Kyle Klaus is not your typical actor


Kyle Klaus is not your typical actor. He hails from atypical acting roots, from a sector of work entirely unrelated to the screen, that is real estate. His business acumen has lent to becoming a millionaire by the age of 30 and starting a line of successful businesses in the NJ area. This smartly provided the cushion he needed to pursue the acting career he always wanted. Since, he’s premiered in “The Blacklist,” “Billions,” and “Homeland” among others. 

Klaus discusses with Cliche Magazine the intersections of his dichotomous lifestyle. 

Working in real estate was your solution to avoiding the life of the starving artist, but you’ve made quite a name for yourself founding Prestige Properties as well as becoming a millionaire by the age of 30. How do you feel about achieving such success at a young age? What do you attribute this success to?

I attribute my success to an insatiable hunger and drive for greatness. You get to a certain level and you’re still not happy with it. That is because it’s not about a destination, it’s more about growth. You are either growing or you aren’t.  You are either improving or not.  I’ve also always known that real estate was a means to an end  – meaning that if I could keep working really hard and saving up, and making the right investments that it would set me up early on at a young age for later in life.  Then when the acting projects and opportunities came up – I would be able to take those and not worry about what was next, or if it was going to be a hit, or if it was going to make my career take off.  I would always be able to have something else there, and wouldn’t be worried about my acting career, especially since there are so many variables to whether you get a job or don’t, or you have a successful career and are famous or not.

What are some similarities and intersections you’ve found in acting and entrepreneurship? Are there things you’ve learned working in real estate and founding your own business that you apply to acting?

Yes, definitely.  Probably the most apparent is that you are your own CEO.  I know people say that about acting all the time, but I don’t know if everyone really gets it. In acting, you have to make sure you understand your audience, what they want from you, and try to give them some of that.  Also that your “craft” is on point.  That is just like your skills or quality in business.  Also – there are many other things like dealing with people, organization, scheduling, and also hiring/ outsourcing things that will free you up for better uses of your time.

What are surprises about the acting industry that you hadn’t realized before entering as an actor?

I think the biggest thing is that you really don’t need too much to get started and be successful.  You really just need your talent, a headshot that represents you well, and opportunities.  That’s it.  People get so caught up especially in the beginning that you need some amazing reel, marketing materials, all sorts of classes, etc.  There are businesses that prey on the neediness of actors.

You’ve managed to find the best of both worlds in both finance and art, two dichotomous fields. Do you have any advice for those out there who are struggling with choosing between a realistic aspiration versus a creative passion?

This is just my opinion and I may be wrong about this – but I don’t think you have to choose.  I think too many people allow others to affect their thoughts and their actions. I think it’s all just BS. It’s my hope that people can start saying “F.U.” to a stereotype.  I can be an artist and I can be an intellectual.  I can be creative and I can be a finance wiz.  I can be a computer engineer and I can be a painter.  Yes, they might be different sides of the brain you use, but why not work them both.  I think it makes you more well rounded and I also think that you should strive to do something you don’t think ANYONE else has done just because it’s not the TYPICAL way to do things – from what you think or have been told.

You mention to Authority Magazine that you worry about the socioeconomic effects of wealth disparity on vital financial literacy and knowledge. How do you think that we can work towards solving this issue? Do you have any specific plans?

I really don’t yet.  I know that I grew up not learning ANY of that stuff, and just through my own reading and learning have learned more real-world things that many of my friends that went to school for finance or economics or business have.  With all the resources we have handy these days, I actually believe that people can learn and become experts in anything they put their minds on.  Take for instance YouTube.  Years ago we didn’t have this thing that we could just type into a search bar and find tips on ANYTHING you wanted.  I know a lot of guys on there, including myself, teaching real deal type life financial lessons and I just hope that people that need it, find it.  I mean – I just found a video last summer on “how to clean my gas grill” because I didn’t know and I figured I would just “youtube it” – sure enough, I found a perfect video with visuals.  It’s out there and basically, anyone with internet access can watch it.

Are there any future endeavors – anything at all – that you hope to accomplish post-Corona?

Well, I really hope Corona goes away really soon for all the reasons possible, especially for acting. I miss so much being on set.  I really have a lot of things I want to accomplish there and it hasn’t been easy and productions haven’t been going on as much because of corona.

Lastly, to paint a more humanizing portrait of you, I would love it if you could speed run through a couple of “favorites” so that readers get a better sense of who you are.

  • Favorite book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  • Favorite piece of advice: Don’t talk about it, be about it.
  • Go-to Musical Artist/Album: Empire of the Sun
  • Favorite food: Porterhouse Steak Medium Rare

Is there anything else that you would like to say to Cliche readers?

You only have one life and there is an UNLIMITED supply of information out there at your fingertips. Whatever it is you want to do, but you may be feeling like you cannot do it – find ways to overcome those obstacles and focus on how to bring your dreams to life.  Once you figure out how to overcome yourself, you can do mostly anything.

