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4 Socially Distanced Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


While many of us unfortunately may not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with our family this year due to COVID, there are many contact free gift options that can help bring you closer together, even across the country. Here are 4 socially distanced Mother’s Day gift ideas!

1. Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Phone Stand by Multitasky

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Make your video chats with your loved ones easier with this convenient phone stand. Compatible with every model of iPhone and Android, your mom will surely appreciate the newfound accessibility to your face and voice. Coming in five different colors, you might as well make things stylish while you’re at it.

2. Kast TV Subscription 

Like an advanced version of Netflix’s Telepathy, Kast TV allows you to simultaneously watch your favorite (ad free) T.V shows, movies, and videos with your loved one from any location. It also has an audio feature where you can chat to each other during streaming (if you can tolerate movie talkers). While some content on the website is free to anyone, a premium subscription is ideal to access something both you and your mom agree on. 

3. Skylight Digital Photo Frame

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Since many of our parents don’t have access to smartphones, Skylight PhotoFrame is the perfect way to stay connected throughout the day. The owner of the gadget receives multiple digital photos from the sender instantly in a simple, classy device that goes perfectly with any piece of furniture in the house. With an easy set up for even the most technologically impaired, your mother will surely be thankful for the unlimited visual updates on your life.

4. MasterClass Mother’s Day Deal 

What better way to give thanks to the woman who taught you everything than giving her an opportunity to learn something she’s passionate about? Masterclass is an online education platform that offers tutorials and lectures on a vast array of subjects with some of the most expert leaders in their fields. Topics include cooking, photography, gardening, and many more. This Mother’s Day, they have a “Buy One, Get One for Mom, Free” deal where you can take a class together. Hurry up- the offer ends soon!

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Birthdays And Social Distancing: 5 Unique Gift Ideas


Today we want to share with you 5 unique gift ideas for birthdays and social distancing. Social distancing has been tough on all friends and groups who used to meet up once a week for drinks and conversation. It’s been tough on people missing their families, who had special ties with their colleagues, and anyone who loved and valued people in their lives that they didn’t live with. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still show them love, though, and we’re here to give you five amazing ideas for gifts that will blow them away, and remind them that you’re thinking about them. Our list has everything from DIY ideas to thoughtful gestures, so keep reading! 

gift ideas for birthdays and social distancing

Photo by Ichad Windhiagiri on Pexels

1. A Custom Portrait 

With everyone stuck indoors, people have occupied themselves with redesigning their homes. While some moved the furniture in their rooms around, those who could afford to, changed things up completely. If you know someone like that in your family, consider giving them a custom portrait painting as a gift! 

Choose a photo that they love the most, and have it turned into a masterful work of art. When it’s done, you can have it delivered straight to their doorstep. 

2. A Self-Care Package 

Who says you only have to give your loved ones a single big thing? Get yourself a pretty box, and fill it up with all sorts of knick-knacks, self care products, snacks and whatnot to cheer your buddies up. 

You can pick a theme for your self-care packages, like a movie night or a spa-day, and add things that would help them have the best day ever. A self-care package may include face masks, a bottle of wine, bath bombs, and chocolates, but a bake-day package may include instructions for your friend to bake a certain cake or pastry, and the ingredients they need to do it. 

3. Book Subscriptions 

If you have a friend who’s missing the library, or someone who generally just loves books, you can subscribe them to a service that sends them a book of their choice every month. Book of the Month has options you can choose from, and there are countless services just like this for things ranging from watches to art supplies. 

4. Supplies For Their Hobbies 

For the artist in your friend groups, what’s a better gift idea than a bag full of art supplies? If you’re looking this hard for gift ideas for the people in your life, you probably know what their hobbies are – orgift ideas for birthdays and social distancing what hobby they wish they could get into.  

Take the time out to do some research about what they’ll need for their hobbies, be it candle making, working with epoxy raisins, cake decoration, arts and crafts, or even building legos. There are bundles and information all over the internet that can give you all the information you need, and it might be a push in the right direction for many of your friends. 

