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Candice Swanepoel Stuns as the New Face of Nicole Benisti FW21


As we all configure our personal styles for this fall and upcoming winter seasons, Nicole Benisti is here to set the trends of the season! In collaboration with supermodel Candice Swanepoel, the Montreal-based designer has launched her latest Fall/Winter ‘21/22 collection of luxurious statement coats. Fusing functionality and style, Nicole Benisti offers designs that capture the essence of modern fashion. 

The luxurious rock ‘n’ roll-inspired collection exhibits a unique appeal that merges street and elegance one coat at a time. Benisti’s Fall/Winter ’21/22 Collection comprises 18 stylish and sleek pieces, perfect for transitioning from day to night and week to weekend. With the usage of mixed-media pieces and a beautiful neutral color palette, the new collection makes for versatile wearability. 

With the launch of this innovative collection, we caught up with Nicole Benisti to discuss her collaboration with Candice Swanepoel, her journey in fashion, and much more! 

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: What attracted you to working in the fashion industry?

Nicole Benisti: I’ve always found that what you choose to wear is an extension of how you want people to perceive you.  I love how clothing can truly express who you are without having to say anything aloud.


Cliché: Where do you draw inspiration from as a designer?

Nicole Benisti: Everywhere! Travelling was and continues to be a huge source of inspiration.  Bill Cunningham said it best – ‘The best fashion show is definitely on the street.’ But when I’m at home, I’m always intrigued to see what women are styling on Instagram, always with a keen eye on fabrication. I love to find new exciting materials that are unexpected and use them for our coats.  

Cliché: What is the inspiration behind your Fall/Winter ’21/22 Collection?

Nicole Benisti: Every collection I design is all about statement outerwear which makes the coats so identifiable when you see a woman wearing one.  This season, I wanted to transform our iconic silhouettes by using really special materials like tweeds and cashmere knit. These aren’t typically in puffers, they are more common in sweaters.

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: Why did you choose Candice Swanepoel to partner with to launch your latest collection?

Nicole Benisti: Candice’s beauty is quite literally ethereal, I knew her training as a ballet dancer would transform the coats so eloquently. That alongside her ability to balance motherhood and fashion is really what drew me to her.  She embodies the strength of the modern woman I envision while designing the collection.



Cliché: What was your experience like working with Candice?

Nicole Benisti: Candice is an absolute gem of a human being.  Aside from being incredibly beautiful, her personality is so endearing.  It makes such a difference to work with a model like Candice. She is just so engaging on-set.  I am definitely looking forward to working with her again. 

Cliché: What elements of rock n’ roll fashion intrigue you the most?

Nicole Benisti: Rock n’ roll can be interpreted in so many ways.  When it came to the collection, we envisioned it as an attitude – it’s the seamless combination of being confident and cool.  

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: Your designs are geared for the modern-day woman. How would you describe the modern-day woman?

Nicole Benisti: I see modernity as a celebration of confidence.  It’s such an inspiring moment for women right now to embrace whoever they choose to be.  It’s hard to pinpoint who the modern-day woman is because she’s so different and that’s what makes it so beautiful.  


Cliché: What advice do you have for up-and-coming female designers?

Nicole Benisti: Be authentic to who you are and what you believe!  There’s only one of you, so apply that to your creations.

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Images Provided by David Roemer
Styled by Celia Azoulay
Makeup by Georgi Sandev
Hair by Benoit Moeyart

Celebrity Style Files: Charli XCX


It’s Charli, baby! Charlotte Aitchison, better known as Charli XCX is known as an undisputed pop legend by her fans, always trying new styles of pop music, and adding interesting features on almost all of her tracks. While the musician is praised for constantly evolving and changing her musical style in fun and organic ways, her style has changed along with it! Originally a lover of grunge-inspired style, complete with graphic t-shirts, plaid schoolgirl skirts, and platform sneakers, the British singer now adores 1990s and early 2000s pop star inspired looks. Never one to shy away from taking a leap when it comes to style, Charli XCX has rocked chunky goth platform boots, sheer, holographic sweat suit sets, and even understated looks like silk dresses, and blazer dresses. We love the unpredictability of her style, and we get excited every time she becomes obsessed with a certain style or fashion piece because we know she’ll wear it well. Anyone who can wear scrunchies, or even cargo material bullet bras, and make them work is someone we love to admire.