This article has been lightly edited for clarity

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Brings on Pure Nostalgia


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows film, following the lukewarm response of its predecessor directed by Michael Bay, is likely to achieve the same feedback from die-hard fans and critics alike. The film was everything it was expected to be, for the good and the bad.

Directed by David Green, this sequel follows Ninja Turtles Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael as they take on Shredder who has joined forces with mad scientist Baxter Stockman and henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady to take over the world. Enlisting the help of April O’Neil (Megan Fox), Vern Fenwick (Will Arnett), and a newcomer: the hockey-masked vigilante Casey Jones (Stephen Amell) as they are faced with an even greater nemesis: the notorious Krang.
Green’s adaptation of the ’80s-’90s cartoon and comic was rather flawless and brought back pure nostalgia in respect to the Turtles and their contrasting personalities and demeanor. As far as Megan Fox’s role as April–just like the first movie, that’s still questionable. However, Green’s strategic execution in focusing on her playing more of a secondary, light-hearted role made it more tolerable to sit through this time around. Is she gorgeous? Yes. But April O’Neil wasn’t exactly created to be known as the sex symbol that Fox is.
Although, according to Deadline, the film made approximately $35 million during its opening weekend it is seemingly falling short of expectations in comparison to its forerunner, which banked approximately $65 million during its opening.
In spite of its less than spectacular showing, the TMNT sequel shed light on important societal issues, including acceptance and self-esteem. The underlying messages of being true to oneself, not judging a book by its cover, and accepting those for who they are were threaded throughout the plot line and gave the film a substantial amount of depth creating heartwarming moments.
In all, the movie adaptation of the Mirage Studios comic was entertaining and stayed true to the essence of the main characters, however as reminiscent as it was, it was unable to capture the authenticity that the TV series and graphic novel provided to its audience.
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Photos courtesy of Comic Book News and EW.com

Wilde House Paper


Calling all stationary collectors, paper lovers, and fans of handmade pretty things out there! We’ve got something special to share just for you. We’re introducing a monthly box that brings you the most gorgeous paper goods we have ever seen, right to your doorstep—Wilde House. Created by the creative duo Lauren and Megan, this one-of-a-kind brand offers their fans paper pieces that are prettier than anything you’ve seen. Featuring handlettering skills, colors that pop, picture perfect designs, and so much more, this monthly box makes all of your dreams come to print. Founded in California (where the two talented founders met), Wilde House is done up more every month, even with the gals now living across the country from each other. Talk about girl power and teamwork! Learn more about how these authentic and magical women bring you a brand that is simply beautiful in everything that it does. Read our exclusive interview with Lauren and Megan below—we’re sure you’ll become just as smitten with them as we have.
Cliché: Tell our readers a little about yourselves.
Lauren & Megan: We met in California during a workshop Lauren was teaching in 2014. We teamed up shortly after that and created Wilde House not really knowing yet which direction we were going to take it. After weeks of brainstorming and planning, it hit us that there was a gap in the market for stationery designed in our style. There are a lot of great designers, but none we felt that captured the mix of sassy, pretty, cool, and clean designs that we wanted. Megan moved to Philadelphia to create as a graphic designer for Free People, and Lauren stayed in Orange County lettering and styling for A Fabulous Fete. Since we were going to be thousands of miles apart, we knew handling a full line of stationary wasn’t a realistic plan for us, but designing a box once a month was totally doable. Just one month later, our first box shipped.
march box14 WildeHousePaper-JanuaryBox-5
What inspired both of you to create Wilde House?
Honestly, that it’s just fun to get pretty things in the mail. With all of the bills and junk, it’s nice to look forward to something each month that is like a gift. And each month we design around a theme, so we do our research and try to find what’s missing for ladies with our style. For example, in December we designed a box full of super cool wrapping items because it’s almost impossible to find decent holiday items around us.
Are there any challenges in working as a team split across the country? How do you two keep the ball rolling?
Definitely! It’s not easy, especially with the time difference. We’ve started working further and further out from our ship date to ensure that we both have time to complete our tasks. A lot of our work is dependent on a decision or a piece of art from the other, so knowing that the other’s success in getting things done on time depends on you is a motivator. Plus we have frequent FaceTime dates… texting and emails are great for lists and to-do’s, but brainstorming is ALWAYS done “face to face.”
How is content curated for the boxes? What inspires each month’s theme?
Themes are usually inspired by what is going on around us,which includes holidays. If it’s not themed around a holiday, it’s based on something fun we find a need for in our life, like our debut box filled with goods to deck out your bar (cocktails and wine are close to our hearts;).
If you each had to describe Wilde House in 3 words, what would they be?
Lauren: Lighthearted, quirky, tongue-in-cheek (that counts as one, right?).
Megan: Artistic, sassy, #onpoint.
Where do you envision the brand in the future? What do you hope for it?
We’ll always be a box company… until people hate them and stop buying them! Who doesn’t like a surprise every month in the form of paper? However, we do hope that it can grow from here into a full stationery line eventually. We have so many ideas that either don’t make the cut, or we just can’t justify because of costs for our box. So to be able to create everything we come up with for a line would be amazing. Oh, and also working out of our ocean front office in Laguna Beach 😉
Join the Wilde tribe on www.wildehousepaper.com and don’t forget to share your lovely designs that you’ll receive with the hashtag #thewildetribe on Instagram.
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Photographs courtesy of Wilde House Paper

Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars Kicks Off with a Bang


It’s time to move it, move it and slip into those dancing shoes! Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars is here and if you missed last night’s premiere, we’ve got you covered!
This season of DWTS welcomes back straight shooter judge Len Goodman, after being missed last season, and alongside the beloved judge were none other than Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli.
Cast of Season 22 includes:
1. Kim Fields and Sasha Farber dancing the Cha Cha (20 points)
2. Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas dancing the Foxtrot (21 points)
3. Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff dancing the Foxtrot (15 points)
4. Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe dancing the Tango (20 points)
5. Geraldo Rivera and Edyta Sliwinska dancing the Cha Cha (13 points)
6. Marla Naples and Tony Dovolani dancing the Quick Step (21 points)
7. Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold dancing the Cha Cha (23 points)
8. Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy dancing the Jive (23 points)
9. Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev dancing the Tango (16 points)
10. Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd dancing the Cha Cha (23 points)
11. Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess dancing the Quick Step (21points)
12. Von Miller and Whitney Carson dancing the Foxtrot (21 points)


Courtesy of ABC via Yahoo

The night started off with a bang as actress Kim Fields and her partner Sasha Farber spiced up the dance floor with a sexy and sassy Cha Cha routine, setting the tone for the rest of the night after a score of 21/30. Some couples rose to the challenge tying up the scores and others came out feet a blazing with three couples — Boys II Men member Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold, TV personality Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy, and deaf model Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd — surpassing the duo with high scores of 23/30 for the night.
As amazing of a start to the season it was, not everyone could be great. Lowest scores of the night included actress Mischa Barton’s painfully awkward Tango with Artem Chigvintsev receiving a 16/30, former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff’s not-so-smooth foxtrot scoring a 15/30 and coming in at the tail end was a rather stiff yet heartwarming performance from 72-year-old reporter/TV show host Geraldo Rivera and Edyta Sliwinska with an earned score of 13/30.
All in all, there is a lot of talent this season and the judges, especially Carrie Ann Inaba — who couldn’t contain her excitement all night, are ready to see what these dancers have in store! Remember, the judges scores only count for part of how results turn out, so make sure you vote to ensure your favorite couples stick around!
You can catch Dancing with the Stars on ABC every Monday at 8/7c.
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Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars Kicks Off with a Bang: Featured image courtesy of Heidi Gutman/ABC

The Most Iconic Grease Moments to Capture on Canvas or Frame


Grease is an iconic film that depicts American teenagers in the 1950s, and it’s by far one of the most famous and loved musicals. Grease fans—and those who have never known the joys of watching this beloved musical—recently got to indulge in a television special Grease: Live. Audiences were treated to relive their favorite musical with a one-night live performance featuring a modern cast. There are so many iconic moments in this musical, so why not choose one of your favorite moments or characters, upload it, and keep the film alive on a canvas or frame? Here are some iconic moments that you could choose from.
Opening Credits
The first iconic moment in Grease is of course the animated opening credits this depicts and creates nostalgia from 1950’s America. Any one of the animations could be uploaded and printed photos to canvas, but if you’re a true Grease fan, the best one would be the blue car with “grease” written on it, which was also featured on some movie posters.
Classic Greasers
The T-Bird group represents Greasers, which was a popular type of group in 1950’s America. Any one of the T-Birds could be framed individually, but Danny and Kenickie are probably most popular. Or if you can’t choose between just one, why not get a canvas made with all the T-birds together as a group with their famous jackets? The best choice would be with them on the bleachers, right after they’ve belted out the number they sing alongside the Pink Ladies.