5. Handmade Cards- With a Twist! 

If all else fails, go the classic route and make a thoughtful card for them. Choose the colors they love, use inside jokes, and make the card as special as you can. Then when you’re done, put a gift card for their favorite place to shop in there – or even for amazon for some extra sweetness. 

We all know how families and individuals alike are struggling in these times, and this kind of present might help your friends get things for themselves that they couldn’t afford but needed. 

In the end, gift giving is all about the thoughtfulness of the gift, and not the money that went into it. That said, don’t let the physical distance come between you and your loved ones! 

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Last-Minute Valentines Gifts


It’s a week before Valentine’s Day. You’re stressed, fifty tabs open all of the different shops and each cart has a miscellaneous of items that you probably won’t buy. 

Take a deep breath. It’s not too late to get that special someone something so close all those windows and follow this last-minute Valentines gifts guide.  

For the Cozy:

Image provided by

For those who love staying comfortable, a hoodie is a perfect gift for both partners. Personalize the hoodie by embroidering your initials on the sleeve so that they think of you with each wear.  

Price: Amazon $15,  Nike $50,


For the Fashionable:

Image provided by ClemBoutiques on

Image provided by TheCraftedCreationCo on

Matching jewelry has recently been the trend for couples, physically memorializing the consolidation of two people in a relationship. There’s no better reason to support online local businesses through platforms like Etsy to get personal with your choice of decor. 

Price: ranges


For the Musical:

It’s never bad to go old school. Create a Spotify playlist of songs that remind play a significance or remind you of your relationships and burn it on a CD. Decorate it with your personal touch to add personality and meaning. If time provides, go the extra mile and decorate flashcards for each song explaining their significance. 

Price: able-to-be-found-around-the-house


For the Floral:


Flowers might seem like the cliché choice but there’s good reason. For those not quite fond of the materialistic nature of holidays, floral arrangements can act as a prolonging alternative. Visit a local florist to personalize your selection and take great care in what flowers to pick her using flower almanacs.

Price: varies


For the Sweet

Image provided by

Channel your creativity in designing a more homemade gift. Purchase some of their favorite candies and assemble them in a craft box to make a sweet present for someone who is too. 

Price: dollar store


For the Friends:

Friends are equally deserving of Valentine’s presents as a partner is, perhaps even more so. Treat your friends to a day together, full of laughs, loves, and sweets! Celebrate by baking a cake and enjoying it on a social distanced picnic amongst other snacks and delectables. A day to yourselves to replace that of an unnecessary beau. 


Gifts, of course, are not the end all be all in enjoying a nice day with friends or family. Even if you can’t find your hands on one of these gifts, make the day special with your simple being because that’s far more than enough. 


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Celebrate Your Everlasting Love This Valentine’s Day with East Olivia’s Valentine’s Day Collection


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Normally, when we think of the ideal Valentine’s Day gift, we think of classic roses. However, live flowers don’t have much of a shelf life. East Olivia has remedied this situation by offering a beautiful selection of preserved roses, each with their own beautiful vase, in their 2020 Valentine’s Collection. We had the chance to catch up with East Olivia founder Kelsea Olivia about her stunning new collection, as well as how the pandemic prompted her to reinvent her business. Check out the Valentine’s Collection HERE!

Cliché: What is it about flowers that speaks to you as an artistic medium?

I believe beauty is a human right, not a luxury, and nature is evidence of that. That belief and that truth is what made me fall in love with flowers. When I began working more with flowers, which started when I worked at Anthropologie and BHLDN in NYC and taking many visits to the NYC flower market, I got exposed to hundreds of varieties of flowers I had never experienced before. That experience helped me realize the connection between the human spirit and our exposure to beauty and how important that relationship is. Even though flowers aren’t the only way to experience beauty, they are the medium that inspires and excites me most. 

Tell us about your company, East Olivia

We are a female founded, women-led creative agency based in NYC who (pre-covid-19) specialized in large scale floral installations. Post-COVID-19, we have shifted gears to launch our direct to consumer online forever floral shop and our fresh-flower therapy boxes in an effort to still bring beauty and blooms to the world while we’re all stuck at home.  