Overall, we at Cliché have to agree that Charli XCX is definitely a queen of pop. We don’t only love female pop stars because of their catchy songs, but because of their individuality, and willingness to try something new, and Charli XCX embodies that tenfold! Her style is constantly changing, and always interesting, and therefore, a pop icon in her own right!


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Celebrity Style Files: Charli XCX: Photo credit: @charli_xcx on Twitter

Celebrity Style Files: Cupcakke


Female rappers are known for having a punchy, eye-catching style that mixes their humble roots, with their newfound status, and Chicago rapper Cupcakke is no exception! We at Cliché love a celebrity with an eye-catching style that is not only stylish but seems personal to the celebrity themselves! Cupcakke, real name Elizabeth Eden Harris, has already proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of rap, but other than her lyrics, the thing that has people constantly stunned, is her style! She’s never afraid to be a bit revealing, as seen in her many outfits that include sheer tops, and she’s always ready to make a statement! Cupcakke is constantly mixing high fashion pieces, such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton bags with clothing she finds at thrift stores, or even lower-end stores like Kohls. She has made it very clear, through her style, and her lyrics that fame and money will not change her love for more affordable brands. We especially love Cupcakke’s penchant for bright colors, patterns, and interesting fabrics. Cupcakke seems to have a preference for two-tone tie-dye, and camo fabrics, as well as a love of matching set pieces, denim, fur, and leather, as well as bright colors like orange or pink. She is the perfect example of style on a budget!


To sum it up, Cupcakke is always trying something new and risky whether it comes to music or fashion and we couldn’t be happier! For those of us who love seeing celebrities that aren’t afraid of trying something different, and those who enjoy being able to replicate or get inspired from their favorite celebrity’s street fashion, Cupcakke is the perfect mix of both with her stunning looks, no matter where she shops!


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Celebrity Style Files: Cupcakke: Photo Credits: @CupcakKe_rapper on Twitter and Pitchfork

Thrift Stores Meet the Internet


Gone are the days of searching high and low in small, stuffy, and crowded stores looking for the best of the best thrift at the perfect price.

Secondhand market places and thrift stores have now evolved to a different platform: the internet. With constant technological advancements, this is a (really) long time coming. Secondhand online retailers have taken to the internet to resell and therefore recycle gently used clothing. Before many retailers took initiative, the only issue with online consignment was that it takes more time and resources to sell only one size of one unit. Now, online secondhand retailers are sourcing their products from customers who are not only getting a portion of the revenue, but also taking the pictures for the site themselves. Cutting out all that intermediary work saves time and money.

It’s important to remember that these retailers are not comparable to your local Goodwill. One key quality that they all have in common is that they are not selling low quality secondhand items. Instead, they are selling pieces from luxury designers and upper market retailers. By doing the curating and buying themselves, customers no longer have to dig through bins or sort through racks to find a coveted luxury piece.

This not only allows people to afford luxury items without breaking the bank, but is also good for the environment. The fashion industry is one of the top waste producing industries in the world. From the manufacturing to the care of clothing, each aspect causes large amounts of waste and pollution. Even if an item of clothing is ethically and sustainably made, that does not mean that the care and disposal of the garment will be sustainable. Just think of the gallons of water that it takes to wash a load of laundry. These retailers are making a small step in the right direction to aiding our current environmental situation.


The RealReal

Image Source: The Real Real

Most known for their vast collection of luxury consignment garments, The RealReal has one of the best collection of upper market clothing. Selling everything from Yeezy to Chanel, they have a vast collection of clothing.The bar to sell to The RealReal is high. They will not sell lower market clothing. They operate mainly online but also have their own brick and mortar store in New York City.