The Pink Ladies in GREASE © Courtesy of the Kobal Collection

Pink Ladies
Each Pink Lady has a different style, but they are all connected with their iconic pink jacket. Grease lovers who are looking to add a pop of color to their wall should have a canvas made with all of the Pink Ladies wearing their famous pink jackets.
The Drive-In
All of the teens at Rydell High collectively group at the movie drive-in at weekends, and a classic moment that would look like an amazing piece of art hung on your wall is of course a shot of Danny and Sandy in Dann’s banged up car.
Dancing Fever
The high school dance that takes place in Rydell High, as any Grease fan will know, is imperative to the film. There are lots of shots of Danny and Sandy dancing, which would look amazing in color or black and white framed and placed on your wall.
GREASE, Jeff Conaway, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, Stockard Channing, 1978. © Paramount Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

GREASE, Jeff Conaway, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, Stockard Channing, 1978. © Paramount Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

The End
The ending to Grease is the most iconic moment you want captured on a canvas or frame. There are many best moments you have to choose from. The first, which is also the movie’s poster, would be Sandy dressed up in black with her new perm hugging Danny. Another is the T-Birds and all the Pink Ladies together as a group. These moments can be in black and white or color, but it’s probably best to get one of the end shots in color to really appreciate the different colors the carnival offers. The last moment, which comes right at the end, would be Danny and Sandy going off together in a flying car.
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The Most Iconic Grease Moments to Capture on Canvas or Frame: Featured image courtesy of Paramount Pictures/Everett Collection

myWebRoom Feature


I’ve always had a fantasy in which I walk into my room, see something I want to change, and with the snap of my fingers, it is updated within moments. Just think of that being an actual option in real life! With the creation of myWebRoom, a virtual room in which you can shop for products, create your dream living space, and connect with new people all in front of your tech device, it actually is—virtually, of course. Think of it as a 3D Pinterest, like Cliché Editor in Chief Megan Portorreal does! It’s an innovative, imaginative, and extremely organized social platform that allows you to be creative in your own personal style through designing a room centered around your interests, favorite sites, and must-have products. You’ll be blown away with the amount of tasks you can check off with myWebRoom: you can listen to music, socialize with other members, shop for new items, book a trip, or discover even more. Whether you love interior design, are looking for a new way to decorate a room, or you are just the casual daydreamer like myself, myWebRoom is only a click away. We chatted with the lead product designer of myWebRoom, Ling Lim, for you to get to know how myWebRoom was created, how it has grown, and how easy it is to use!
Cliché: Where did the inspiration to create myWebRoom grow from?
Ling Lim: Our co-founders were heavy Internet users, and the inspiration came to them as they were looking for a better way to manage the 20,000 tabs they had open on their browsers for various purposes! They thought that there had to be a way to better organize and incorporate everything into one place. As they started looking for the perfect tool, ideas emerged as to how they could group all of the information that they cared about into an interface that would intuitively allow them to do so. Eventually, they decided to build it themselves for their personal needs!
What makes this site more unique than any of the other social/design platforms out there?
myWebRoom is a social bookmarking and content discovery tool set in a virtual room setting that is entirely up to the user to design. When we were doing research on our competitors, we found different bookmarking, content discovery, and design sites, but nothing that bridged the three experiences. We wanted to create a more all-encompassing platform for people who are looking for more. With the sharing of articles and websites on various social media platforms, I believe that we are in an era of social bookmarking where people seek to express themselves with the kind of content they interact with. When I show my friends what I am reading, what I am contemplating about, and/or what I believe in, it helps connect me with like-minded individuals or drive discussions on certain topics. There are many social platforms that have been really successful with that (think sharing links on Facebook and Twitter), but they lack two big features that I feel would be ideal for consumers that we made a point of focusing on. First, we did not want to limit our users when it came to self-expression. While sharing content is a great way to do that, we wanted to create a foundation for that. This is where the customization of the rooms and the products come in; whether you are into Batman or dreaming of owning a loft in the Upper East Side, we have something for you to organize and share your content from.
Second, the sharing of content has always seemed very fleeting on most social platforms. Through user tests, we found out that many users often fail to revisit links that they have saved or shared, simply because most tools are not optimized for that. We wanted our users to be able to effectively organize and share content from their rooms, be it for their own bookmarking purposes or for the purpose of sharing content.
For anyone new to myWebRoom, how would you describe it?
I have had to describe myWebRoom many times when I meet new people at events or even just to my Lyft drivers! I always say, “Imagine the space we are in, but on your computer as an interface. Click on, say, the TV, and you get a stream of cool videos. You can then save them or bookmark your own sites in that category. The same goes for all the other items in your room!” I tell them that myWebRoom is a fun social community that provides an easy and engaging way for you to discover and organize your favorite sites. You can create folders and your roommates can visit your room! myWebRoom lets users open any website, watch videos, shop, and more, all from within their room.
How did the idea of a personalized room come about?
Back in 2010 when the founders started conceptualizing the product, the idea of a “social” ecosystem was very important in the consumer web sector. They knew that they had to incorporate “social” behavior into the product in a way that felt natural and engaging. As they started to brainstorm how to put those elements together, they thought about how people express themselves through decorating their own spaces and how they would visit their friends’ rooms and hang out. They noticed how when people move into a new room, it is a blank canvas, and slowly they begin to personalize it until their room is a unique reflection of them. They began to gravitate towards making a “room” as the main visual interface. They wanted to create intuitive relationships between objects and types of information just like you do in real life! They wanted users to be able to have a place that they can call home on the web, where they can bring in their favorite content to a living visual profile that they designed to express who they are.
Being able to purchase an item via myWebRoom with just a click of a button is such an innovative and modern way to shop online. Are all the items in the rooms available for purchase, or just some?
We have partnered up with many amazing online stores, and we carry their items on myWebRoom. The majority of the items that you see on the website are available for purchase from the rooms. There are, however, two instances where items are not for sale. Sometimes our designers create items based on a room’s unique theme, and these items are not actual products at the time of production. We also have a very exciting feature called My Contributions where users can request for personal items to be created and placed in their rooms. In most of the cases, the item is personal and not for sale to other users. For example, users can take a picture of their couch at home or even their dog, and our team will render it for them so that they can use it in their room. They also have the option of inputting a URL to a product that they’ve found online, in which case we add it to our shop for everyone to enjoy. We launched this feature last October and have since received 2,000 requests!
What do you hope for myWebRoom in the future?
I am very excited for the future of our product! I envision a future where you have the option of allowing your roommates to visit your room to check out what you are up to—what music you’re listening to, articles you’re reading, products you covet (so they can get it for your birthday!), etc. The possibilities are endless. Every room is your portal to someone’s identity on the web. myWebRoom is marrying content discovery and organization with your own creative social profile. Our kids are not going to want to use Facebook! They are going to want to be roommates.
myWebRoom Feature “What We Love: MyWebRoom” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2015 issue.
Photographs courtesy of www.mywebroom.com.
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Kutula Kiss: Accessories With A Purpose