We want to hear all about your new Valentine’s Day collection!

The new Valentine’s Collection is so exciting because we are introducing a brand new ingredient which we have never used before, where our persevered roses are scented! Most other companies that sell preserved roses keep them in boxes – we believe the beauty shouldn’t be kept in a box and these roses should be displayed in an arrangement instead. The roses are 100% bio-degradable and last a year if taken properly and the scent lasts up to a month.

Why did you want to create preserved roses?

Preserved roses have been a trend for a long time, but they are always contained in a box. I have been working with preserved roses for a long time and believe that beauty doesn’t belong in a box. Being a floral designer, I like to take our ingredients and be expressive with them, rather than keep them contained. 

What message did you want to send with your Valentine’s Day collection?

The collection represents everlasting love – how beautiful is it to be able to express your love to somebody with flowers, but with flowers that will last more than a week?! There’s nothing wrong with fresh flowers, however it’s a great medium to be able to express love and admiration for somebody with flowers that last longer. 

What are some Valentine’s Day gifts that you would recommend?   

I would recommend any and all of the gifts in our Valentine’s Collection at We’ve curated a beautiful collection of not only forever florals with scented roses, but a variety of fun, and on-trend candles and cards to complement our forever florals. 

As a creative agency, what was your process in terms of cultivating a unique floral experience for every event?

Our floral installations have always been bespoke and have always been the result of the narrative of our clients. We partner with our clients to create a unique floral expression of their overall vision. It is always about connecting with the client and being clear about the narrative and purpose of the event and what they want their guest to feel like. It always starts with a story. It’s so fun to bring clients purpose and vision to life with our florals

How has the pandemic impacted your business?

It completely destroyed our events business overnight, cost us millions of dollars in 2020, and wiped out my ability to maintain my staff. It was through launching the forever floral shop and fresh flower therapy boxes that made it possible for us to hang on this long. That being said, the road ahead is still very tough and it’s quite challenging financially for us and millions of other small businesses that relied on events. We hope and pray each day that that part of our business will come back very soon! 

What lessons have you learned thus far by switching to e-commerce?

I’ve learned that customer #1 is our staff and team, meaning that our customers from our e-commerce can’t have a great experience if our team and staff aren’t taken care of. This is extremely challenging amidst a global pandemic when resources are extremely scarce. Also, the creative process is just as fun as events. Myself and my team have a blast creating each collection – coming up with the names for the arrangements and shooting the products. It’s just as fulfilling as the creative work of events – but nothing can replace the in-person connection that we had during events and that part we still greatly miss. Lastly, the finances are far more complicated. Bootstrapping a direct-to-consumer business is very challenging – if you want to scale your business, you have to spend more money in order to make more money. 

Do you have any advice for businesses that are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic and (different degrees of restrictions) but are nervous to make the switch to e-commerce?

My advice would be to begin inward within your own industry. We turned inward towards our industry first for support and also to see how we could support one another. That’s how the flower therapy box came to be. Shifting to an e-commerce platform is something I had been wanting to do for many, many years. I think staying true and authentic to your own brand and offerings is most important and don’t necessarily think that shifting to an e-commerce platform is the right answer for everybody.  

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Celebrate Your Everlasting Love This Valentine’s Day with East Olivia’s Valentine’s Day Collection. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kelsea Olivia.

Gift Guide-10 Gifts for your Girlfriend Under $100


Girlfriend Gift Guide

Gift guides can prove to be exceptionally helpful, especially with the holidays rapidly approaching. Today, I would like to share with you 10 gifts for your girlfriend under $100. One of these gifts are sure to make your girlfriend feel special without hurting your wallet. 

Beauty Gift Ideas 

1. Maison Francis Kurkdigian Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Body Oil – $95

Maison Francis Kurkdigan Baccarat Rouge 540 is a scented body oil. This perfumed body oil is a light, non- greasy formula and provides an irresistible texture on the skin. It qualifies as a gift for you and your girlfriend, because it will make your girlfriend smell like a dream and you won’t be able to get enough of her.