Image Source:

Tradesy is more linnet than The RealReal when it comes to the brands they carry. Although they still have a selection of designer brands, they carry an even wider selection of lower market and even unnamed brands. However, Tradesy has more competitive pricing on designer items than The RealReal, with their clothing being more gently worn.



Image source:

Specializing in streetwear designers rather than luxury, Grailed has a great selection for men. Grailed also allows selling from customer to customer, meaning that prices are negotiable, and with international shipping, Grailed is available to shoppers outside of the United States.



Image Source: @thrift_queen_nyc

This Instagram account specializes in pulling clothing from thrift stores around New York City and selling them through Instagram. With a mix of luxury and exclusive finds, Thrift Queen is attracting a social media following and works directly with their customers, who have the option to request different sizes and brands. It basically acts as a personal thrift shopper.

Secondhand online retailers are taking off, and the market is a huge opportunity for not only businesses, but also for customers looking for luxury at a less expensive price point.


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Thrift Stores Meet the Internet: Featured Image Provided by: Tribeur

Street Style: Dec 2017/Jan 2018


Here at Cliché Magazine, we LOVE bloggers. We love their reading about their personal interests, seeing their stylish clothes, and getting a glimpse into their creative lives. In our recently released Street Style: Dec 2017/Jan 2018 feature, our lovely readers share their favorite looks and blogs with us! Get to know them a little better by checking out their profiles and blogs below. Don’t forget to show them some love on their social media, too!

Jemma Mrdak, 24
Location: Canberra, Australia
Occupation: Communications Consultant/Influencer
Loves: My vintage Burberry denim jacket.

Pingkan Melbourne
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Occupation: Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive
Loves: My vintage ‘90s Chanel belt from my mama!

Chanèle McFarlane, 26
Location: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Do Well Dress Well
Loves: A pair of statement earrings.

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Blogger of the Month: Jenny Cipoletti of Margo & Me


Every blog out there has its own theme, aesthetic, and emotion that its creator strives to emulate in each post that is published. As one clicks over to Jenny Cipoletti’s blog Margo & Me, you find yourself emerged in an entire world filled with a Parisian atmosphere, romantic details, and feminine touches that remind us of a page ripped right out of an issue of Vogue Paris from the 1960s. It’s a blogging experience like no other, one that makes you want to visit again and again, one that will have your lips curving into a soft smile while scrolling through it. Cipoletti’s impeccable taste and darling personality truly makes her worthy of the title “Blogging’s Sweetheart.” We’re quite sure that after reading this, you will not only fall in love with her, but with Paris, too.

Cliché: Margo & Me is such a delightful blog; just landing upon the homepage makes our staff smile. We’re loving the new renovation, by the way. Can you tell us a little more about the new design?
Jenny Cipoletti: Aw! Thank you! I really wanted to take the site in a new direction. The standard blog felt dated and stale to me, so we incorporated all of the elements on the old home page into the blog roll. In addition to that, the site is far more resourceful and searchable. We have so much evergreen content on there, from where to eat and shop in Paris to inspiration for aisle style through my personal wedding and also everything I did leading up to it. We also envisioned a more product-driven destination for beauty to live in, which is The Beauty Edit, featuring product reviews. The last element that I think really brings everything together is how the branding feels cohesive, from our signature colors of blush pink and grey to decorative details along the edges of buttons, to picture-perfect fonts and more images on the homepage with the posts. We are so excited and hope you all love it, too!

Whether it’s beauty, fashion, or travel, you give us a first-class pass to it all. If you had to choose one of these three topics to blog about for a month straight, which one would it be?
Oh, travel for sure! I think the beauty of travel is blending into your surroundings, so fashion and beauty naturally fall into this.
I know putting yourself out into the cyber world can be a lot at times, but you make it seem utterly effortless. Where do you draw your self-confidence from?
Well, thank you! I truly just like to capture what makes me happy, and it’s truly inspiring to see that it inspires so many people as well. I truly mean it when I say that every like, comment, follow, and email means the world to me because it’s what keeps me creating!
Your love affair with Paris is so evident in your style and you exude pure joy when you speak about it. What do you love about it?
Oh yes, I fell for it. I fell for it all! Paris captivates my soul. What’s most extraordinary is what lies in the ordinary.