Accessories are one thing that women would never forget. Whether it’s a pair of pearl earrings or silver bracelets hanging on their wrists, there is no doubt that they complete any kind of look. With lifestyle brand Kutula Kiss, accessories are more than just adorning women all over the world as their jewelry products are created for a higher purpose.


Photo courtesy of allynlewis.com

It all started out when founders Cindy Berg and Kathy Pettigrew traveled to Colombia and discovered how much beauty lies in its culture, tradition, and the wonderful craftsmanship of their artisans. This fueled both of them to bring the artistry of Colombia to North America with its woven, hand-crafted bohemian accessories. Deriving the brand name from a South African dialect, Kutula meaning “peace” that is, “Kissing the world” through harmony, love, and sharing embodied everything that Berg and Pettigrew envisioned for their brand.

Photo courtesy of kutulakiss.com

Kutula Kiss never loses sight of its goal as women behind the creation of these accessories are empowered and supported. In fact in their Muse Collection (which are necklaces), Kutula Kiss collaborates with single mothers who are in compromising situations being in abusive environments. Every bead and thread they make helps a mother and her baby along the way.

Photo courtesy of allynlewis.com

Every collection no matter how simple can rock an outfit, especially if you’re going for a gypsy, bohemian look. Since the designs are created by the hands of passion and integrity, there is no doubt any ensemble can turn out meaningfully. Wouldn’t you want to wear something that means way more than it looks?

Photo courtesy of allynlewis.com

By supporting Kutula Kiss accessories, we’ll kiss our way to fashion one step at a time.
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– by Alve Aranton

Back to School: Day Designer Planners from Blue Sky


Whether you’re in high school or college, September means one thing: a new school year. And what better way to get all your assignments, deadlines, and extracurricular activities all in one stylish place than with the Day Designer planners from Blue Sky?

Whitney English

Whitney English, creator of Day Designer

Created by Whitney English, these planners were designed with both functionality and style in mind. “I envisioned a planner that would be simple to use, yet robust enough to handle the modern woman’s busy, chaotic, challenging—yet ultimately rewarding—life,” says English. “An efficient planning system was truly the key to helping me, and busy women all over the world, find focus, create balance, and live a more inspiring life.”
Planners come with daily, weekly, and/or monthly calendar sections, extra notes pages, and inspirational quotes meant to motivate. Our favorite? The Day Designer Gold Stripe Weekly/Monthly Planner ($16.99), a wire-o spiral bound organizer with a paperboard cover and gold foil detail. The teal tabs and accent color just top it off!
Blue Sky also offers free printable pages, like a travel checklist and a summer goal sheet, and covers on the website for extra customization. Print out exactly what you need, and then add them to your own binder!
We are also currently giving away three Day Designer planners to three winners each on our website! Click here and enter for your chance to win. But hurry! Giveaway ends on August 16.
Planners are also available starting at $9.99 at BlueSky.com or from your local Target.
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Back to School: Day Designer Planners from Blue Sky: Photographs courtesy of Blue Sky

Heist Boutique


We all have those fashionable dreams of wanting to shop in a stylish person’s closet, a closet in which we would wear absolutely everything and never go out of style. This was Nilou Ghodsi’s vision for the creation of her store, Heist, with the closet being her very own! And why not? When looking at this contemporary boutique located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California, we want just about one of everything in it. Its minimalist look revolves around open spaces and brick wall details highlighting the clothes and accessories within it beautifully. Created in the summer of 2004, Nilou aspired to share her own fashion savvy talent with other modern women balancing a successful career and loving family. Her eye for handpicking quality items that will last for years in our wardrobes expanded Heist to launch into the cyber world on shopheist.com. This is exciting news for all of us East Coast gals who can now shop online for all of these stunning items! Read on for our exclusive interview with Nilou Ghodsi, who shared more information on the Heist boutique and the must-haves we all need in our closets.
Cliché: The clothes sold at Heist are absolutely chic and gorgeous! What type of woman do you believe you are dressing with your products?
Nilou Ghodsi: We dress the social, savvy, and modern woman who doesn’t follow trends. The Heist woman has a closet of versatile staples with stand-out pieces intermixed. Her style is effortless, sophisticated, and most importantly, her own!
Nilou Ensembles 79_pp   Nilou Ensembles 8_pp2
If you were to name three must-have items from Heist to have this season, what would they be?
Anything by Nili Lotan. Her pieces are timeless and she offers a beautiful selection of winter whites. The cashmere sweaters by Avant Toi are truly one of a kind. They’re vibrant and cozy—a winning combination as the weather cools down. Designer Raquel Allegra is always a Heist favorite. Her pieces are relaxed and undeniably cool… she always gets it right.
How do you go about choosing products for your store? Is there a certain theme or style you look for?
Simply put, Heist is a bigger version of my own closet! I personally handpick each and every piece, using my own personal style as my guide during buying trips. I look for high quality and flattering cuts in interesting textures and prints… I love prints!
What makes Heist unique?
Heist is a very personalized experience. Our clients have access to a thoughtful curation of pieces not widely found in other stores. Also, we tend to style things in our own way which celebrates individuality. We’ve quietly garnered what some may call a cult following, but we prefer to think of Heist as an inclusive community of stylish women who love beautiful clothes!
What are your future plans?
If we opened more brick and mortars, Heist would lose that very element of personalization that has made us unique. For that reason, instead I’ve focused our growth efforts into e-commerce at shopheist.com, which just in the past year has grown into a formidable online presence. There are a few other upcoming projects that are still “hush hush.” What I can tell you is I’ll be sharing my creativity in new and exciting ways… so stay tuned!
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Photo credit to Heist

Blush Bazaar


It’s time to ’fess up! I know each and every one of you is a sucker for holiday décor around this time of year. It’s no secret that you feel a little bit giddy when you see those front lawn lights, plastic reindeers and Santas, and a Christmas tree through a window. I’m here to tell you that it is perfectly okay to love all of this! You’re probably thinking right now, “Oh no… I’m turning into my mother. Pretty soon there will be tinsel everywhere!” Haha, well, there is nothing wrong with that! (Let’s just not get too tinsel crazy.)

Staying festive, stylish, and not going overboard isn’t hard when you keep everything simple, bright, and absolutely adorable, which are three descriptions that perfectly capture one of the most lovely Etsy stores ever, The Blush Bazaar. If you’re looking to decorate any room in your home or even a dorm room, this store has you covered, especially during the holidays. Created by sister duo Melike and Tugba Bayram from NYC now living in New Jersey, these siblings produce darling tassel garlands, fringe piñatas, and garlands to tie around balloons. Their gorgeous products are absolutely unique to display in any place and have even been featured on Glamour.com for their stunning and ready-to-hang quality. Personally, we’re all for hanging them up anywhere and everywhere all year round! Check out our exclusive interview with the darling sisters of the Blush Bazaar, and get to know their inspiration, how they make these fun goodies, and what’s in store for their successful and growing Etsy shop.

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Cliché: What made you two start the Blush Bazaar?
Melike and Tugba Bayram: We had originally started out creating handmade jewelry and tassel garlands, but when our tassels took off we had to put our jewelry to the side. We’ve always been pretty creative people, so we decided to pursue our passions and with positive reinforcement from family and friends, we opened our Etsy shop last year!

How/where do you find inspiration for the creation of your products?
We get our inspiration from everyday life! If we see a particular piece of jewelry, clothing item, or even a bouquet of flowers with beautiful colors, we’ll recreate it in the form of a garland or piñata. There’s inspiration everywhere if you know how to look for it.

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What are your favorite pieces from the shop?
Our favorites are definitely the balloon garland tails. We love to bring them to any party or even as a birthday gift. They are just so bright and cheerful, and it’s hard not to smile when you have giant balloons in your face!

