7 Ways to Beat Migraines


Migraines suck! Whilst some people aren’t susceptible to these extreme headaches, other people can get them regularly and they can be debilitating. Over-the-counter medicine can often help to fight migraines, but there are other ways to relieve this pain if you want a break from meds. Here are just 7 ways to beat migraines that could be worth trying.

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Wear sunglasses

Too much light exposure can make migraines worse for many people. Putting on some shades could allow you to go about your day-to-day duties without your headache worsening. Yes, you may look a bit odd going around the office with sunglasses on, but your colleagues are likely to be understanding if it keeps you functional and helps beat migraines.

Drink some coffee

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A kick of caffeine has been known to sometimes ward off a migraine if caught early. In fact, some people rely on it as a form of migraine relief. Just make sure that you don’t drink too much coffee though – caffeine withdrawal can also cause headaches.

Use an icepack

Applying an ice pack to your forehead or temples could be another effective form of relief. Many headache sufferers find that a cold compress is much better than a warm compress, although some people find the opposite to be true.

Try herbal supplements

There are lots of herbal supplements that can be used as alternative painkillers to help numb a migraine. Willow bark is a common natural remedy against migraines – this can be consumed as a tea. CBD oil is also a popular form of pain relief for migraines and many other forms of pain – this guide to CBD and its benefits offers more information. Make sure to always research into the side effects.

Get a massage

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Head massages can help to relieve tension and pain in the temples. You can hire a professional to give you this type of massage or you can learn self-massage techniques. Many sufferers find massages to be very effective.

Try acupuncture

You may also want to give acupuncture a go. This form of pain relief involves inserting tiny needles into pressure points. A professional acupuncture therapist may be able to target the right pressure points and help to alleviate your migraine. This treatment should only ever be carried out by a qualified professional.

Cut out the triggers

Regular migraines are often caused by specific triggers. Identifying these triggers could allow you to avoid them entirely. For instance, many people find that tyramine – an ingredient found in red wine and many cheeses – can cause migraines. Certain additives in foods are also common triggers. Changes to routine can also cause migraines – the weekend migraine is common after a week of getting up early for work. 

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