Time has a beautiful way of evolving in the direction you want it to when you do what you love doing.

You and your true love (besides Paris), husband Fred, are what millennials like myself define as #relationshipgoals. How do you balance both your business and personal life? Are there any times where you find it trying? If so, how do you power through it?
Aw! Thank you! I think the biggest bit of advice I can give is to know that there’s a specific time in the day that is dedicated to work and during that time, you discuss topics related to work and we both acknowledge that we are partners in this business; neither one of us is the boss. Then there’s a point in the day when you have to shut off and just be husband and wife. It’s so important to be able to disconnect and find that boundary and stick to it. There will be times when we will be at dinner and it’s so easy to keep talking about work because it’s the other half of us, but conversation outside of that is key.
There are definitely times when we find it trying! Freddie and I are passionately creative and both want our visions to be seen and heard. Ninety-five percent of the time we are on the same page about things, but that 5% of the time when we are not is when we are challenged to find a middle ground. Compromise is everything.
Everyone has their own story, and you’re willing to share yours with the world. It’s truly inspiring to not only your readers, but to women aiming to reach for their goals and dreams every day. What do you want people to take away from your story?
The one message that I want my readers to take away from my story is something I wish someone told me when I was starting out in my career. I was terrified; I didn’t know anyone in fashion and didn’t really have a vision or a creative direction. As a creative person, I felt lost and alone while all of my friends had salaries and stability. Time has a beautiful way of evolving in the direction you want it to when you do what you love doing. Don’t compromise, and stay as true to your authentic self as possible.
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Blogger of the Month: Jenny Cipoletti of Margo & Me: Photographed by Fred Cipoletti

Blogger Spotlight: Love Jomy


Hailing from the Sunshine State, and shining with her own infectious light every day, meet our favorite blogger of the moment, Jomarys Leon-Rivera. I had the luck of coming across Jomarys, also fondly known as Jomy, through Instagram. Her Instagram page, @love_jomy, instantly caught my eye with its authenticity, quality, and heart present within each caption of every photo. Since my first discovery of Jomy, I have witnessed her blossom over social media, constantly innovating and inspiring everyone that comes her way. Not only does Jomy curate her own blog posts on her site, Love Jomy, but she also has a YouTube channel of the same name. No matter what she publishes into cyberspace, from videos where you get to see her absolutely adorable personality, to style posts that make you want to try on items outside of your comfort zone, Jomy has it—the factor to go far, in which the sky is never the limit.
Cliché: What inspired you to create your blog, Love Jomy?
Jomarys Leon-Rivera: It all started when I was in my first semester at the University of Central Florida. I was taking a social media course that required you to start a blog and post consistently throughout the semester. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I really enjoyed talking about the things I love and sharing it with the world.
Who would you say is your biggest influence?
My mom has always been the greatest influence in my life. I always strive to make her proud and show her that everything I do, I do for her. She’s my drive and I always look forward to hearing her feedback and excitement when I post things.
Where do you gain inspiration to curate content on your blog?
I find inspiration everywhere. I think it’s important to always keep your eyes, mind, and heart wide open because ideas and content can sprout from anything.
How would you describe your personal style?
I think it’s pretty difficult to describe my style and I am totally cool with it. I want people to see items of clothing, shoes, etc. and think, “That’s so Jomy.” I love to dabble in different kinds of styles and make them my own.
If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their own personal style, what would it be?
The best tip I could give would be to always be confident in yourself and to stay true to what you like. Forget about what people think; if you like it, rock it!
Scenario time! You have a road trip planned with some of your best gal friends. What are your must-bring items?
Candy and snacks are definitely a must! I’m not sure if I could survive a road trip without indulging in everything I shouldn’t be eating. The next thing isn’t really an item, but the most important thing about road trips is a killer playlist. That’s the key to having a successful road trip.
Let’s face it: we all have that one makeup product we cannot live without. What’s yours and why?
I don’t know how I could survive my days without mascara. Although concealer is a close second, I think mascara adds a bit of life to your eyes and face.
What is the best thing that has happened to you with the creation of Love Jomy?
I have become such a better person with the creation of Love Jomy. When women tell me how much I have inspired them to feel confident and pursue their dreams, I feel like I have accomplished much more than I could have ever imagined.
What do you hope to create and spread on Love Jomy?
I want people to feel inspired when they come across Love Jomy. I also want to spread positivity and motivate others to be their true selves.
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“Blogger Spotlight: Love Jomy” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2016 issue. Photographs courtesy of Love Jomy and Lumiere and Love:

Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Hailey Andresen


We’re happy to introduce you to our third mom blogger in our Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Hailey Andresen of the blog Household Mag. Feel free to read our two incredible mom bloggers that we have featured prior to this, and be sure to show them some love.

Hailey is mother of a baby boy named, Owen, and a fur baby as well, named Jack. She’s also a wife, foodie, and interior design lover residing in Brooklyn, NY. Take a peek into Hailey’s seriously sweet and loving life through her delightful blog, Instagram page @householdmagny and our interview with this gem down below.
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Household Mag?
Hailey Andresen: Household Mag is an extension of our daily life here in Brooklyn. I try to cover most aspects of our life whether that’s recipes we enjoy as a family, our favorite neighborhoods and businesses, fashion lines we love, housewares we couldn’t live without, or more personal aspects like parenting and Owen’s life.
How do you manage to maintain your social network while being a mom? Any tips?
Keeping up with blogging can be quite time consuming with a baby. I do my best to utilize nap times, try to wake up an hour before Owen, and my husband and I try to work creatively for an hour a night during the week. Weekends are also great for productivity when Zack is home to hang with Owen, but ultimately weekends equal family time and I try to avoid too much work. It’s really just a matter of making the best use of your time.
Being that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, how do you celebrate the holiday?
I’m not sure what we will do exactly; kinda leaving it up to Zack! My guess is that we will eat a delicious meal at a local restaurant or one Zack makes at home, and just soak up as much family time as possible. My only plan is to be with Zack and Owen! That’s all that matters to me.
What’s a day in your life like?
Monday through Thursday I run a vintage shop in Williamsburg. Our hours are noon to 7:30 so most mornings are spent at home with just Owen and I. I drink coffee, slowly get ready for the day, sometimes bake, play with Owen, work on the blog if time permits, and just relax. It’s the best way to start the day in my opinion. Around 11am we both head to the shop. Owen normally naps on the train and we continue to play at the shop while greeting and helping customers throughout the day. We head home from here after the shop closes and meet Zack at home. He typically cooks dinner while I’m putting Owen to sleep. Then it’s time for Zack and I to eat, do a little computer work, watch a little TV, and just spend time together before waking up and doing it all over again. Fridays I’m off and I’ll typically shoot with Amy at some point (Household‘s photographer), hang out with friends, get errands done, and just do your typical day off activities. Weekends, it’s family time and there’s no real schedule!
How would you describe your personal style (including your kiddo’s style too)?
We are all guilty of lots of neutral colors, denim, and comfy clothes. While I love dressing up from time to time, life doesn’t always allow for this and I tend to lean more towards comfort. Since I work at a vintage shop naturally vintage pieces work their way into our wardrobe, but we like to keep in balanced with new pieces too.
When it came to dressing pre-baby and post-baby how was the transition? Did your style change drastically?
There was a bit of a transition since Owen was born in September. The end of my pregnancy I spent mostly in dresses and skirts that accommodated my large and growing belly, and then as soon as he was born fall seemed to arrive and it was looser sweaters and leggings as my body worked its way back to normal. I was lucky enough to be able to lean on these sorts of styles so that I didn’t have to waste too much money on maternity clothing that I would likely never wear again. That being said, I think I was able to maintain my sense of style through pregnancy. I didn’t change my taste too much, just wore more of one thing or another in order to keep myself covered.
Scenario time! After a long day with the kiddo, it’s time for date night. What is your go-to date night look as a momma?
Honestly, it’s hard for us to get out for a date. We don’t have any family in the area, and really just one friend who babysits so we use her sparingly. We typically make or order in dinner, open a bottle of wine, and watch a movie. Nothing fancy, but it’s pretty perfect in our eyes. When we have a sitter, our goal is pretty simple: eat delicious food and drink delicious drinks. We always like to go somewhere new!
Do you have a beauty routine? If so, what are your favorite skincare or makeup products?
I am pretty low key when it comes to a beauty routine. I try to wash my hair in the evening so that it can air dry, leaving my only job to throw in a few curls in the morning before work. I’m typically able to do this two mornings with the help of dry shampoo, and then on the third day it goes up. I love Paul Mitchell hair products and bareMinerals for makeup.
What do you hope to create and spread on Household Mag?
More than anything, I hope to create a space where Owen can look back on and remember our life. The details that photographs alone don’t always hold. If through our journey others are inspired or feel less alone in this parenting game – fantastic!
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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Hailey Andresen: Photographs courtesy of Amy Frances Photography: and @amyfrancesphoto.  

Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Tayler Gunn


Hello, Cliché readers! We’re back again to introduce you to another beautiful super mom in our Mother’s Day Blogger Series. If you didn’t check out our first blogger that we introduced, we strongly encourage you to—and feel free to show our first mom blogger some love! You can read our first post in the series here, featuring Marlyn Pena.

Today we’re introducing you to Tayler Gunn of the Instagram page, @taylergolden, who definitely radiates her own luster. Tayler is the mother of a baby boy named Remy, and is expecting one on the way! She also is the founder of Wildbird—an online shop that curates high-quality slings in lovely hues to cuddle your “little bird” in. We know, talk about a power mom! Learn how Tayler balances her wonderful life, from taking care of her babes to managing a company—and be sure to check out her site and Instagram as well.
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Instagram?
Tayler Gunn: I love to focus on my motherhood, simple moments and adventure. Those are the three things that inspire me in life and inspire me to take beautiful photos.
How do you manage to maintain your brand, Wildbird, while being a mom? Any tips?
[Laughs] It’s still a constant struggle of figuring out the balance. Some days I feel like I have it down and other days we are a complete mess. The key for me is schedule. When I keep myself and family on a schedule our days go so much better and everyone is always happier.  
Being that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, how do you celebrate the holiday?
My husband, Nate, is always the sweetest to me. He usually gets Remy in the morning and lets me sleep in and then brings me a yummy breakfast in bed. I love just loving on my babe and feeling grateful for this beautiful role I get to live in life.
Optimized-image4 (1)
What’s a day in your life like?
We are usually up around 8. I get Remy breakfast and I work on some emails. Then we like to get out of the house. We either go to the park, hang out with friends, or run errands. I get Remy home for a nap and I use that time to work but sometimes I guilty of just watching netflixs. We spend our afternoon cleaning and playing. Nate works from home also so when he’s done for the day, we usually like to go out and do something fun. In the summer we love to go spend our evenings in the mountains.  
How would you describe your personal style (including your kiddo’s style too)?
I’m pretty much always in ripped jeans and a t-shirt or a pretty dress. I love being comfortable. Madewell is my favorite store.  You will always find Remy in a little pair of vans or barefoot.
When it came to dressing pre-baby and post-baby how was the transition? Did your style change drastically?
I feel like I pretty much stayed the same. I’ve always loved clothes and style has alway been important to me. My postpartum style was pretty bad… Eeek. I don’t think I got out of leggings for 8 weeks.
Scenario time! You have a lunch with your girls and a birthday party for your kiddo on your agenda. What do you wear to transition into two different occasions?
Honestly, I probably wouldn’t change between the two events. I’m pretty low maintenance. I would probably wear a cute Madewell dress or jeans and a t-shirt to both.
Do you have a beauty routine? If so, what are your favorite skincare or makeup products?
I totally switch up my routine all the time but my two things that I can’t live without it apple cider vinegar for toner and coconut oil.  
What do you hope to create and spread on Instagram? What do you hope for Wildbird in the future?
I hope to spread awareness of babywearing and the magic of it to everyone. I hope Wildbird will continue to grow and we can help bonding mothers and babes everywhere
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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Tayler Gunn: Photographs courtesy of @taylergolden

Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Marlyn Pena


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and our Cliché family couldn’t be happier to celebrate our mothers and mother figures all round the world. In honor of all that they do, we’re introducing you to phenomenal mom bloggers that put the “super” in Super Mom with our Mother’s Day Blogger Series.

Marlyn Pena, from the Instagram page @littleredbowtique, is one momma that we’ve become smitten with. Each photo she posts is filled with glowing smiles, good vibes, and her delightful baby boy, Bryce. Her humble nature and modest, quirky style are something we absolutely adore, and just had to share with all of you. Get to know more about Marlyn and her beautiful life by reading our interview with her and catching up on her Instagram page!

Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Instagram?
Marlyn Pena: My son, Bryce, is definitely my number one inspiration. Time flies when you have a child, and I want to capture all of the little details of each stage he goes through. I love being able to scroll through my Instagram page to see how much he’s grown.
How do you manage to maintain your social network while being a mom? Any tips?
Many of the photos I post are just moments I snap throughout the day. I like to keep my phone close by just in case there’s a moment I want to capture. Most of my favorite photos are the candid ones.  
Being that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, how do you celebrate the holiday?
Last year was my first Mother’s Day, and it was so special. Our family gets together and celebrates the three mothers in our family: my mom, my sister, and I. We go out and just get spoiled with love all day. I am so excited for this year’s Mother’s Day!
What’s a day in your life like?
We have a routine, but my little wild one likes to keep it far from boring. Bryce used to wake me up, but I’ve been waking up before him recently. I get to brush my teeth and freshen up a bit before my little boss awakes. Once he wakes up, I get him all ready for breakfast. After breakfast, we like to go on a walk. This seems to be his favorite part of the day. He is always giddy at the beginning of our walks. He’ll be smiling and admiring his surroundings. By the end of the walk, he’s fast asleep. Nap time is when I get things done around the house. When he wakes up, it’s lunch time. I feel like I spend a lot of my day in the kitchen. Whether I’m whipping up something or cleaning. The cleaning and laundry are never ending! During all of this I’m running after Bryce. He recently learned to walk, and this boy is nonstop! There are also days where he wants me to carry him around with me all day long. I don’t mind it one bit, because I know that these days are fleeting. I want to enjoy my little baby for as long as I can. Once daddy comes come, I’m chopped liver. Seeing them love on each other is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I love my boys! We spend the rest of the day relaxing with daddy.
How would you describe your personal style?
My style is simple, classic, and comfortable. You can usually find me in t-shirt and jeans. I’m still breastfeeding so most of my wardrobe is nursing friendly. Button down tops and dresses are my go-to’s!  
When it came to dressing pre-baby and post-baby, how was the transition? Did your style change drastically?
My style has changed quite a bit ever since I became a mother. Comfort is my main focus now, because I don’t know how long I could last carrying my 24-pound baby in six inch heels. I do like to make an effort to get out of my PJs and clean myself up a bit everyday, because it makes me feel good. It’s so easy to get lost in motherhood. I believe it’s important to take care of ourselves to effectively take care of the others around you.
Scenario time! You have a ton of errands to run with your babe. What do you wear and bring to keep everything running smoothly?
Jeans, a button down top, and clogs are my mom uniform. Casual, comfy, but still presentable. Button down tops also make nursing so easy while running errands. My arms have gotten so much stronger ever since I became a mother. I say that Bryce is responsible for that, but I think my diaper bag has contributed as well. That thing is just as heavy as my child! Snacks are always number one if I want everything to run smoothly. Along with diapers and wipes, of course. A fed, clean, and well rested baby is a happy baby.