2. Pure Silk Pillow Case – $89

 Everyone knows how important it is for us girls to get our beauty rest. The Pure Silk pillow case will make your girlfriend’s beauty sleep elevated. The benefits include anti- aging, reduced friction on the hair throughout the night and help keep skin’s moisture locked in.

3. Grande Lash Liquid Gold Lash & Brow Serum Set- $95

The Grande Lash Liquid Gold Lash & Brow Serum set includes a lash and brow serum. These serums help grow lashes and brow hair for a fuller look. A great gift to help enhance your girlfriend’s natural beauty. These cult favorite serums promise longer and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows in 4-6 weeks.

 4. REVLON One—Step Volumizer Hair Dryer – $59.99

The Revlon One-Step hair dryer gives a salon quality blowout from the comfort of your own home and will save you a trip to the hair salon. This hair dryer promises a smooth blow out in up to half the time compared to a typical blowdryer. It gives you the power of a dryer and volume of a styler!

5.TOM FORD Soleil Blanc Body Oil & Lip Set- $80

The Tom Ford body oil & lip set allows you to try luxury products at a reasonable price. The body oil gives a luminosity to the skin and a white floral fragrance. The lip color provides a coral sheen and is infused with cocoa butter to help saturate the lips in moisture. 

LifeStyle Gift Ideas

6. Flawless Beauty Fridge- $59.99

The Flawless Beauty Fridge is a skincare junkies dream! Girls know it is easy to become addicted to skincare and our collection tends to grow rapidly. This fridge is a great way to keep all of her favorite skincare products organized. Especially if her skincare is causing clutter and taking up “your side” of the sink!

7.X Sivan Ayla Havana Hoops- $75

Gold hoops are a staple and these earrings would make a great addition to any girl’s jewelry collection. These gold hoops have a classic look and your girlfriend will get plenty of use out of them.

8.LARQ Self-Cleaning water bottle- $95

Hydration is the most important beauty hack for plump and youthful skin. The LARQ self-cleaning water bottle makes staying hydrated easier than it has ever been. No more wasteful plastic bottles and no need to clean reusable ones either!

9. Hollywood Touch Duotone LED Makeup Mirror- $76.99

The Hollywood Touch mirror is the perfect makeup mirror to get ready in. This LED makeup mirror will take any woman’s vanity to the next level. This mirror has dual light color temperature with a soft touch sensor switch, just one tap to go from warm light to cool daylight white.  

10. Harry & David Wine & Cheese Pairing Club 3 Month Subscription- $99.99

Who doesn’t love a good wine and cheese pairing? Harry & David Wine offers a three -month subscription to their wine & cheese pairing. During these times, going out to dinner is not always an option and this an excellent way to spice up a dinner at home.

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Cliche Mag’s Holiday Gift Guide


And just like that, we’re wrapping up the year 2020. As we say goodbye to the fallen autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, and hello to gingerbread cookies and Christmas trees, we’re now entering December knowing that the holiday season might be looking a little different this year.

Gathering in smaller groups may not be the ideal way to spend the holiday season, but there are ways to make up for not being all together eating a meal over the dining room table. While we may take the gift-giving season for granted, this year’s gifts should be especially meaningful in order to spread the love while social distancing. 

These last few months have been anything but the ordinary, but one of the upsides to having a Corona-Christmas is that you don’t have to immerse yourself in the holiday chaos! No more shopping in crowded malls for the same old department store deals. This year, we will be shopping in our pj’s from the comfort of our own home. 

We’re spreading lots of joy this year, especially online. If you haven’t thought much about what gifts you need to stock up on, no need to worry— Cliche has got you covered. Read on to check out what the Cliche team is buying this holiday season. 

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Wood, I am Cliche’s Beauty and Lifestyle Writer.

