Slip-On Shoes


Strut down the streets in these slip on n’ go sneakers this summer. Hey it’s okay because Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, and even Prada say so. Sashaying down summer streets just became a little more pleasant. No matter how sexy we look in heels, there is no better feeling than being comfortable. Now there is no need to sacrifice comfort for fashion since sneakers have been showcased down the runway for Chanel and Jeffrey Campbell.

There are so many patterns to choose from like leather, metallic, animal print, and studs. You name it, it’s out there calling your name, from designer to chic & cheap, we may all indulge.


When leaving the house in a sick pair of heels, we always pre-anticipate the agony we are going to be in by the end of the day or night, but not this summer. Don’t be afraid to get lost and walk all over town. The soreness to your feet is the last thing you’ll need to worry about. You wouldn’t be obligated to take cabs around the city to get from point A to point B for fear of the throbbing, aching, agony, and discomfort. Just slip on a pair of these slip-on shoes or laceless sneakers and voilà, out the door you go, looking as fabulous (dare I say more fabulous) than ever. No worries, no pain.

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