Do you have a beauty routine? If so, what are your favorite skincare or makeup products?
Motherhood and dark circles go hand in hand. I am so glad concealer exists! I currently use Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind. The coverage is amazing and it makes me look like I got a full night of sleep! I’ve also been using Maybelline’s Line Stilleto for a few years. It’s my go-to liquid eyeliner. It’s so easy to apply and stays on all day!

What do you hope to create and spread on Instagram?
Being a mother is amazing, but it can be overwhelming and lonely at times. I hope that my posts make someone feel that they are not alone. I have connected with so many amazing ladies with this little app that have encouraged me through the journey of motherhood. Ladies that I’ve never met in person, but that I consider my friends. I hope I can encourage and uplift others with my posts.
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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Marlyn Pena: Photographs courtesy of Marlyn Pena

Street Style: April/May 2016


Here at Cliché Magazine, we LOVE bloggers. In our recently released Street Style: Feb/Mar 2016 feature, our lovely readers share their favorite looks and blogs with us! Get to know them a little better by checking out their profiles and blogs below!
Abby Ward

Abby Ward, 25
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: “Mum,” wife, photographer, and homemaker
Loves: Denim jackets

Ana Tiganasu

Ana Tiganasu, 23
Location: Cremona, Italy
Occupation: Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger
Loves: Dresses

Elena Grodskaya

Elena Grodskaya, 27
Location: Paris
Occupation: Media and Communication
Loves: Saint Laurent Sac du jour mini bag in black

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She Said He Said


Ladies, we all have had those moments in which we wonder exactly what our guy friends or hubby thinks of our outfits. Does he think this dress is flattering? Do they think I look laid-back enough for the party? Will he like my new top? These questions may be similar to the ones that have crossed our minds when hanging out with the male species in the past, and there is no shame in it! It’s a fact that we do dress for ourselves, but it would be a step up to know just what goes through your guy’s mind when he sees you all dressed up.
Enter the fashion blog She Said He Said, starring blogger Chelsea Davis and her fiancé of seven years living in Southern California. Yes, starring them both. She Said He Said steps outside the “norm” of fashion blogging by combining both the thoughts of not only the fashion blogger but her significant other’s as well. Davis styles her fabulous outfits, shares them in detail with her readers, and then her fiancé also states his thoughts. Way to get inside a guy’s mind! The stylish posts feature not only Davis’s outfits, but sometimes her fiancé’s as well, and their opinions of each other are as candid and genuine as can be. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear another’s opinion about a look that we all may have similarly worn as well. She Said He Said will have you laughing when you consider what a guy might think about a look you have tried. We may all just become mind readers after this—fashionable ones, that is! Read on for more what Davis and her fiancé have to say about their entertaining and fashionable blog that you’ll totally want to check out on a daily basis!
Cliché: What inspired you to start the blog She Said He Said?
Chelsea Davis: My inspiration comes from my love for styling, graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), and enjoying piecing different price points together for a cohesive look. The concept for this blog actually came from my fiancé who suggested I use it as an outlet and share with others my skills and love for fashion. Having the He Said portion is important to show that a man really does see what women are wearing and cares with an honest view, which I take into consideration, sometimes.
What do you believe is the key to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
I tend to follow my mood when choosing my outfits, but having a smile on my face is always the best accessory. It shows through my outfit from my hairstyle down to my shoes. I also love my five perfumes that I cannot live without. I spray one last when I am all dressed and ready to go; it’s the icing on the cake for my confidence.
How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is a must-have, can’t-live-without pair of premium denim in any style—skinny, boot cut, or boyfriend jeans. Whether I scoured sale racks, waited in line at a sample sale, or went to my local Nordstrom and picked out a gem pair, I love the structure and fit. They are always glamorous and can definitely be dressed up or down with my Michael Kors tote or a bauble necklace.