“Not to tip my own hat or anything, but over quarantine I would say I became a pretty savvy baker. All thanks to the love and nurturing of a sourdough starter, I was up at the crack of dawn every morning making homemade bread loafs, different flavored bagels and crisp baguettes with my baguette baker. This holiday season, I am determined to learn how to cook (of course, with the proper chic materials).”

The Always Pan from Our Place is all the rave this holiday season. This non stick pan acts as more than just a pretty piece of kitchenware. For just $95, you’re getting the ultimate all-in-one pan that will replace your fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, and sauce pan! 

  Per usual, I’ll be decorating the dinner table this season. Setting the ambiance is important, ok? Elevate your holiday decor by freshening up your wine cabinet with these Crate and Barrel glasses. 

I may want to learn how to cook, but hey— I’m still a beauty lover! To add onto the list of reasons why Biossance is one of my favorite skincare brands, they offer a variety of samples for customers to test out. This season I’ll be trying the resurfacing night serum, but I can safely recommend that their rosehip oil is a life saver!

Hi, my name is Pooja Subramanian, I am Cliche’s Music and Entertainment Writer.

“Since this holiday season will be a bit different, I’m really looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday season. I’m hoping to see some fun and beautiful holiday decorations on the houses near me because it’s one of my favorite parts of the season! Also, I’m looking forward to eating good food and watching some classic holiday movies with my family. I hope all of our readers have a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!”

This holiday season, I think it would be hysterical to order this custom dog portrait off Etsy. Pets are family, too!

I will be taking all precautions necessary to relax this holiday season. Perhaps with this Amazon paint by numbers kit! 

Weighted blankets are really great, not only do they help maintain anxiety, they also help you get a much deeper sleep. I’ll be Amazon priming this one! 

My name is Madhura and I am interning as an entertainment writer at Cliche.

“This holiday season, I look forward to enjoying some downtime with both my family and myself. I’m looking forward to cozying up on the couch to watch a good family movie. I am most definitely looking forward to continuing to read and write, mostly for myself. We are a family of foodies, so above all, I am excited to try out new recipes and fill up on indulgent meals.”

The Origins Skincare Bestsellers Set is the best of both worlds. It’s on the affordable side, yet totally luxurious. This one’s for the all the skincare lovers in your life.

David’s Chocolate Earl Grey Tea is for all the tea lovers of course. But it’s also for anyone that wants to cozy up with something fragrant and warm on cold holiday mornings or nights… or really any time of the day. Anytime is indeed tea time!

There’s nothing better than a good old book to settle down with during the holidays. December is always family time, but there’s no harm in sparing a moment for yourself with a satisfying, Christmas-themed book! I highly recommend Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot’s Christmas.

My name is Livia Caligor, I am Cliche’s Art & Culture Writer.  

“Born and raised in New York, I remember my mom and I would spend the holiday season visiting the beautiful window installations at 5th Avenue department stores, roaming the Columbus Circle holiday market, and building snowmen in Central Park. I’ve realized that what I cherish about these memories are not just the intricate lights and seasonal treats, but the festive family time it fosters. Things will likely be different this year amidst the pandemic, but I look forward to recreating these experiences within my bubble at home. As a college student, especially amidst the pandemic, time at home is rare, so I am excited to devote the holiday season to going home and spending time with my family.”

I am excited to give this Gingerbread House set, which is allergen-friendly, to my family, and spend the holidays building one together.

I would love to gift my friend a vibrant block-print holiday scarf.

I am loving these Dauphinette quirky, one-of-a-kind fruit earrings.

My name is Erin Watson and I am a lifestyle writer at Cliche.  

 “I’m looking forward to watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my family and eating a ton of badly decorated sugar cookies!” 

Cozy up with this Amazon essential. I couldn’t live without mine! 

 There’s something about a personalized charcuterie board that just sits right with me. I know my mom would love it! Thanks for the idea, Etsy.

A perfect gift for a friend or sibling would be a ring with their birth flower on it. Such a cute idea I saw on Etsy that isn’t your zodiac sign! 

My name is Julie Ham and I’m currently a writing intern.

