major trend this season is dad-inspired accessories. Items that our fathers once wore (and we once scoffed at) are now all the rage. One major example is chunky New Balance sneakers, a shoe made solely for comfort with a competitive price. Many may accredit the start of this trend to Kanye West, who had his wife and muse Kim Kardashian West rock his Yeezy dad shoes.

Taking a note from the dad shoe, the fanny pack has also taken off. Originally just a form of functionality and a no-hands compartment, the fanny pack has moved towards a path of form over function. Designers like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent are now releasing their own fanny packs, coining them with a more tasteful moniker: the belt bag. The new name screams chic more than “fanny pack” could ever hope to, and this rebranding has proven nothing but success for everyone from luxury to lower market designers.

A once canvas, hands-free purse worn so the typical tourist has room in their hands for both a map and a camera, it has now evolved and can be found in hundreds of different shapes, fabrics, and designs. Everyone from socialites to hipsters is now sporting the fanny pack. It can be worn across the chest, around the shoulder, or even looped into pants as an actual belt. Another inclusive plus is that fanny packs are completely unisex. The versatility of the belt bag is just another perk.

It is almost ironic that the ugliest shoes and accessories are now in style. The rise of the fanny pack is a testament to the cycle of fashion, which tends to repeat itself decade after decade. I mean, what’s better than finding a great designer belt bag? The answer: finding a great vintage designer belt bag at an affordable thrift store price.

Overall, the complete rebranding of the fanny pack to the more luxurious belt bag has been yet another trend that fashion has seen come and go, and then come again. Seen in every shape and emblazoned with the name of every designer, the belt bag is proof that those tourists you once made fun of, or your dad you were once afraid to be seen with, were actually more ahead of the times than you, and it is time to catch up.


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Thrift Stores Meet the Internet


Gone are the days of searching high and low in small, stuffy, and crowded stores looking for the best of the best thrift at the perfect price.

Secondhand market places and thrift stores have now evolved to a different platform: the internet. With constant technological advancements, this is a (really) long time coming. Secondhand online retailers have taken to the internet to resell and therefore recycle gently used clothing. Before many retailers took initiative, the only issue with online consignment was that it takes more time and resources to sell only one size of one unit. Now, online secondhand retailers are sourcing their products from customers who are not only getting a portion of the revenue, but also taking the pictures for the site themselves. Cutting out all that intermediary work saves time and money.

It’s important to remember that these retailers are not comparable to your local Goodwill. One key quality that they all have in common is that they are not selling low quality secondhand items. Instead, they are selling pieces from luxury designers and upper market retailers. By doing the curating and buying themselves, customers no longer have to dig through bins or sort through racks to find a coveted luxury piece.

This not only allows people to afford luxury items without breaking the bank, but is also good for the environment. The fashion industry is one of the top waste producing industries in the world. From the manufacturing to the care of clothing, each aspect causes large amounts of waste and pollution. Even if an item of clothing is ethically and sustainably made, that does not mean that the care and disposal of the garment will be sustainable. Just think of the gallons of water that it takes to wash a load of laundry. These retailers are making a small step in the right direction to aiding our current environmental situation.


The RealReal

Image Source: The Real Real

Most known for their vast collection of luxury consignment garments, The RealReal has one of the best collection of upper market clothing. Selling everything from Yeezy to Chanel, they have a vast collection of clothing.The bar to sell to The RealReal is high. They will not sell lower market clothing. They operate mainly online but also have their own brick and mortar store in New York City.



Image Source:

Tradesy is more linnet than The RealReal when it comes to the brands they carry. Although they still have a selection of designer brands, they carry an even wider selection of lower market and even unnamed brands. However, Tradesy has more competitive pricing on designer items than The RealReal, with their clothing being more gently worn.



Image source:

Specializing in streetwear designers rather than luxury, Grailed has a great selection for men. Grailed also allows selling from customer to customer, meaning that prices are negotiable, and with international shipping, Grailed is available to shoppers outside of the United States.



Image Source: @thrift_queen_nyc

This Instagram account specializes in pulling clothing from thrift stores around New York City and selling them through Instagram. With a mix of luxury and exclusive finds, Thrift Queen is attracting a social media following and works directly with their customers, who have the option to request different sizes and brands. It basically acts as a personal thrift shopper.

Secondhand online retailers are taking off, and the market is a huge opportunity for not only businesses, but also for customers looking for luxury at a less expensive price point.


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