How do your customers use your products? Do you have any décor styles, ideas, etc?
There are sooo many ways to use tassel garlands! The opportunities are truly endless. A lot of our customers use their tassel garlands to decorate the dessert bars at their parties. Customers also love to use our giant balloon tails in engagement and wedding photoshoots; it really adds that extra touch to photos. Mothers use our tassel baby mobiles to decorate their baby’s nursery. Our garlands also make the perfect accent to office spaces, dorm rooms, and bedrooms!

Do you two have any exciting or upcoming surprises to share with us about the Blush Bazaar? Give us a hint! We’d totally love to know.
YES! This is the first time we’re publicly announcing that we’re working on a handcrafted jewelry collection with our father! Our father is bringing over 20 years of experience as a jeweler at some of the finest jewelers in NYC to Blush Bazaar. Our jewelry collection is going to be chic and trendy quality-handcrafted jewelry. We’re so excited!

Be sure to get your hands on some of your own Blush Bazaar paper goods at www.etsy.com/shop/BlushBazaar. Stay in the know as well with some of their creative and cute photos by following them on Instagram. For more information or to inquire about a product, email the sisters at [email protected]. Grab some tassel love this holiday season!

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Jojo’s Chocolate Hope


Statistically, more than one million people in the United States alone are inflicted year after year from cancer. This disease had rapidly spread throughout the years, and has affected many lives of both victims and family. After their mother, Jojo Ensanian, succumbed to Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer, her son and daughter, Danny and Lisa Ensanian, took their grief and built Jojo’s Chocolate Hope. Jojo’s is a company that started out as a friends and family consumer operative, but grew as their message reached out to others whose loved one’s were or had suffered from cancer. From there, Danny and Lisa reached out to Tayler Kaiserman whose mother, Nancy Kaiserman, had lost her nine-year battle against Metastatic Breast Cancer. Tayler had felt a strong connection with the Ensanian’s and their work, thus invested with the company to help it flourish to where it is now. Starting off as a basic sugarcoated foundation, Jojo’s has grown into maturity with selling its chocolate products with healthy ingredients that not only taste amazing, but also support a healthy diet and lifestyle. Cliché’s Heather Glock was able to talk with the three young entrepreneurs about the birth of this thriving company, its delicious chocolate, as well as their slogan, ‘Chocolate Hope.’

Cliché: Most families, after losing loved ones to cancer, respectfully join some of the walks and donate yearly. You both decided to set up this business after the passing of your mothers. What sparked the idea of wanting to contribute every day to cancer research?
Tayler: Everyone involved in Jojo’s has lost a loved one, more specifically a mother, to this disease. The suffering and anguish is present in not only the affected, but everyone who cares for the person. Having to sit by helplessly is a terrible feeling, and words of encouragement or condolence just never seem to be enough. We want to see major steps taken in the treatment of cancer in our lifetime. Without being a scientist, this is our way of contributing to the community that is able to make those steps.
Lisa: I respect everyone who walks for cancer and donates whenever they can, but for me, that money wasn’t in my control and I didn’t know where it was going. A week after my mother passed, I thought of an idea to make a brand that I could be in control of to donate and also make something delicious that has not been on the market yet. This brand will always keep my mother alive; it’s the best way we can honor her life and how much she means to us. Jojo’s Chocolate Hope really brought me and my brother together as well, and that was my mom’s greatest wish.

Why did you decide to sell chocolate products? Was JoJo a chocolatier, or a baker?
Jojo was not a chocolatier or baker by any means, but simply a beautiful individual who strived to put a smile on her friends’ and families’ faces with a homemade gift. She would simply melt down different chocolates, mix in a variety of toppings, and break them into pieces of chocolate bark. In our attempt to come up with a product that we could use to support the cancer-fighting community, chocolate seemed to be a no-brainer. We want to send hope and happiness through chocolate the same way she did. Who isn’t happy when they get chocolate?!
Lisa: My mom passed away a week before I entered my Bachelor’s Degree program. My first project was to make a brand after someone who passed away. What a coincidence, right? So the first thing that came to mind was her chocolate that she made every Christmas. It was one of those things that we would do together that turned into a tradition every year, something I wanted to continue and pass down to my children one day. After telling my brother about the project, his first reaction was, “Why don’t we make this real?” Never did I think this would happen. Now here we are, two years later, still striving to be a huge success.

Danny and Lisa with Jojo Ensanian

Danny and Lisa with Jojo Ensanian

When you first started, your line was completely different than what it is now. Your products are healthier and natural. What made you want to change your ingredients?
Tayler: The product took a turn when we began to realize that people other than friends and family believed in what we stood for, and they wanted to be a part of something more. That’s what made us decide that we could take this product to a whole new level. Functional foods is a concept we were taught by a very successful chef who aided in our formulating process. We wanted our product to represent our cause. With increased focus on beneficial attributes you take from your foods and the ingredients within, this is something that you can eat without worrying about the sugars, dairy, and additives that could upset their diets and still nutritionally impact your diet. Holistic treatments and special diets are very much a chosen direction for many people fighting invasive diseases. Our product will hopefully be a part of those diets, allowing chocolate lovers to still enjoy a delicious chocolate bar, but without the guilt or worry.

The slogan of Jojo’s Chocolate Hope is, “Chocolate For A Cure.” What can you tell me about that?
Well, it says it all, really. We sell chocolate and 15% of all profits go toward finding a cure. Not to mention, Jojo’s takes part in charitable events and with organizations every chance we get. Whether we are are giving away gift bags or setting up booths to raise funding for that particular cause, we are always trying to show that all it takes is the willingness to get involved. Jojo’s, as much as it is a chocolate company, has plans to make it much more. We want to educate and inform people regarding functional foods and minor changes to daily eating habits. We will be involved with benefits, outlets, and support for those who we can touch with our cause, and hopefully, even work-space and other events we will host to help take your mind off the disease and provide a fun and tasty way to focus on the now. Of course, as a small start-up, all of these things will take time to achieve, but there is a much bigger picture here.

Your flavors are beautifully unique! Are there any new flavors we can look forward to this fall?
The process of formulating new flavors, conducting the nutritional analysis, and then packaging them is quite a process! But we certainly have a laundry list of new flavors we’ve experimented with. Some include goji berries, cinnamon and nutmeg, and even lemon.
Tayler: Can I just say: “Pumpkins, spice, and all things nice.”

Considering there are countless facilities and charities to donate to, how do you pick where to donate? Is there a foundation that speaks personally to you?
In a perfect world, this wouldn’t be such a hard decision, and all foundations would be appropriating funds where they could be utilized to their fullest. This is not always the case. Currently, Jojo’s is making donations to two organizations in particular: Monter Cancer Center in Long Island and Memorial Sloan Kettering. Be it that we have all experienced loss in our immediate families, we chose the facilities that we have had great experiences with regarding how they handle this subject. Ultimately we would like to make it a very personal experience and allow our patrons to choose from select foundations as well as which areas of research the funds go to. However, that is still a ways off for us.

Can we expect to see Jojo’s Chocolate Hope in stores soon?
Absolutely! It’s a matter of perfecting our flavors, production process, and marketing strategies before we perform an all-out blitz. At this time anyone can feel free to try our bars through our online store. But you can expect huge things from Jojo’s in time.
Tayler: It is just a matter of time at this point. We plan to be around for as long as people still eat chocolate (that won’t stop… I can’t stop). We are close. I’d say mid- to late-2015 will be our year.

Visit www.jojoschocolatehope.com to show your support!

‘Jojo’s Chocolate Hope’ appeared in the 2014 October/November Issue. Photo credit: Mauricio Romero

W Concept Feature


Shopping in stores sometimes doesn’t quite cut it. We can face shopping struggles like not finding a to-die-for top in our size, finding a dress in our size only to spot a rip or stain, or spending all day at the mall and having little to bring back to our closets at home. But with online shopping, you won’t experience this disappointment! Shopping has rapidly moved into the cyber world with more people enjoying clothes hunting through their browsers than in crowded stores. Every new bag, shoe, and accessory are all at your fingertips: just a type into the search bar and click to add items into your shopping cart. Plus, there are deals and bargains found online everyday! 30% off designer? We’re there!

(Laboratoria 917 Dorsay Flat Shoes $65, Us.wconcept.com)

W Concept is one stellar exclusive online retailer that brings designer labels right to your screen with amazing deals and bargains. The online inventory of this fabulous retailer includes well-known brand names, such as Ray Ban, Saint Laurent, Tres Chic, Mulberry, and Ling Wu. The W Concept also features an exclusive designer LURI, which takes “Made in Italy” seriously. Each genuine Italian leather handbag in their collection is made to add a combination of edge and simplicity to any look, while being stylish in a minimal way. Laboratoria 917, another authentic Italian brand that recently launched a collection of handcrafted and chemical-free shoes, can also be found on The W Concept. Their shoes have a bold and modern style but stay true to tradition with their century-old shoe making process. We absolutely appreciate the value of authenticity these brands boast and it’s certainly reflected in the quality of their products.

(BOLOGNA_Blue Lavender, Us.wconcept.com)
(PERUGIA POCHETTE_Crocodile Sage, Us.wconcept.com)
You can find some serious deals on the W Concept right on their website. There’s a “1% a Day” deal that targets all of the merchandise on the site. Each day, an item is listed in their “1% a Day” section and drops 1% in price for every day that it remains on the site. Bonus: their most dropped items are always featured on top. Easy shopping! Besides their shop-worthy deals and coupon codes, you also receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more and free returns. Check out everything the W Concept has to offer on Us.wconcept.com!
All photo credit goes to the W Concept.
Featured Image Details: (Laboratoria 917 Pointy Toe Slingback Pump $60, Us.wconcept.com)