“Admittedly, this holiday season I’m most looking forward to shopping for holiday gifts. I’ve always loved the process of gift-giving: the thinking of the perfect gift based on someone’s characteristics and person, it’s a psychological puzzle that I love solving. And this year, I have more time than ever to find the perfect gift for my friends and families.”

This Morphe palette will allow me to test out my makeup skills! I’m looking forward to seeing some bold colors. 

There’s nothing better than sitting by the fire with a good book in hand! I recommend this one from Barns and Noble.

I love Baggu! I never go anywhere without my reusable bags. They’re light and chic, what more can you want? 

My name is Quavondo Nguyen, I am Cliches Editor-in-Chief

“To be honest, I’m looking forward to the vaccine. Although I doubt that it will arrive by the holiday season. 2020 has been a year to forget, but luckily I sense an upswing starting with the election. Our country was teetering on a societal collapse.”

To pass time in isolation, I found that these Buffalo puzzle pieces fit well together. Some jigsaw puzzles aren’t cut as well so it leaves you second guessing where the piece goes.

With quarantine, I’ve been working on the house more and find it frustrating when you don’t have the right tools for the job. You can basically fix anything with this Zoopy product in hand!


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Top 10 stress relieving gifts to order this holiday season


It goes without saying that the holiday season brings out the best (or worst) in all of us. In a season filled with lots of joy, the holiday festivities are all fun and games until you have to start all the cleaning, wrapping, and preparing your guest bedroom for the in-laws. It doesn’t take much time before the sudden realization that Halloween is over and you’re already behind on your holiday shopping. Soon, your short list of things to do becomes the never ending gift that keeps on going.

While this year’s holiday season may look a little different, the upside to having a Corona-Christmas is that all your seasonal sales are online. What a relief! Say goodbye to standing in long lines at midnight and hello to the future of online sales! This year you can wake up and spread the joy of relaxation by shopping for gifts online all month long.

And since the best deals are starting early this year, read on to check out these 10 stress relieving gifts to treat either yourself or someone else. 


Silk Sleep mask  $50

Get 15% off this mulberry silk sleep mask that will ensure a restful beauty sleep that will help you prepare for the holiday chaos. 











Saje Essential Oils $28

The best part about this stress release roller? You can fit it in your purse. Take it to-go this holiday season and get 10% off your first purchase at Saje. 












Wooden Goods Moon Diffuser $40

This moon inspired diffuser sets the perfect calming ambiance. 











Urban Outfitters Girl, You Need To Calm The F Down Candle $29 

Need I say more? Sometimes, you just need to calm the F down. 












Luna Weighted Blanket $70 

Weighted blankets have shown to reduce anxiety by helping achieve a more relaxed state of mind through the comfort of weight. Read more about it here on Healthline.












Milk & Honey Aromatherapy Bath bombs $5 

Say hello to the perfect stocking stuffer! Plus, get 10% off your first purchase. 








ALTWELL Gift of Glow CBD Kit $135

A CBD sale? I’m in! This Gift of Glow kit was $169 and is now $135. It includes a bonus candle, a facial serum and infused lotion that will help brighten your skin. For a limited time only, ALTWELL is having a sale buy one get one 50% off on CBD soft gels using the code SOFTGELS at checkout!  












Anese License to Chill Stress face mask $34 

Want to know the benefits of eucalyptus oil? Click here to find out and use checkout code FEELINGMYSELF for 15% off your purchase when you buy this License to Chill Stress mask.  












DMH Aesthetics Light Shield $190 

This hands-free LED light therapy mask gets rid of those pesky stress pimples almost instantly. Worth the investment? YES. 

Kerotin Scalp Massager $16 

Fun fact: stimulating your scalp can reduce stress and anxiety! Use this scalp massager to moisten your hair and boost your immune system. 








Images provided by their respective copyright holders. 
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Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


We know you have all been waiting for this years Valentine’s Day gift guide.  It’s that magical time of year again—love is in the air!  If you’re wanting to really wow your loved one this Valentine’s Day, look no further than our collection of stunning handcrafted jewelry.

The History of Valentine’s Day

Where did Valentine’s Day come from? The earliest traces of the holiday lie in an Ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia. Lupercalia was an important festival: the festival of fertility. To celebrate, priests would take the hide of a sacrificed goat and gently slap women and crops to bring them fertility in the coming year.

Thankfully, the goat hides have been left in years past. In the Middle Ages, February 14th was thought to signal the beginning of birds’ mating season. English poet Geoffrey Chaucer is often noted in the evolution of Valentine’s Day. Some say he is the first to associate love with St. Valentine’s Day in his poems “The Parlement of Foules” and “The Complaint of Mars.” Shakespeare, of course, popularized this connection as well.

Valentine’s Day as we know it began to be celebrated in the UK around the 17th century. It started in the US around the early 18th century. It’s become a special day to tell our loved ones just how much they mean to us. Many people exchange cards, chocolates, flowers, and, of course, jewelry as tokens of affection. Valentine’s Day is mostly celebrated in the UK, US, Canada, Mexico, France, and Australia, but more and more people across the world are joining in on this Day of Love!

Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Finding the perfect gift to sweep your lady off her feet might seem like a daunting task. But don’t fret—we’re here to help!

If you’re looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife, our gorgeous, handcrafted heart necklaces will be her dream come true. A heart necklace or pendant is such a romantic symbol. They’re a daily reminder that your lady holds your heart. Choose a heart necklace with a rosy-hued tourmaline or breathtaking, picture-perfect garnet for added romance.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with stunning morganite jewelry. This soft pink gemstone is the true queen of romance, and its luxurious hue will perfectly complement everyone. Pick out a pair of morganite earrings to brighten her eyes, or choose a morganite pendant that will make her feel like a princess. For added luxury, pair morganite with rose gold and sparkling diamonds.

If your lovely lady usually sports a simpler look, we offer a collection of minimalist heart necklaces, too—in white, yellow, or the ever-popular rose gold. These little necklaces are the perfect balance of trendy and timeless. This makes them a great surprise for the wife that already seems to have everything. Our minimalist heart necklaces will remind her every day, not just Valentine’s Day, of how much she means to you.

Or, if you’ve found the one you love, why not take the next step this Valentine’s Day? There’s no better way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year than with a proposal! With our collection of engagement rings, no matter which ring you pick, you’re sure to sweep her off her feet. Choose from our diamond engagement rings for a classic look. Or, perhaps leap for a little spontaneity with a Valentine’s-Day-inspired rosy-hued stone like a pink diamond, morganite, or tourmaline.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Of course, we can’t forget the men this Valentine’s Day! Men’s jewelry may seem like a nontraditional gift, but what better way to tell your man you love him than with a handsome gift that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend or a gift for your husband, browse our collection of gold chains. Gold chains are often very meaningful to men and become a source of pride. Our gold chains are handcrafted for style and durability, so his Valentine’s Day gift can be passed on to generations to come.

Valentine’s Day could also be the perfect time to update a husband’s wedding ring. Perhaps his ring is looking a little worse for wear, or you just want to show him that you’re still committed to your lifetime love. Our collection of men’s rings has all the classic styles in yellow, white, and rose gold. We also offer rings with more modern finishes for those that like to be a little unique.

Gifts for Your Little One

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all kinds of love—not just between partners, but between parents and children, too. Parents often use Valentine’s Day as an occasion to give daughters their first piece of jewelry.

Check out our collection of children’s jewelry that’s perfect for your little angel. We offer precious earrings in fun shapes like stars, clovers, hearts, and triangles, as well as diamond earrings that will make her feel like the princess that she is. Our small heart necklaces will also make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your little girl.

A Time to Celebrate Timeless Love

Jewelry is an extremely meaningful Valentine’s Day gift. That’s why we pride ourselves in our craft, especially on this enchanting day. Call us hopeless romantics, but it is our joy to play a part in your love story. We wish you all the love this beautiful Valentine’s Day!

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay